It’s what any friend would do. Both Kenny and Spenny wore a diaper in which they defecated. Nevertheless, the judges still chose Spenny. Kenny, the fart-maestro, is shocked to find out that Spenny’s gas-inducing diet is making him competitive. Spenny hired a detective to look for Kenny. Kenny agreed to Spenny during the competition that he would do the humiliation as long as it went down in the books as a win for Spenny.

Spenny’s head was wrapped in clingfilm while he pressed his face into a hanging pig ‘s buttocks. Unknown August 15, at Kenny went to the room next door and attempted to raise the devil in a ritualistic fashion. The series is filmed in the house that both Hotz and Rice share in Toronto , Ontario. Kenny got worried about Spenny’s wellbeing and returned home to let Spenny out. Kenny refused to fight Spenny because he did not want to hurt his friend or make him bleed. Who is more depressing. Spenny February 7, at 8:

Spenny goes to Kenny’s mom’s house and says it’s a “good samaritan” competition, al, Kenny is making degrading skits depicting “Spenny’s mom”. Block everybody else, but we thought we were friends. Why are all these shit for brains suggesting “great comp ideas”?

Spenny flew to Los Angeles and waited at the airport in vain for non-existent Hollywood executives to pick him up. With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it’s hard to trust krnny one person’s opinion of what the top Kenny vs. Before entering the house, Spenny went to specialists on the supernatural in hopes of resolving his fears while Kenny went to a different specialist on the supernatural in hopes of gaining the skills to conjure up the devil.

Who can make a better rock video? A guest judge will decide Who can make the most money at an art show of their own works.

Kenny created a fake crime scene at their home to look like a drive by shooting caused by Spenny’s remarks made to a gang. Spenny’s diaper eventually burst due to a member of the crew accidentally stepping on his diaper, tearing it. Competition judged by Gavin McInnes. Humiliation — draped in a U.


Top 10 Kenny vs. Spenny Episodes

Armed with gas masks the crew is forced to record perhaps the smelliest competition to date. Kenny ate a pig’s snout while drinking milk, in conflict with Kashrut. Kenny called Spenny’s camera crew as witnesses that Spenny admitted kenjy him money. Who is a bigger pervert? So, Kenny must dig deep to into his bag of tricks and bowels in order to win this methane-filled contest.

Kenny vs Spenny: Best Humiliations (12 Gifs)

Loser has to walk around town in a speedo and covered in baby oil. That might be too easy though… Just show spenny a picture of his grand ma.

Kenny argued that this should have resulted in forfeiture. Spenny worked out while eating and edged out Kenny, who could not eat due to his sickness. The rabbi used a parable to explain that while Kenny knew more, Spenny was a better Jew because he was headed in the right direction. Some great Competion ideas would be: He created a number of unconventional commercials in a variety sppenny genres, mostly being humikiations or non-sequitur.

Quickly into the next single! Spenny eventually goes on a boat ride with three prostitutes and booze but gets too drunk and passes out before he could have more fun with the prostitutes. Spenny gets denied numerous times, he tries to make out with her and she says no and walks away, and eventually he takes a shower and removes his robe in front of her.

There was also a lack of agreement as to whether leaning was classed as standing. Spenny episode of all time? Spenny thought it was his own puke, and after consulting his doctor he ate it.

Spenny was forced to lick the doorhandle of an adult video store. Kenny called himself Spenny humiliatioons front of the judges, and made efforts to be unlikeable, hoping to get the judges to vote for Spenny, but mistakenly use the name “Kenny”.

After some time without erections, the two agreed to get simultaneous lap danceseach choosing a stripper for the other.


Kenny manually pumped air into his colon, producing louder and longer farts to psych out Spenny; however, these farts were not measured, as they expelled air, not flatus. Who can dig a deeper hole? Bronson January 21, at The toilet was nearly overflowing with uhmiliations, feces and other garbage. Spenny declared that touching the floor on a boat in the water would not count as being on the ground.

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In addition, Kenny stole an x-ray machine and irradiated Spenny. Kenny and Spenny must stay off the ground for as long as they can, using everything at their disposal.

Kenny took the judges to an art gallery, had them play instruments and sing in a band, raced a go kart while they watched, and finished the day with a game of dodgeball.

The boys were strapped to each other in the 69 position resulting in almost zero mobility between them. Best to Worst Black Mirror Episodes. Who is the best poker player.

In the end, the judges unanimously preferred Kenny’s ribs to Spenny’s undercooked duck. Spenny planned to trap Kenny in a sauna, but Kenny trapped Spenny instead while he was preparing. Kenny let Spenny win the CN Tower stair climb, knowing it would tire Spenny out for the remaining competitions; He took the elevator instead. CohenDonny Rose. However, since Spenny was already physically exhausted, Kenny easily won.

Heres an idea, how about for a comp you can see who can blow the other longest fingers crossed spenci and then for the humilation you can both come over here and shit on my chest while i swifter the hardwood…. Feeling guilty for tricking them, he did give them gift cards in the end. Who can win a paint ball comp.