Blue Start Lvl 3 Gank: So if you find yourself aware that you just made a mistake, you can acknowledge it honestly: Blogs Ravnica Allegiance Prer…. Finally, after about 10 minutes of his spamming, I just said: His win rate has gone WAY down. Also, faster Junglers like Eve have some weaknesses too, she certainly can’t sustain in the Jungle until g.

Anime Discussion Thread Movies you have seen recently Also, he doesn’t have enough gold to keep up with everyone else, and if it was added, it would be either low tier 3 or just plain Tier 4. Her spears shred things fast. Your argument applies to all normal games, draft games, dominion, and ranked games below Diamond III. ChennyBenny April 27, Click Here for Tutorial 1:

And just like what MrSpade said the items she gets are related to what other champs get, and in this sense, some champs, for example Morgana Dear Goddo better. Remember that Feral Flare list Mungle made? Just because you made a silly tower dive at level 3 doesn’t mean you’re going to throw the game later.

Skill cap, sure, but not THAT many supports close the gap. Kemour il y a 1 an. Then we move to popular AP champs who do far more burst and damage than Kass: I played with this guy and he seems to do well with Fiora ADC for example: In the jungle, he gets bonus healing from his passive, his W, and his Jungle item which keeps his HP high in the early stages.

Right now, I’m using scaling with the logic that ferall doesn’t effect my clear speed that much, and the damage kicks in right when I need it — mid game fights and objectives. But the top lane meta I completely disagree with besides jax and somewhat fiora. Heavy engagement junglers — Amumu and Zac have a one-way ticket into a fight, but getting out is sometimes the hardest part for these two champions.


Specifically Caitlyn, as she’s played 2 out of 5 games. People will misposition; this isn’t high elo ranked. No i cant dismiss someones opinion out of hand, kyle you have a tendency to make HUGE statements with very little evidence.

When you’re auto attacking with Trundle, you usually juhgle 3 autos off before your Q. She may not be a hard carry, but she is a a good augment and balancer to any team. He might be very strong in a 1v1 situation but in teamfights you won’t even notice him.

Riot I pray to god will nerf her nungle her laning presence in the future. You’ve been insulting people since day 1 on this website, and you should talk to me about courtesy. I understand your argument though. If glare other team has a Jax or a Kha’zix that is looking to dive into your carries, that’s probably a better target than the opponent’s well-protected Cait.

I don’t think Trundle should be played with hyper-aggressive lane presence — you usually shouldn’t do more than ganks before your first back. Seriously, you’ll never know how many junyle games you can avoid until you approach kayel situation with respect, trust, and relentless optimism. Again, Feral Flare doesn’t work with her as much as it works with others.

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Raising the reward to 50 gold would make the item much more gold efficient and give the jungler a real trade off of jungle pressure versus lane pressure. Why do you build Runaans Hurricane?

You can turn basically any tank into mush for yourself and your ADC to grind into flaare dirt. Now I’m just kinda disappointed with your new lists. It’s essentially a circular “steroid” that increases Trundle’s stats enormously.


I’d like to know the things I got right, and the things I got wrong. Probably not, and an argument in League of Legends can take all day to be resolved — we don’t have that kind of time during the game.

I do recall her stun got nerfed by like 0. I haven’t been unfortunate enough to find myself against a Soraka in mid lane this season, but Nidalee is just Played hungle a livestream: She’s too team oriented to be viable enough for solo queue.

Trundle can pull off an early dragon minutes as long as bot is doing well.

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Cirroalex states this way more effectively than I can look above, it’s definitely something you should read instead of my shpeelbut to summarize, Nami is a VERY aggressive support, as she does great no matter the ADC although I wouldn’t suggest Urgot anytime soon.

Juke his q and you win the fight.

Late game is a issue because of his lockdown vs you. Her ult negates his ult, and her Frozen Heart negates his attack speed and damage. Thank you for reading! I see the meta everyday, and I am entitled to my opinion speaking from experience.