After making a deal with Nora to help them, Haqua expresses her feelings for Keima only to be interrupted by Diana. The mandragon eventually arrives at the Katsuragi residence, where it drops Elsie’s cake. Elsie is glad to meet her friend Haqua, a genius who was one of the best students in their class and is now the section chief of her division. Keima heads to the roof tops and cries, apologizing to Chihiro for hurting her while Chihiro struggles to hold her tears to finish her song after remembering her love for Keima. As Elsie decides to capture the spirit herself, Kanon is mistaken by her manager Okada for one of the young girls here for the audition and is brought into the studio. Together with his intelligence and knowledge of the dating sim genre and Elsie’s magical powers, Keima is about to embark on his greatest challenge. By the time Keima and Elsie reach the roof, Haqua is under the control of the spirit, and it uses her and the possessed students to capture them. Keima refuses to accept Elsie as his little sister, since she does not fit the criteria in his view.

While attending a meeting between the section chiefs in New Hell, Haqua questions Dokuro Skull if Vintage have infiltrated the spirit hunters which the latter denies. Later, Haqua arrives at the Katsuragi residence and asks for their assistance for a report of the capture of the spirit that fed on negative emotions at the academy. His pride would simply not allow him to decline the request. Succumbing to her pity for his injury, Tsukiyo kisses Keima whereupon she grows wings. After her friend Chihiro Kosaka advises her on how to impress Keima, Elsie decides to make a strawberry cake for him. Meanwhile, Kanon is preparing for her school tests, but ends up talking with her split personality, Apollo, who claims to be a goddess. Keima Katsuragi prefers immersing himself in the 2D world, chasing digital girlfriends.

As they head to Ayumi’s location, Chihiro tells Keima he should tell the truth to Ayumi as unknown to Keima, she already told Ayumi that he was trying to win her heart for something important. The next afternoon, she catches Keima doing it again only to realize he is scribbling in his own book. The next day, Keima and Elsie are surprised to discover the Ayukawas are their new neighbors.


Keima kisses her in front of Nora to make it look real.

JBN’s TWGOK Abridged Episode 1: Commence the Purge

Despite what she did, Elsie embraces her, still looking up to her as the greatest spirit hunter in her eyes. Keima, Diana, Elsie and Haqua have Apollo taken to the Katsuragi household where they discover the magic dagger used on Apollo kaatsuragi Kanon is ancient Weiss magic and the culprits are Vintage, a group of demons who wish to resurrect the Weiss.

At home, Keima gets depressed about what katsuragu did to Chihiro but is later cheered up by Tenri. With remarkable luck, he bumps into Kato, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. They kissed when Ayumi helps Keima from falling down the stairs, forcing the loose spirit out of her body and allowing Elsie to capture it. Going epiisode the school gymnasium, Keima consoles and convinces her never to give up and to try as hard as she can to make her students accept her ideals.

He manages to succeed with Tsukiyo on the bus but compilations occur when the 2B-Pencils finish band practice early which leaves Haqua with Chihiro. Meanwhile, Chihiro reveals she told Ayumi the truth so that Keima would love Ayumi genuinely and Ayumi would no longer katsurabi about her. However, Chihiro, Ayumi and Kanon acts awkward and embarrass every time he teaches them but he manages to give them helpful tips for their tests.

With the spirit gone, Chihiro becomes more cheerful and confident, motivated to start her own rock band. However, Haqua is kqtsuragi by Public Safety which she later learns to her shock from Nora that Vintage have also infiltrated the highers ups and Dokuro Skull was the one who ordered her arrest.

As Keima leaves the campus to figure kejma his plan, Jun catches sight of him, thinking he is ditching school. Much to his confusion, Elsie has transferred to his school, claiming to be his sister.

JBN’s TWGOK Abridged Episode 1: Commence the Purge – video dailymotion

Yui proclaims her love for Keima and kisses him, which restore Mars’ wings. After her friend Chihiro Kosaka advises her on how to impress Keima, Elsie episodw to make a strawberry cake for him.

I sense alot of foreshadowing! There, Apollo reveals she cannot leave now as she stopping the power of the Weiss from spreading the city but can only do so for three more days.


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Episode 1 –

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. When he graduated, he try to forgot about it but he accidentally got into a contract with Rikka and disrupts his desperately ordinary life.

Kodama, the head of the arts clubs, gives them a challenge: An even more depressed Keima locks himself in his room for days until he decides to come back to school but refusing to speak with anyone. Relieved, Kanon passes out and later wakes up to find herself back in the studio. Yuuta suffered from “chuunibyou” while he was in middle school. As Keima prepares Chihiro dpisode finally confess to Yuta, it is then that Chihiro, beginning to have second thoughts, realizes her feelings for Keima and decides to call off the confession.

Elcea de Rux Ima 36 episodes, Hiro Shimono Haqua explains the spirits are the souls of the demons who were overthrown and sealed by demons who opposed their wicked ways. At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly katuragi the truth if she ask anything before continuing their wedding.

Archived from the original on October 19, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Keima cheers her on by displaying banners using Elsie’s magical raiment at the field each day. Keima Katsuragi 36 episodes, Retrieved July 21, Watch as she wants to get married to him while he wants no part of it.

Deducing that the spirit feeds on negative emotions, Keima leads Haqua to eplsode school theater, the most depressing place on campus. Who wpisode heck would believe such a cheesy line. Succumbing to her pity for his injury, Tsukiyo kisses Keima whereupon she grows wings.

Realizing Kanon has a goddess inside of her, he drags her away from everyone, only for Apollo to take over Kanon and run away, believing Keima is an innocent bystander.