Bracing himself, Tsuna blurted out the first thing that came to mind. It was pretty obvious that the prince did know something about the Zabini and it was significant enough to make him nervous, which was unusual. That much, he was aware of. The name was chosen as a reference to the Venetian flag representing a winged-lion or leopard, clutching a sword in its paw. Of doppelgangers and omerta Eyes flicking to the door left ajar, open to the darkness of the living-room, he hesitated.

The indestructibility was to prevent tampering such as coin clipping, defacing or melting the metal down for other purposes, while the spell resistance was designed to foil any idiot wizards getting the bright idea of cursing coins for whatever reason. He smirked in unconcealed entertainment when Tsuna squirmed uneasily, flustered. He had not slept for close to twenty hours, spent most of the day walking and running around, been on edge ever since their arrival in Italy and was now trying to learn how to behave with his unnerving protector while attempting to not put any strain on his injured foot. Of getting thrown in the deep end He would be able to withstand a rhinoceros standing on his feet without getting as much as a bruise. His voice trailed off when Reborn reached for one of his inside jacket pockets, waving a very familiar-looking dark blue booklet. Not giving himself enough time to second-guess his actions, he hauled himself up until he could somehow crouch unsteadily at the top. Should he seek another way?

They were in the attic, at a height way too important for the teen to consider defenestration, whether by the hitman’s hand or his own volition.

Hibari takes care of Namimori like a wolf watches over its territory, so when there’s a problem, it’s usually a good idea to go to him. Exhausted but fueled by both adrenaline and fear, he threw himself into another reckless run. It was a gorgeous building, with a luxury that most of them would not know again in their lives, near a rather famous bridge. Of constantly adjusting to change He had a sneaking suspicion that the latter was worse than the former.

In the meantime, he should probably take advantage of Bel’s uncharacteristic helpfulness and ask more questions. I translate occassionally for fandom content that I can’t resist sharing. As he would soon learn to expect in the following years, peacefulness would crash down in the most spectacular manner. Of entertainment and annoyance Of perspective and aftermath He knew that he was a fast healer, but it was never that swift. Tsuna was in no impatience to know if their pursuers were dead, and was quite pointedly avoiding thinking about it, and strained his ears to try deciphering the voices beneath him.


~* My AlienFairyland *~ – Vongola Primo Drama CD: Proof of Friendship

Of crimes committed pursuing education His relaxed posture was too tense to be truly believable, as he held himself stiffly and consciously stopped himself from giving his suspicions away. It was supposed to be part of Guns and Smilesbut well.

Tsuna paused in his uncomfortable flopping, huffing. When his mind drew a blank, he twisted his neck around. Not Flames, which are tranalation the soul and the mind, but gifts in blood and body, ” Bel went on, voice low and tinged with resignation. Tsuna bristled at the orders, feeling much like being treated as a dog — a dumb dog — but kept his mouth shut at the dangerous look in the other’s eyes. Of watching and waiting When the porter left them alone, closing the door with a soft click, Tsuna turned his hitmman back to the hitman.

There’s someone on me, preventing me from checking,” he drawled pointedly, “and for the last time, I do not have a fever!

How, about waking, he found out that transllation world had forsaken him by falling silent as he turned deaf to its whispers. Those times, he learned that it was better for him to focus on anything, good or bad, than to get swept into the whirlwind of boredom joy sadness tiredness anger and other complicated feelings that didn’t seem to have names.

The atmosphere was so still and silent that he could hear the clinking noise the tweezers made against the shard. The Artiglio Family was only one among plenty others, all seeking his head for different reasons — lure of money the simplest one of them.

The swordsman’s gut told him that the prince’s fluency in obscure, near-dead languages was transslation akin to Zabini’s casual usage of an unfamiliar Latin dialect trahslation he’d since them made a few more suspicious correlations, such as the Varia’s continued inability to locate either the kingdom Bel was supposedly a prince of or the kingdom Zabini was related to the royal family of, despite considerable efforts on the part of Mist Division.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Drama CD Extra – Proof of Friendship

He did not dare to move from the bed, listening to the quiet Italian discussion between the hotel staff and Reborn. He could make out the shape of the mentioned roof with some difficulty. Then, using them as a shield, he continued up in the Calle Larga Mazzini with the automatism of physical drain.


Of confrontations and prophesy He hands the watches to his Guardians, who accept it whole-heartedly, thanking Giotto. Realizing that he was on the verge of getting cornered, Tsuna stopped thinking. Of important questions and unexpected It was a travesty!

After leaving the shop, Giotto takes them to a restaurant and finally reveals that he had been secretly planning for a dinner together, which is the reason why he visited all those shops before, as those shops were the ones making it.

Swallowing, kateiyo controlled his breathing to prevent it from quickening when he felt the other dipped his head down. He took the clothes in his arms but paused before walking towards the bathroom. Somehow, his words sobered the man. Before he could stabilize or fall katekyoo, a hand snatched his forearm tightly and dragged him into a run across the roof. Vongola Primo then accepts Tsuna as the successor to the Vongola and grants him the proof of the Vongola.

Giotto, however, stands up and says that he has someplace to go. Reborn nodded with the look of someone who already knew that, snatching the cloche from his charge’s grasp to put it on the floor near his own. Of facing uncomfortable revelations Duller, as he tested hitmam by flexing his foot. The wound was drastically different from what he remembered. Rosa flinched, her hands giving an odd jerk and perturbing slightly the plane’s flight path.

The Zabini hadn’t kept hihman position on the top of political hotbed that was Magical Italy for the past two millennia by being straightforward and overly trusting. Of course, Tsuna mused as he glanced down at his state — disheveled, a bit bloody and quite pitiful — he wasn’t quite sure that he truly looked the part. Reobrn heritage and ancestry The micro-nap that he had had certainly not been enough, his head feeling no longer sluggish but distinctly light, weightless and quite empty.

Of picking up the pieces Of preparation and practice Tsuna narrowed his eyes, ignoring the reprimand and anticipating the next order, hauled himself from his seat and over the hitmwn. I decline any responsibility for the potential wounds you might receive, nor the trauma that you will suffer throughout your life.

Of sameness and change