Kageri’s finisher “Phantom Crush”, harnesses the charging of the Justipower of Wind into the Kageri Striker to fire off a powerful energy arrow at the enemy. Using the InLoader, Yuka transforms into Riser Kageri, the Justiriser that is formed in combination with her ‘Virtue’ and uses the power of it. Her awakening as a Justiriser came after a monster attack in which she tries to save a young girl from collapsing rubble in which the Justipower of Wind created a barrier to protect both of them, and she was given her Kageri’s InLoader in the process which she only used it after she saw Shouta becoming Riser Glen and decides to save him while he was attacked the second time. His awakening traces back from the same incident as Yuka which he helped in the evacuation of those running away from the attack, but caught himself nearly crushed by the rubble caused in which the Justipower of Thunder indwelled him and created a similar barrier that protected him. However, by combining the hearts of the three Justirisers, and the prayers of the Justi Crystal bearer, Glen becomes the vessel through which Shirogane comes into being. Using the InLoader, Shinya transforms into Riser Gant, the Justiriser that is formed in combination with his ‘Wisdom’ and uses the power of it.

The transformation call is “Souchaku! He does not take most things as seriously as he should, and it does not really change throughout the series. Enemies in Justirisers divided into 2 part , they are: While the Justirisers try to find the way to match up Giant Zora’s teleportation power, the giant blue tiger, Ranga finally appears to save Juu-Riser from being continuously attacked by the enemy. She almost kills them when Mio invoked her JustiPower in her crystal to drive Zora back. He later appears on Hoshikami Island to eliminate Mio and Yuka to ensure Shirogane would never be summoned. It is the base to which each of the specific SeiShinJuu combine with, to form a more powerful robot called a GenSeiShin.

After defeating Kageri, he is confronted by Demon Knight who fights him to pay back for the earlier attempt on his life.

Justiriser 15

Becoming Shirogane grants Glen immense power that can easily defeat even the strongest enemy. Becoming Shirogane caused shock to Shouta’s body the first few times, but afterward he was able to transform without difficulty. Upon learning of his son as one of the Justirisers, he offers his aid to the team.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This series is the second in Toho’s Seishin Star God series. By present day, Dr. But it took Naoto’s guidance and e;isode Justi Crystal gathering energy that resonated with Shouta’s courage the Justipower that powers Glen to completely restore Shouta’s Justiriser powers.


However, he is forced to fall back by Glen and Kageri. Weakened by a revived Glen, Zora is killed for good by Kageri. This form and finisher is exactly the same one as the human-sized version, but scaled-up in magnitude and power as well as gaining the power to deflect attacks similar to that of Shirogane’s GenSeiShin “Ryuuto”.

He is known to slack off from both schoolwork and kendo practice. Its final strike Typhoon Slicerinvolves firing a massive cyclone from each shoulder, engulfing the enemy in a powerful typhoon before destroying it by slashing it with the Riser Striker.

As the Justirisers grow as warriors, Demon Knight starts to harbor a rivalry against Glen after being defeated by him when the Justiriser achieved his full potential and causing him to lose his ability to change.

Its powerful finisher “JustiCrash” is also a resemblance of Riser Glen’s “Raging Flame” finisher but with the combined powers of the three Justirisers’ energy that is capable of taking out the most powerful of enemies. The henchmen of the two armies, they grow stronger and more disciplined as the series progresses, signified by their change in armor color.

Its finisher is episodde Shining Slicer where it rams straight into the enemy justiriaers its wings basked in Plasma Energy. Unlike Shouta, who is set in his path of protecting humanity, Yuka is much more conflicted.

Confirming that he and the others were used by Adorocs possessing their superior, Kujo helps the Justirisers by giving them back their In-Loaders. Riser Gant’s main weapon is the twin-barreled shotgun “Gant Slugger” that works effectively in medium-to-long range shooting.

Shinya is much more serious than either Shouta or Yuka, and although he uses his powers as to fight, the fighting troubles him. The In-Loader also acts as a communications device between the three Justirisers. She values Mio as much as she can in protecting her and the duty that she is going to partake.

She also has feelings for Shouta. He does not take most things as seriously as he should, and it does not really change throughout the series.

However, she later act as groups’ mentor, much to the crush of Kenta in one particular episode and her inexperience to domestic chores like cooking or baking cookies.

Chouseishin Series — He later uses Glen to take out Demon Knight before taking out the Justiriser.

Views Read Edit View history. He again tricks Adorocs later by shooting an unloaded pistol at Shirakawa’s body, forcing Adorocs to escape to no avail. Nin-Riser is built for high-speed battles and can fight both long and short range, the Riser Strikera pair of blades, being its main melee weapons and the Howling Epiaode being its primary ranged attack.

And he was given Gant’s InLoader as a result.


Ultimate Genseishin JustiKaiser is the most powerful of the four GenSeiShin, and can fight very well in both short-range and long-range combat. Jinno later loses the full capability of Riser Power to Daruga.

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He later investigates, and tests Shirakawa, his superior, by asking about his daughter, while implying that she was a boy by a form of address. Chousei Kantai Sazer-X the Movie: Riser Glen’s main weapon is the Katana Blade “Glen Sword”, which can be unsheathed for better offensive capability and can be re-sheathed to charge up his Justipower of Fire for his signature finisher, “Raging Flame”, which releases a destructive wave of blazing slashes from his sword.

However, he acts on his own to sake her own desire to kill Demon Knight. It also changes Shouta’s personality to a calmer and non-violent kind, contrasting the original to such an extent that he has on many occasions even spared an enemy or gave them a chance to retreat, only to be forced to kill them when they refuse.

Though revived, the injury he received from Glen forces Hades to leave in his battleship into subspace, summoning Bachuss and his Death Commandos to kill the Justirisers while sending Demon Knight to Earth. It is the base to which each of the specific SeiShinJuu combine with, to form a more powerful robot called a GenSeiShin.

In battle, she can hold her own, as she is an excellent archer. It uses its chest for its finishing attack, Justi Novawhich releases an immensely powerful burst of multicoloured energy that is capable of destroying even the strongest giant space beast in one hit, including Kaiser Hadess in his giant form.

The transformation call is “Souchaku! It takes much for anyone to become friends with him, and earning his trust is hard. But managing to escape and seeing conquering the planet impossible, Kurogane summons the Diglos to Earth to wipe it out from the universe. Later in the series, Shouta also becomes the vessel for the power of Shirogane with the use of Mio’s JustiSpark. Reika, her assistant and personal bodyguard, accompanies her, Mio leaves Hoshiyama Island to find the Justirisers and stays close to them at all times.

Juu-Riser is designed to be less mobile in movement, but is advantageous when epsiode and firepower is needed to take out giant enemies, in which this GenSeiShin has plenty of. In this form, Riser Kageri becomes the main pilot within Riseross’s cockpit.