Armaan leaves Gulmohur in Jassi’s are while he and Mallika are away. Jassi goes to Armaan’s house to supervise the decorations, flowers, cake, etc. Shantanu then calls Jassi to ask her where he should send the money she has earned. And all topped with a plate of wada-pavs. In smaller markets 0. She looks at all the cards in the parcel, all of them including instructions to Armaan to keep the illusion alive. Billu is very upset, about the break-up and the way Jassi kept the truth from them. The clan tells her that it is time for her to teach her husband a lesson by going out with another man.

Armaan is pleased by Jassi’s handling of a meeting with a supplier, so he tells her that he wants to take her out to dinner. Aryan later tells Jassi that it will be much easier for him to throw her out of Gulmohur after she fails, but Jassi is unaffected and accepts his challenge. To stall for time, in order to figure out how to replace the garments for the finale, Jassi announces a surprise performance by Nigaar Khaan. Nandini tries to comfort her, but Jassi says only one thing, “People who are born ugly, die ugly. Meenakshi realizes that her decision comes down to a choice between Armaan and Purab, where the contract is concerned. But in a society where looks form first impressions, Jassi faces a string of rejections and the impossible task of landing a job, despite her academic brilliance. Her best friend Nandu tries to warn her that Raman must have an ulterior motive, but she dismisses his reservations and she asks Billu for his permission for her to go out. After being convinced by Purab, Sheetal decides to give Jassi another chance.

When he gets there, he sees Pari working out on the treadmill, and the trainer confirms for Raj that Pari is not pregnant. Purab saves the day again by offering his car for Goga’s baarat. Armaan is certain that Pari will say something to Mallika, who will then fire Ruby, thinking that it will please Naahin, and then he can save the day and become a hero in Jassi’s eyes.

Everyone watches Aaj Takon which Sheetal Ambuja declares that she has given the contract of her wedding collection to Gulmohur jaisi because of Jassi and her commitment towards her work. Armaan is grateful for everyone’s help, so he invites Jassi’s family to the party to thank them. Nandu calls Hansmukhi for help in trying to revive Jassi’s confidence. Manchanda, the head of Personnel, for her clashes with Pari.

Aryan then gives it Mallika. Jassi is shocked when Veeru ioi that it was Armaan that he bumped into, and he gave the draft to him.


Jassi jaisi koi nahin, but uski TRP thik nahin – The Economic Times

Jassi has also lot her charm and Arman Suri, the love stuck herois a bad actor! Raj suggests that they use a supplier from China who can get them good fabrics at reasonable costs, but Jassi is suspicious of this company, so she warns Armaan. 200 Jassi’s office, Armaan gives her an apology letter, which also contains confessions about his love for her, so Jassi challenges him to admit his love for her in front of everybody. Armaan calls Jassi to his office to meet a woman named Arundhati Roy, from the rating agency, but Jassi has to take Billu to his doctor for a check up.

Armaan is worried after he overhears a conversation between Jassi and Nandu during which Nandu blurts out that Billu has epiaode for a job on Jassi’s behalf.

Armaan is nxhin to keep Mallika on his side, so he tells her that they should announce their engagement.

Episode #1.200

Pari lets Mallika know about the deal, while Gulati informs Aryan. Shantanu, a representative from a textile supply company called Lavanyatakes Jassi out for a business lunch to discuss a possible contract between their two companies. While Jassi is working with full strength and dedication on Sheetal Ambuja’s wedding collection, she is shocked to hear from Purab that his company, 3T has also made a pitch for the same collection. Jassi 2000 amazed when she receives a call asking her for a meeting with Armaan Suri himself the very next day.

Trishala predicts the worst and the best Armaan desperately begs Jassi to go out with him, so she reluctantly agrees, but on one condition Jassi prepares to go to IFH for the nahi that Billu recently tried to get for her, but Amrit gives her a letter that says that the position has since been filled, so Jassi feels that she has no choice but to return to Gulmohurespecially after Amrit decides to send Bebe on a pilgrimage by air.

Jassi changes her mind, though, after the clan convinces her that she should attend. As Jassi and Nandu argue about Pari, Jassi catches a glimpse of Armaan, so she walks towards him, but he slips away. Nandu considers the situation and advises Jassi to be practical and take the money, because her family really needs it. Unfortunately, Jassi commits a huge blunder at the fashion show and Armaan fires her. Often I have heard little children praying ”All I want is my two front teeth”.

Raj tells Armaan and they desperately try to get in touch with Jassi, but they are unable to reach her because she is still despondent and her family is taking care of her. To her surprise, she finds Armaan standing at her door. Jassi’s conscience causes her to tell Armaan that she can’t do it, but he insists that he needs her help and he presses her to comply with his request. Concerned about her family’s financial situation, Jassi confides in Nandu regarding Shantanu’s offer of a “commission”.


Puru is very disappointed with Armaan. Raj calls Armaan to see if he has received the parcel.

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin – Episode

One day, they confessed their love to each other, but suddenly he disappeared from her life. Jassi is going nuts trying to figure out who it is that Armaan is in love with nabin Nandu says he thinks its Yana.

Jassi epjsode concerned when she learns that her father is planning to renovate the house. During her trip with Bebe to Alibaugh, Jassi almost drowns while trying to save a boy named Rohan Zainbut she herself is saved by Purab, Rohan’s much older half-brother.

Mallika sulks when she sees that Jassi is getting applause and accolades for her work on the successful show. Amrit tells Jassi that she should tell Billu before he finds out kassi truth some other way. Raj tries to assure Armaan by telling him that perhaps the Singapore ambience will help Jassi to fall for him. Armaan loses his bet with Maddy and, to his horror, he is forced to dress in drag and accompany Maddy to a party.


Jassi jaisi koi nahin, but uski TRP thik nahin

At the same time, he and his best friend Raj, the company’s Marketing Directory, try to train Jassi epiaode handle the various women in their lives.

Purab then goes to Jassi’s house to tell her what is in his heart.

At Gulmohur, Armaan asks Jassi for a loan of another 20 lakhs from Kohinoor and tells her to add a clause to the loan stating that in the event of non-payment of the loan Kohinoor will take over Gulmohur. Armaan tries his best to help Jassi to cover up Purab’s disappearence, but Jassi decides to reveal the truth to her family.

Purab calls Jassi’s house to speak to her, but Billu answers the phone and he suspects that the bracelet he found, which was actually from Armaan, came from Purab instead. There is a fire at Gulmohur and the ‘Tomorrow Collection’ has been completely destroyed. Tips on American Series 26 Tips.