Tiller Girls Which of these is a person who performs tricks that deceive the eye? Flunk Which is a tough durable synthetic material? Nicholas Nickleby A ‘cuppa’ is an informal term for what? Erno Rubik Which of these animals does not represent a sign of the zodiac? Green card Which US sitcom character’s catchphrase is ‘I’m listening’? Space If you live in seclusion, what sort of ‘tower’ are you said to be in? Best man Which word follows ‘North’ and ‘South’ to give the names of two continents? Volleyball In sumo wrestling, what is the dohyo?

Revenge To know the rudiments of a subject is to ‘know your Delinquent Which TV series was based on Martin Caidin’s book ‘Cyborg’? Garda Complete the title of the Disney film, ‘Pete’s California condor On which Mediterranean island is the resort area of Costa Smerelda? Pool In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent? Creek Which was a TV comedy series starring John Bird and John Fortune? Would you recommend this Guide?

The Schumachers Who or what finally travelled at over mph in the UK in July ?

Alton Towers Which of these is a spicy Indian dish? Snake eyes In which year was the last successful invasion of Britain?

Downloads: Planes Fire and Rescue (2014) Sinhala Subtitles

Alan Alexander ‘Ode to subtitlds Nightingale’ was written by which English poet? U2 Which of these is a type of drum? Diners Club The town of Kidderminster is mainly associated with which of these? P D Which is a college at the University of Cambridge? Vertical What type of women’s garment were ‘pedal pushers’? Alf What was the real surname of the eubtitles Nevil Shute? Mount The term ‘backbencher’ is normally applied to which of these?


Questions, comments or any corrections may be directed to me in this way. Hands What is a song of established popularity called? Brigadier With which fish is the river Spey in Scotland particularly associated? Tilbury Which of these is an imposing structure at the end of The Mall subtit,es London?

Angleterre The national flag of which of these countries is not red, white and blue? Me Which of these is a three-stringed musical instrument? Filled pancake What part of a shoe is referred to as the vamp? Eurovision Who had to be restrained from ‘going for the Gaffer’ after being struck by subtitlles flying boot?

Nancy What is the French word for England? Germany What was the UK’s top paying attraction of ? Alchemy Which two boy’s names make up the name of Cleopatra’s lover? Mis-Teeq Complete the title of the well-known hymn, ‘Abide with Ben Lomond In which European country are the Cantabrian Mountains?

Fry Which of these was a primitive form of chemistry practised in western Europe up to the 17th century? Bulldozer Which code is a set of rules and information concerning snhala use of public roads in the UK?


Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 2nd Edition – FAQ/Solutions

Phoebe Of which constellation is the Pole Star the brightest star? Punt Which of the following involves events such as bareback riding and bull riding? Car From which film does Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ come?

Salsa Which London park hosted the ‘Party in the Park’ in aid of The Prince’s Trust? France What name is usbtitles to the person who traditionally attends the groom on his wedding day?

Koala Taking the post inLesley Douglas is the new controller of what? Nicholas Nickleby A ‘cuppa’ is an informal term for what?

Jarhead 2: Field of Fire () subtitles – SUBDL

Reese Witherspoon In which of these films was James Bond not played by Sean Connery? Addicted Which everyday object was designed in by Brian Gamlin of Bury? Dynamics Complete the name of the band, the Travelling? Rabies Which element has the chemical fiee Co?

Elm What did Dire Straits have in the title of one of their songs?