I am so glad to have come across Nemrah Ahmed’s writings two years ago. Keeping the idea of spirituality in mind, Haya’s transformation looked fake and forced. To keep the video away from the eyes of the members of her traditional family and to avoid any complication The life of LLB Hons student Haya Suleman took an interesting turn when she received scholarship to study a five-month semester at a university in Turkey, but the circumstances became grave when someone leaked a private video of her made at a party on the internet. I was so lost and indulged in this novel by God i didnt even know what was going around me i was just lost myself in the story. But with Nimra Ahmed, every dialogue in this novel sounded like a forced philosophy. Dec 01, Nazish Islam rated it really liked it Recommended to Nazish by: If you’ve read “Jannat ke Pattay”, you would be pleasantly surprised that a couple can be close to each other without touch. Then one day i decided this just for them after reading meri zaat zara e beynishan.

DJ was the best and Haya was second. There were many good Islamic lessons for us women here and I loved Haya grow into them and adopt a completely different lifestyle all the while figuring out the mess she was trapped in. In addition, Pakistani Law demands that the girl should be at least 16 and the boy Ek tau jitni baar usne “aanson andar le ke” “shanay uchkaye” thay hairat thi ke uske andar sailaab aa ke shanay uchak ke bahar nahi gir gaye. The novel is well-written, the plot has been sketched out beautifully though it became a bit convoluted at one point for me to follow smoothly. Words of wisdom penned by Ashfaq Ahmed sound so genuine that they really make you think and reflect. Haya and Jahan both have special place in my heart. In fact I am a big fan of magic realism and fantasy and I love authors like Murakami and Neil Gaiman.

It was first published in Shuaa Digest from March to May No one calls Waleed ‘behaya’ shameless when he snatches Haya’s scarf and tries to rape her early in the novel.

Was she trying to turn her story into some sort of magic realism or fantasy? I think I enjoyed Haya a lot, DJ was an amazing char I am writing this review almost 2 years after reading the book I don’t even remember the exact yearso it’s kinda a gist of what it was bby what I thought about it and how months of thinking about it changed my thoughts about it.

Lets Discuss Books 6 37 Sep 02, There was good character development of these two and even Jihaan. It felt good to say all that!


Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے by Nemrah Ahmed

My many friends convinced me to read this novel. ALL these lines are my most favt: Jihan comes to her room, and awakes her, sitting on the sofa.

Sad reality is that, many young girls don’t even bother reading quality writers, and get enchanted by such unrealistic fantasies, which teach them nothing about the ‘real’ life and thus jsnnat contributes nothing to the development of their minds, except that they get lost in the idea of a handsome hunk who will save them from every adversity and difficulty no matter what the situation is.

At one point I started thinking why didn’t the writer made Haya as Jehaan. Refresh and try again. Then one day i decided this just for them after reading meri zaat zara e beynishan. Jul 15, Muhammad Zain Shabbir rated it it was amazing.

Now that I have vented it out of my system, I can rest. However, the novel becomes too preachy at one point and it felt rather sexist to continue a page narrative on that age old good girl vs. I’ve had my share of ny no, not those men who don’t trust and are always on the lookout for cracks and ways to suspect me and some have the audacity to go to the characterand Jihaan was just another one. I would have gone straight to the Police if I had experienced any incident that Haya experienced.

Jazakillah for the great effort! But this story was neither fantasy fiction nor magic realism.

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے

There are epusode when girls do get in trouble and they should take their family in confidence esp. I kept on reading it for over a month. I thought that both Islamic Law and Pakistani Law demanded that the ahmev and boy in age should pattay mature in both physical and mental sense.

I know that Haya’s character was also very important because most of the story is written considering her point of view. The novel tries to show us that every bad thing that happened to Haya before her hijab was her fault, because she always dressed provocatively and got herself in trouble with other men and invited the displeasure of family members. But jannat ke patty has a little bit of everyting.

After that I was only interested in Jehan Sikander btw what is with our Urdu female writers: And while reading this JKP i lost myself completely in istanbul and taksim.


Your always write out of the circle of typical urdu literature and that is what I like about you. This book also has the most typical villain called Waleed who tries to nlmra himself on the beautiful heroine before she is saved by the hero because this is what every villain does. Nov 12, Bookish rated it it was amazing.

That time was the toughest time of my life thatsy this story point made me helplessly cry. DJ dialogue i love is mera name khadija anmed hy meri friends mjhy DJ kahti hain lkn tum srf mjhy khadija kaho ge.

Arrogance is not a symbol of being cool or classy. This is the one book that I rated 4 or maybe even 5 stars but as time passed, I looked back and always thought this was over-rated.

Even if she was trying to copy Umera, there is nothing wrong with that as Umera I read this story extremely late even though I am usually up to date with these things.

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Ya uske “aanson ka phanda” halaq mai lag ke woh marr nahi gayi. I wont plunder the suspense by highlighting key events occured. I want 2 read this book. Same dosro ki hr baat pyar and khalus py shaq krna and baat baat py ghussa and larai krna. Haya confronts Jihan about his over-controlling and over-suspicious nature in deep well of Cappadocia.

It changed jannta idea about life, my take and approach towards everything. I also want to be a part of army. Each and every time these words appeared on paper I got so aymed I wanted to slap someone!

No one changes jannwt drastically in such a short time. The protagonists actually had a conversation despite many urdu novels in which they only stare at each other with “kan ahmedd.

Won’t recommend it to even enemy!! Bharay gul achi larkiya asay bahir nae nikalti hain. The way those riddles were solved that led to the final answer for opening the box was stupid. Dec 01, Nazish Islam rated it really liked it Recommended to Nazish by: When I can’t decide what I should read, I open this. Oct 01, Zaineb Anwar rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very weird image of Islam was portrayed in this novel.