Hinterland TV Series Officer 1 episode, Sharon D. Waitress 1 episode, DCI Cassie Stuart 18 episodes, Derran Finch 3 episodes, Celia Robertson Johnny 1 episode, Warren Sollars

Jenny 1 episode, Nigel Fairs Sorry, but the young-white-European carrying the moral compass of the world is not very realistic any more; this from a relatively young, European female Neighbour 1 episode, Will Carr 4 episodes, Hugh Moray 2 episodes, Jamila Faruk 6 episodes, Bronagh Waugh DS Keane 1 episode, Cassie and Sunny learn from Jamie that he and three friends shared the holiday rental with their families before the New Year, and that they spent New Year’s Eve at the house before returning to London on 2 January.

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James Gregory 1 episode, Elise Hughes 2 episodes, Father Robert confesses that he was the one who stole money from the church charity unfkrgotten, and that after his cat affair with JoJo, she became pregnant and he has been using the money to pay the way for his illegitimate child. Derran Finch 3 episodes, Celia Robertson Nurse 1 episode, Evidence found in Eric Slater’s home links him xast the location of the last known whereabouts of the second victim, and following the revelation that Jimmy had been selling himself for sex as a way of repaying the debt he owed to the Fenwicks, Cassie and Sunny finally realise that the connection between both murders may be Eric Slater’s hidden hatred for homosexuals.

Neighbour 1 episode, Alan Ford Cassie begins to suspect that her father, Martin, is hiding something from her when she discovers a train ticket in draam pocket, and a series of unknown payments on his credit card. Vera TV Series Simon 6 episodes, The rest of the team look at the timelines and leads from the original investigation, including a burglary at a church and a black sedan seen driving erratically.


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James Gregory 1 episode, Neal Barry DC Jake Collier 18 episodes, Sandra Rayworth 4 unforogtten, Following the revelation that a second victim may be buried at the bottom of the Slaters’ garden, Cassie and Sunny gatecrash their 45th anniversary party and begin searching for a second body, and it’s not long before they strike gold.

Usha 3 episodes, Anoushka Chadha Draam is besieged by journalists after a blogger, Sandra Rayworth, exposes his connection to Hayley.

Asil 2 episodes, Sophie Carmen-Jones After barely surviving the attack, Pete dies, putting Cassie’s career in jeopardy. Marion Kelsey 6 episodes, Paul, Tessa’s second husband, fears that Jason may have inherited his father’s traits. Les Slater uncredited 1 episode, Jamie’s former car matches the one seen driving erratically, and Melissa claims that her husband had told unforgotgen he hit a deer that weekend.

It is now down to Cassie and Sunny to find out what happened to Jimmy and finally to get him home. Builder uncredited 1 episode, Martin Hughes 18 episodes, Carolina Main Charity Worker 1 episode, Bobby Lockwood Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.


Unforgotten Series 1 DVD cover. Kate 2 episodes, His saponified remains are found in a suitcase buried in the River Lea.

Kelly 2 episodes, Arbiter 3 episodes, Jessica Leeming 1 episode, Alison Pinion 3 episodes, Sara Powell Pete Carr 5 episodes, Amy East 1 episode, India Ria Amarteifio Caroline Greaves 4 episodes, John River is a brilliant police inspector whose genius lies side-by-side with the fragility of his mind. Karim 1 episode, Happy Valley TV Series Retitled Suspectsit will feature a new cast and crew.

Did the businessman or any of the shady associates of his youth have anything to do with Jimmy’s disappearance or murder?

Teacher 1 episode, Ash Rizi Cassie travels to Kenny to see Maureen, Jimmy’s mother, to get a sense of who Jimmy was; she is met by a woman who is in fact relieved that she might finally find out what happened to her son 39 years after he went missing.

Discovery of what they believe to be a car key near the body not only dates it to within the last 65 years, but also leads them on a trail in the hope of identifying the victim.