Obviously it is difficult to assess the realism of the Iris CJ Spartan flight model against the real thing. The internal detail is equally impressive. Reduced APU audio volume. Also using the joysticks HAT switch to look around can lead to you accidentally interfere with the aircraft’s flying. Because no uninstall program is included, removing the product if desired requires manually deleting the aircraft via the Windows Control Panel. Once selected a very annoying sound starts to play, while you are still in the menu.

Some are at such angles that its difficult to set it and see the changes. You will find only one model with several different paints. Sat Sep 24, 8: There is absolutely no stable flight, unless you use the autopilot. Mon Feb 25, 5: Their latest offering is the Alenia CJ Spartan. Custom in cockpit audio for the copilot, tanker operator and loadmaster who all respond to your every decision. A comparison of real-world performance data where available and Iris aircraft data is included below.

Fully customisable visual model with options for inflight refuelling, advanced sensors and Head Up Displays. Pilots would be well advised to carry a little extra speed on approach, with around knots “over the fence” to avoid loss of control close to the ground. Added a new auto-start procedure. Typical recoveries saw me lose around 2, feet each time, so stalls on final approach need to be avoided at all costs! Alternatively, an autostart function is included, and accessible from a hidden kneeboard.

FSX Italian Air Force C-27J Spartan

The CJ is a development of Alenia’s G. The reference material that I was able to source did verify that most of the weights and performance characteristics of the Iris product were comparable, although there was a considerable difference in the simulated empty weight and that of the real aircraft.

Reduced APU audio volume. Some are at such angles that its difficult to set it and see the changes. More paints are already available for download.

Maybe I am just used to different aircraft though. I have seen this aircraft do aerobaticsso it tells me there are a lot of power available. The controls for these effects are hidden away on a kneeboard which is only accessible by activating a lever in the virtual cockpit. Perhaps in the future we may see further development to the point where an AI tanker appears so virtual pilots can test their skills by holding station to take on fuel.


These are not failures generated by FSX, but rather serious bugs in the model. Mon Feb 25, 5: Stall speed landing config. Checked and fixed prop feathering systems for correct operation. A HUD is present, remember to pull it down. The biggest problem with this model is its flight characteristics.

The Iris support forums do mention a small problem with the product which requires the realism settings to be set to minimum. Purchasers should be mindful that the developers are located in Australia, and make allowances for time zone differences for any delay in responding to requests for support.

A additional model was added, a gunship version. Purchase and installation from the Pilot Shop is very easy. And while S;artan paid almost the same for the Lotus LC and can recommend the LC to everyone without hesitation, I cannot do the same with this model. The designers say that this is most common at high throttle settings and low altitudes. It takes time to learn the cockpit though, there are no cockpit help in terms of telling you what the switch is for.

The cockpit’s displays are not crisp, spartann you struggle to read the settings. Great report and review. With their last few releases, Iris has tried to give us something new. Product Description This product is xpartan artistic representation of the subject matter, which is inspired by the Alenia Aeronautica CJ Spartan.

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I think it would be better if adding or removing the visual effect caused the weight of the aircraft to be automatically adjusted accordingly, but I suspect this may be a limitation within FSX as the same issue existed for the Iris F22 Raptor. Obviously it is difficult to assess the realism of the Iris CJ Spartan flight model against the real thing. However, I have taken off in a 30 knot headwind with full load and at the aircraft simply lifted in the air.


The aircraft is suppose to be aimed at the more serious simmer, but come across as an in between. The installation program installs all files in to the relevant folders within FSX, and the aircraft is ready to fly without further effort required from the user.

When I wrote the initial review I only had the model for a day or two and naturally thought I just need to learn the basics on how to fly it. I now strongly advice users to stay away from this model, I have had freeware models that is better than this and to beware in the future to buy any Iris product.

It is the “new kid on the block” and has been in operational service with a number of armed forces around the world since Checked and altered engine performance at various altitudes to ensure engines running within specified limits.

patinum Recompiled all interior art to DXT1 for better graphics load times. Previous topic Next topic. Taxi is smooth, in fact almost too smooth, it feels like the aircraft is floating.

I just can’t trim the aircraft to serries flight, it bounces and turns even in perfect weather conditions. Past experience with Iris products though, suggests that the patch will correct the identified issues and result in improved performance and behaviour of the aircraft without issue.

You will find only one model with several different paints.