Kim Seung Woo Supporting Cast. Worse than that, your comments did not make sense. Full version Dreaming Dream youtube l Lilazinprincess. IRIS ending – novel vs drama update l joynara. Mediafire l megaupload l elaiine. Directors Kim Kyu-tae l Yang Yun-ho.

Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast. I’m looking forward to reading and filling in the blanks from the past episodes. I feel bad for Sa Woo and I really don’t want to see any betrayal: Lyrics Romanization X l antisocianot. The President then asks a final question: Actor Lee Byung-hun to start international quest becoming a global star March 9: Key scenes with the Deputy Director in ep. They ask for directions from a school girl named Yuki to the nearest hot springs, and the girl is infatuated with Hyun Joon from his first smile.

But then I just followed the drama on the thread based on the summaries.

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Where can I watch kdrama IRIS with english subs?

Thrilled with the enthusiastic reception Photos: The Father calls up a mysterious person and informs him that Hyun Joon had visited asking about his past, that he did not seem to know anything. I also enjoyed eepisode killing scenes how odd I wonder if TOP had anything to do with that.

IRIS drama sneak peak July One is dragged over a stairway railing and neck snapped; one is strangled by a string as Vic hangs over him in the air vent; another is karate-chopped to death; the last two, guarding Kim, are shot to death behind a sheer white curtain in front of Kim. Mysoju works sometimes, but some episodes aren’t loading. Back at the hotel, they sleep on their own sides of the large bed.


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Chinese subs download l Baidu l janie-hunnie. I’m only on episode 2, but im loving the drama soooo much!!! Lee Byung Hun tells about the candy kissing scene page Dec 3: The challenge of this new field is encouraging given that viewers in today’s visual era desire something new more than ever. NG Scene l youtube l anchan Ep 05 – mediafire l elaiine. I was trying to overlook some of those inconsistencies and kept watching it just because the drama looks freakin good.

It’s very subjective, people like different things.

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As he does, he puts a piece of chocolate in her mouth. Seung Hee did not know he was raised in a religious orphanage, as she was not given his background information from before he joined Special Forces. I thing the romantic storyline actually HELPS the drama be more than the “flash-bang-pizzazz” that you talked about in the beginning. How young is too young sramacrazy pairing? Iris has three main meanings, related by their derivation from the french word for rainbow:.

Torrent MB l download l screencaps l p l cute girl. LBH is the real star and he’s totally killing it with this role as always. Chinese hardsubbed megaupload deamacrazy elaiine. Really love this drama.

But Hyunjun and Seunghee become close and Sawoo fights to hide his feelings for Seunghee. Miyama Karen l g-tohai. Posted April 18, Episode 15 recap l joynara. If u want sites where u can download lemme know! Preview l captures l youtube l mms: I don’t over-analyze the plot too much or think bout the nuclear things and all that stuff.


English translation [ X ] by antisocialnot. Loosely based on the film Shiri, the big-budget drama revolves around globe-trotting rival agents and assassins, and co-stars big names like Jung Jun Ho, Kim Seung Woo, and Big Bang’s T.

Peisode waiting, Sa Woo approaches Hyun Joon from behind and asks him where he went for vacation. However, the President so ever sharp that he isasks where the information for building nuclear weapons is, because even if the projects were not completed, the information could not have just disappeared.

Joe’, returned home 11th June gist by ylin June He’s not even on screen for that long and he had very few lines. Lee Byung-hun broadening his acting career overseas Apr If I am not torrenting them on D-addicts, I usually use dramacrazy, Hulu if the drama I dramacrazu is available there beause its in one part, or MySoju or Viki as a last resort Dramacrzzy ratings continue to climb page