Sun Hwa goes it alone! The issue about making all mini-series broadcasted in the three broadcasting stations started in It was not the typical open-the-eyes-and-asks-who-am-I-where-am-I scene. Hyun Joon goes to the Blue House to talk to the President. They were too big for someone like you. I also had the same exact thoughts regarding Kim Bum but I guess this new character is less innocent-bumbly.

Okay, I’ve seen it all but this takes the cake! However, the ending was completely anticlimactic and not worthy for a drama that pulled in such high ratings. I’m all on this now. All economic and unification talks must end. Usually dramas show korean c’ters. Even as he was running away from the scene, he reflected regret of having done what he did, But if we are projecting why not have some fun. Simple, easy, and sure fire way to spark a war, right?

NikaNika February 14, at 4: Disobeying him means disobeying the head of the organization. Agents of NSS struggle to figure out he questions surrounding Kim Hyeon-joon’s death and the arrest of Baek San Kim Young-chul for being active in the illegal organization Iris and the true identity of Master Black the actual mastermind behind Baek San, I don’t really like the whole “Imma pretend to be your brother” story line thing tbh I’ll stick around till ep 2, but I doubt I’ll get very far.

Isn’t that like going the opposite direction of keeping him hidden and away from you “forbidden fruit”?

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I totally didn’t notice this! I thought the entire show was brilliant! Eipsode Joon meets with Chul Young, and they part as friends. Especially after Incarnation of Money where all the lawyers go bad, this lawyer was certainly a refreshing change. She spots Hyun Joon phoning her cell phone and hesitates, but does not release her finger from the trigger. CSH said she would rather die with the fugitive HJ than return home alone the Hungary scene yet she left him the moment SW called her despite HJ telling her to stay put.


Soo-yeon met Yoo Gun in the Iris home-base, where she was preparing to smuggle inside. The characters are clearly humans with more than one trait each, undertaking actions that seem plausible.

Dramacrzay Joon is all sentimentality, however, telling Sa Woo that he was right — he knew nothing about him. Domino February 15, at Another last flashback of his happy memories with Seung Hee elicits tears in his eyes, before he finally succumbs and dies.

I really love the tone of it.


It all happened so fast! I figured out pretty quickly that the thing to do with IRIS was to check my brain at the door and just go along for the ride. But the first kind of owns it — like it uses the darkness to explore humanity.

He leaves, but when Soo turns around, Moo-chul stabs him in the gut. The sadness of the music gave me a foreboding of his ending. And that scene where they almost kissed, GAH! The highs – the budget, the exotic locations, the cast, the plot.


And no, it would not be another historical drama or a fusion sageuk — instead, it would be a modern action tale about loyalty and betrayal. Dramqcrazy dramas show korean c’ters. I was not planning on watching this at all since melos are not My style. I agree that the casting and acting feels too familiar Padam, Padam To make it a beginning to end IRIS movie.

I agree that the ending didn’t make sense. He meets with Sa Woo, and he gives him a little life lesson.

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He hopes that Hyun Joon will be with him at the summit. I thought the greatest Korean scriptwriter is Kim Soo-hyun? I will be one of those dedicated viewers for this one!

Kim Bum– way too cute here. However, I always feel like suddenly he’ll do a complete and become evil, lol. The story is a melo but I’m just happy it’s not a cryfest like ‘i miss you’. Yoon Doo Joon Dub Cast. Was it the confusion dramcarazy the motivation of the character?

This is what I call a good melodrama. I literally hit the pause button every few seconds to swoon over him: In the beginning I thought that the premise was too melo for my taste.