Khushi smiles and they both say we did this rasham before as well. Newer Post Older Post Home. While everyone is busy talking with each other, Shyam quietly goes upstairs. Akash shows her thumbs up and Khushi too then she realises Khushi gets up but starts stammering then and Arnav asks her to introduce herself. Join or Log Into Facebook. Khushi smiles at NK. She is seemed to be a bit worried on seeing such wonderful performance by Naaniji and NK.

You must have seen his face! She startsannoying Manorma and suspects that she has done something. Khushi gives her angry looks at him. NK comes to her giving glass of juice to her. Arnav then sees Anjali and says, she is looking so happy today. Meanwhile Khushi confidently shakes hands with Arnav.

Join or Log Into Facebook. She sees NK as three! Arnav smiles on seeing her.

Nani n Mamaji heartly welcomes them. Detailed Update Hey Bichoooo Khushi gives Arnav a thumbs down aseveryone claps and hoots 212 her. Shyam asks her to go and asks her not to get worried. Arnav too comes there, and he tells HP leaves saying that he will go and search it. She also says the parivaar which impresses the judges more will take away the Nataraj Statue to their home!


Nani again tries to calm Arnav down. Arnav looks after her in amusement.

Its not the scaredness you see in my eyes but its the anxiety. K – I have told it. Arnav walks away but stops n turns to her.

Unseen Arnav Khushi Pics. The scene shifts to kitchen where Khushi and Arnav have their conversation Khushi looks sad but ignores it. Arnav has a sweet smile n stares at Writtrn. Raizada scored 7 while Gupta – 0. Shyam tells that Anjali would receive Payal in the same thaali. Scene shifts to the hall, where Mami takes the thaal from Anjali peisode tells that thaali is made of silver and teases the family saying she had brought same thing for Hariprakash from some shop!

All are shcoked and scared too.


NK goes while Shyam keeps the box under the table. She smiles and is very happy.

She had again bent down for pushing. Arnav comes inside the house and then says that Khushi has been going out to participate in a Mrs India contest.

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Khushi in the attire of Madhuri Dixit in “Deedi tera” and throws a flower on Arnav’s face. He requests Anjali to give him one more chance to do the dance as the audiences are requesting him to. She takes him ajn her to do the next announcement. Anjali asks what was wrong with him and why is he behaving strangely.


Manorama insults Payal in front of guests. Khushi finally becomes successful in.

Finally, Khushi walks into the room stumbling all the way until she sees Arnav sitting there who is shocked to see Khushi walking in the room. He tries to tell her but Khushi asksher to stay away from him. Its Bye Bye time for Mami.

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He enjoys her beauty!!! Payal worriedly tellsGarima that she can’t get through Sarita and Madhumati is afraid oflosing now. Khushi is surprised to see Bua acting weird! Khushi sees him and hides behind Anjali.