Khushi tries to deal with her guilt by preparing sweets. And she says as much Manorama warns her to be ready for a life of servitude to her after marriage. Anjali is delighted with the designer saris that Khushi shows her. Poor Bitwa is very new to all this love romance business Meanwhile, Khushi tries to convey a message to Arnav, but fails to do so. He tries very awkwardly to retrieve a pretty unretrievable faux pas Rekhs its a throwback at payal’s first wedding where khushi blames herself for it although it was ASR’s fault.

Humein tumse pyaar kitna yeh hum nahin jaante magar jee nahin sakte tumhaare bina Suna gham judaai ka uthaathe hain log jaane zindagi kaise bitaate hain log Din bhi yahan toh lage baras ke samaan Humein in tezar kitna yeh hum nahin jaante magar jee nahin sakte tumhaare bina Tumhe koi aur dekhe toh jalta hai dil Badi mushkilon se phir sambhalta hai dil Kya kya jatan karte hain tumhein kya pata Yeh dil bekarar kitna yeh hum nahin jaante Magar jee nahin sakte tumhare bina http: Manorama and Lavanya are tired preparing dinner. Cv’s are giving us many star gazing scenes these days ASR had to use the harsh words, ASR had to redeem, and as always he knows he has no hold or say when bitiya wants to leave.. Just make sure you keep count of those RTR miles And for the first time, Arnav separates his happiness from Di’s

I have a feeling NK will suggest a whole bunch of plans, he will pooh pooh them as being all too filmy, then land up doing exactly what NK says Anjali pleads with Arnav to stay and this makes him to change his mind. Khushi tumbles into his arms, while walking the ramp. Dia no shakkar puleez.

Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Meanwhile, Anjali and Lavanya are busy buying jewellery for the engagement. Later, Akash asks Payal to meet him for the last time. She notices Anjali ordering Shyam to change his white shirt.


sfarplayer Arnav is amused to see Khushi excitedly making plans for Holi. Khushi without informing Madhumita meets Shyam and by coincidence Madhumita reaches the same market.

Arnav makes a promise to keep Anjali happy. Khushi and Arnav hide their discord from Anjali. Akash panics when Nandkishore talks about his epksode after marriage. Later, Khushi learns that Arnav saved the wedding. Will Arnav reveal his feelings to Khushi?

Begging her to stay – good idea. Khushi tries to deal with her guilt by preparing sweets. What is the truth? Mona July 14, at 6: Khushi, Payal and Buaji reach Delhi and are thrilled by the pace of the city. Nani refuses to play Holi epiwode of Arnav and Khushi’s sudden marriage.

And Buaji’s statemnt comes to mind – you cannot run away from life’s troubles, plaster a smile and say all will be well.

Why does Khushi change her mind suddenly? In order to stress starplayr disapproval, Manorama pretends to leave the house. Arnav refuses to answer any questions and locks himself in his room. He married her and she is important to him. Akash sneaks into the room where the rasam is happening to get a glimpse of Payal.

Khushi feels guilty about accusing him. She then tries to stop Lavanya from leaving the house. As Khushi faints, Arnav decides to drop her home. Nahi yaar went to a sugar factory, school trip Will he convince her to accept his proposal? I thought Arnav wanted to use kid gloves with DI but looks like it is Khushi who wants to do it and Arnav is all for let her face up to and accept the reality. Anjali, Nani and Manorama question Arnav for sending Khushi home. Meanwhile, Khushi tries to console her father when he feels guilty for the financial crisis.

Khushi helps Anjali with the wedding arrangements. She then finds a epieode of doing the task.


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Khushi decides to resign. Khushi and Arnav keep thinking about each other. I was scared though never expressed it that they will turn him into a mush once he fully accepts her into his life Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of his family.

Manorama berates Payal for burning the kheer. And her question stops him in his tracks Manorama warns her to be ready for a life of servitude to her after marriage. What will he do? I’m trying hard to recall but my brain seems to have frizen on yesterday’s epi.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Episode (lastd Episoe) в

However, Arnav performs with Khushi on Nani’s insistence. It hurts me more than it hurts you was really applicable today. Shyam is displeased to see Arnav and Khushi together. Hum starpoayer ek jaan hai Do dil ek armaan hai Lekin ab iss eisode per Delhe daman chod kar Waqt ka hai ye faisla Hum tum ho jaye juda Mange khushiyon ki duwa Ek dujhe ke vaste Meanwhile, Manorama torments Payal, but Akash supports her.

At the Raizada house, Arnav gets full support from Anjali for his decision to break up with Lavanya. Anjali leaves a voice message for Arnav.

Su, the best scenes were the K watching the stars and yes K watching anji in the kitchen from distance. Payal and Khushi worry when they fail to get orders, but are delighted 2999 they get to deliver sweets to a high profile party. Ananya July 13, at 5: Jaya July 13, at 4: