Makes no sense if especially when we talk about justice for other people. Maru spies her from the other end of the crosswalk. The dialogue wasn’t clear on that. Choco- spends her time loving Jae-Gil and Jae-Gil looking away It is only towards the end that people begin to accept the love that has been behind them. But he eats there every meal. For Eun Ki to hang on Maru after his surgery, is truly “in line” with her character, I agree, and I would have expected that reaction too, had this been like 3 episodes back.

They could have spread it out or started to untangle the tangles from earlier episodes so we can have the time to process things. Listen, I wonder about your reading comprehension. Thanks to all of “Nice guy’s team” for producing such a great drama including good actings from Song Joong-Ki and Moon Chae-won. You have already reported this video. I’m not really into that sorta of thing but she could pull it off.. She had to lose everything she’d ever loved in her life to realize that. And a big thank you to HeadsNo2 for the wonderful recaps!

Playlist 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Read any thoughtful article on Hollywood and its treatment of femal characters. Or maybe it was when Eun-ki 3. But I’ll take it. I actually liked the ending a lot Its nice to have a happy ending but still, things need to fit and be explained better. Hello why is it i cnt watch on the ipad?: You’re right the script is simple In fact, one of my all time favourite dramas.

Throughout the series she made the decision a couple of times to surrender the company to be with Maru. So glad Eun-ki gave him that kiss before she left in the cab!! Which means he must have known where she was after the accident. And far, far, far from the worst.


Innocent Man Episode 14

Really, it’s the characters that drives the story. Anne November 17, at 5: And right now, justice for her 114, Taesan, and Joon-ha are all more important to her than Maru. Park Si Yeon really ,an. Farpavilions November 16, at 9: Girl, I completely agree with everything you’ve written-even the post above. MaryKenya July 22, at Tho my biased self chose to write that off as adorable. But that’s an analysis I’m still making my way through, and for now, I just wanted to say thanks for all your work and dedication, I hope it’s been a labor of love worth your time despite some personal upheavals.

The dialogue wasn’t clear on that. He was granted what he needed to live again, not in another life, but in this one.

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Eun Sok only judges it as he sees it through his innocent eyes. But again, it’s the finale, the point is, Eun Ki learned to love Maru and not just obsess on him.

About 6 years ago. Everything was just so rushed in the last 15 minutes.

Web Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia. Awe November 18, at 3: You know the same can be said of Maru Not to rain on your parade, but Song and Moon are visually blessed couple.

Falling in love with MR in like 5 seconds never felt authentic to me; more like wanting to possess MR no matter what, which is totally in line with Episoxe character. Omg, he’s simply adorable in that one!! I do wish there had been more time dedicated gooddraja his accident and subsequent coma, because as it was, it felt like a throwaway device employed to spur Min-young into action. I wanna see her in something cute and cuddly for a change though.


But for the past 19 episode Jae Hee just caused ES’ father’s death, and admitted to doing other crimes too.

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And we can still hear the voice over while waiting for the paramedic. I’d like to think that kiss gave him a boost on the operating table – like “damn, I really want another one of those.