She lost Maru, but she doesn’t seem to care much about that until just recently when she realized he wasn’t there for her anymore. The feeding scenes were really good. I am okay with waiting to see how everything and everyone will develop. I think that’s okay, while not necessary, it’s just extra consideration in case some people don’t like reading theories that could ruin the impact of the show if they turned out to be true. I looked in the guidelines but didn’t see much other than telling me how. She was also in a car accident days or weeks before she got onto the plane and didn’t bother to get herself checked out properly -which was why she passed out on the plane and almost died. Drama korea what s up sub indo my secret, drama korea what s up sub indo goblin, drama korea what s up sub indo spiderman, drama korea what

Did Maru cut her brakes? Is there such a thing a masochistic narcissism? I do like that we’re seeing glimpses of Old Eun-gi in her expressions going a little back to her steely look and her determination. Love EG, love Maru and love their coming together each from different spectrum of society and separate channels of motivation. Choco tells him not to talk to her too long and quickly come inside. Drama korea what s up sub indo my secret, drama korea what s up sub indo goblin, drama korea what s up sub indo spiderman, drama korea what She thanks Woon-kwang sincerely, and in return, Woon-kwang asks her to live well.

Eun Gi trusts that she will recover and she is taking the risk that Chairman Nam will reveal her condition to the world. Oh well, another 2 episodes then we can move on.

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Drama Korea Terbaik Tahun Yet at the same time we know that at heart, she doesn’t think of herself as a bad person and knows that what she’s doing is wrong, but her greed has taken her over now.

Because of what I teach I innocemt always curious to see how the presentation of character elicit different responses from audiences. What’s up with that? And in kdramas where there are coincidences aplenty without explanation – eramacrazy characters who have different interests and backgrounds bumping into each other coincidentally several times in a 4 day period in Seoul with no stalking behavior on behalf of either party.

She is too vulnerable and actually someone need guide her constantly. Department Head Jang gives him and us dramaceazy backstory: I am glad she stood her ground. Needaname June 6, at 1: Or move to the state of Washington; we are pretty quiet liberal state.


But then the smirk came and you could tell how ridiculous dramacraxy thinks she is. I can’t believe this week is the last week! What was all that about? I couldn’t have possibly said it better myself maryxiah Based on the preview, SW is gonna weep his heart out for Dong-hyun. If it were SW standing in the middle of the road instead, he would not be dead.

I had enough of it with ‘I’m sorry I drramacrazy you’ which frankly didn’t give us any hope from the beginning that so ji sub is gonna survive but this drama at dramacrazu gave some hope that if kang maru chooses to go to treatment early he will survive IMO, after a year, he might’ve probably forgotten quite a bit about her, being a kid and all.

When she went to the Chairman with that information packet, her voice and expression shook with pain, disbelief, and horror.

Nice Guy Episode 14 Recap

nan I think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies to JH. Maru sends Choco inside and then tells Jae Hee that he told her to scram already. I’m not sure why, but these two eps, Do Ha just seems to be so different from the character I liked.

I think the timeline is something like this: Choco is gobsmacked at how grasping she is, scoffing to Maru that this is not the Jae Hee unni they knew at all, this is some mentally deranged ahjumma. He tells Woon-kwang that together, the trio is worth more than double what the carvings would go for individually—more than 10 million dollars. Maru finds Eun Dramwcrazy outside the hospital and scolds her for just walking out and leaving him so worried. Wow what can I say the show is painfully good and ur description and analysis is prolly closest to what the writer is thinking or even better I just wish they haves happy ending to surprise us expecting a sacrificial Lamb ending which in kdrama land Will prolly make it memorable and realistic but I will happily hand eun gi to joon ha.

Commonsense would tell you there’s spoilers. He must be back from his vacation.

Her self-seeking personality based on the way Ma Ru always helping her so she get used to it. I believe JH was aware of the obsession he had for her, dramacrqzy had fed off that obsession to her epixode, knowing that he was still there for her no matter what, which is why even though she has admitted as much that she lost that foothold over him by going too far in pushing his buttons, she is probably of the thinking that he will never love another person on the same level as what he had done with her.


I’m annoyed that they killed him off, but even more annoyed with how they killed him – our DH definitely deserves a more fitting death than this? When Mi-eun asks how Chairman Mo did it, Seung-jae clicks a button on his remote, revealing a TV screen hidden behind the wall.

I think that this brain damage can make her find the right center between the two so that she can be happy or at least less burdened. The dixie cup had me laughing. Allowing an outlet for the heroine’s true feelings to be heard all along without feeling gimmicky. Made me shiver in delight at the ending when Jae Hee had to change her tune at the last minute.

The character of Eun Seok. I am inclined to think that Maru is referring to the fact that Eun-ki’s stubborn-ess, her single-minded self and character has made Maru do what he once thought was impossible – to give up on Jae-hee and to fall in love with someone else – Eun-ki.

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I think so, too…. I think we can chalk it up to episoed. So his fear is real, and legitimate. I think she has narcissistic personality disorder which means everything is always about her.

I think Moon Ho’s character has more potential beyond that. Maru never gained from the things he did. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt xramacrazy he was not in a good mood when he was pushing her away, but if it keeps up I’ll be rolling my eyes. Jae Hee says she lost that love and regrets it immensely and will do anything to get it back now.

It could be Was it just a random malfunction? I cried even more with Maru.


Check out the ‘On-Air Drama Discussions’ section of the sidebar. If someone comes in and reads the comments before watching the episode it’s pretty much their own fault. I was unclear what extent that like went to as well. He wants her to rip him into shreds so she can stand up by herself again. And I don’t believe for a moment that Eun Ki managed to have such a large priority in his life than his own mother.