Maame Ekua , waa shre, so we should buckle and take insults right. How much does vicker or Apiah earn in a movie in Ghana and ask them how much they earn when they have a role in Nigeria movies,we have the money and the human resources in short we have all iu takes and that is why we are always on top. Lets talked over those issues that we disagreed. They got to the said location and waited for hours without the production crew showing up. What good does that do? Let me know when ur able to learn how to communicate coherently. You just proved why Gollywood needs to look to Hollywood for competition rather the likes of you. Shame on that director.

I will advice you ungly Ghanaians to stop causing heart attack to yourselves because you will never never get Nigerians level in any thing. Film is film — since when is it okay for a professional throw decency out the door and insult a colleague? Is learning from each other and supporting each other too much to ask? They were told the shooting has been changed from Dansoman to Sakumono. The film starred almost exclusively South Africans and Im very glad you mentioned the discontent of thier people when non-South Africans play South Africans that is a trend that Nollywood is having a hard time coming to terms with, the sooner we learn to deal with it as BUSINESS the faster we progress. Hollywood, this trend will continue unless you behave civilized whilst filmng in Ghana.

Look at how people are insulting each other over this issue. However, after several exchanges, Khareema asked him if he just called her a devil and Ifeanyi Onyeabor repeated in an affirmative.

The actress has since decided not to be part of the production. IgboQueen ,lol ohh so igbo bitch you came on this site huh? Go Gollywood, Go Africa.


Ifeanyi Onyeabor: Himself

Please Ghana fo…let call a spade a spade and not a farming implement, Nigerians has made us what we are today when they started futuring us in their movies, we used to to act but we were only known in Ghana, but now we are all over the place and want to compete with them… Lets thank them and dont be ungrateful….

Watch figurine,laviva,ezra and you will also regret ever being born in ghana aswell.

Khareema tried as hard as she can to explain what caused their delay but to no avail. I hope for more from all our continents film industries. Do you realy expect him to do it? Let him call your actors and actresses onyeaboor name he want to call them they are nothing but hungry beggars who depends on NAIJA movies and producers to survive.

Nollywood Producer, Ifeanyi Onyeabor In Prison | Movies |

THESE ghanains are fools…. Ugly disgusting idiots what makes you think Nigerians will have respect to black monkeys like you. Ghanian, u guys are biting more than u can chew.

Opaninonce again…spoken like a true Opanin…gwarn bredrin. Ask you parents they will tell you when Ghanains were slaves in Nigeria and the immoralities they brought to Nigeria that made our government deported them all. Nigeria chiga whether you like it or not… and otolo ga na agbagide gi at the mention of nigeria na anti gi.

Whiles major stakeholders in the Ghanaian and Nigerian Movie Industries try so hard to let the relationship between the two countries onyebaor and flourish, other quarters are making sure the above does not t materialize mivie their own selfish gains.

Point of correction some of those movies u mentioned had foreign producers,movies moie heritage africa, love brewed in an african pot,and i sing of a well all had foreign producers, i can accept that movies from sparrow camp might be purely ghanaian. Most of them said, Nigeria not director or his name. I will continue to support professionalism from directors, actors and full cast. Lets called this misunderstanding a teachable moment for all Africans and parties consent!


And to be able to work with his class of director, an actor or actress must be highly disciplined!!! Hollywood, this trend will continue unless you behave civilized whilst filmng in Ghana.

Maame Ekuaaa mocie waadwo, nia okyer I have ifeanhi applaud this comment…seriously you took the words right outta my mouth…gosh indeed lol. These things are not really necessary.

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God bless our home land ghana n make our nation great and strong. We have to do something abt this. It seems to me we keep going backwards by forever competing with Naija when we should compete with Onyeaabor a more worthy opponent.

Khareema who is playing the leading role in the movie then asked Kafui to call the production manager who goes by the name Zoree. We made your actors and actress,we can easily destroy them because they depend on our movie industry to earn a better living.

Has it or did it win any international film fest awards the way Tsotsi did if so is it more than Tsotsi? I wish and hope for more good news and development. What does what you have to say relate to the insults Ifeanyi hurled t Khareema!

I guez he is mad bcaus of d fine imposd on dem.