Making my situation more difficult, I started to read academic discourse about early Impressionism combining it with a few afternoon gallery visits. Just to visualise your melancholy for the past. Teatralne urodziny naszej Scarlet ; Piano: My Christmas set for One of those, highly-appreciated, well-known sociological research has proved that people usually go to cinema during their worse periods of life. I totally got into the swing of this movie trying to envision myself in famous green backless dress. Nie wierze w to.

Nevertheless, I cannot forget about her because. Nostalgically scrolling the newsfeed, feeding bloggers with Instagram hearts, and even productively learning French with Duolingo. We are going to watch criquet play or have a summer lazy picnique with addition of mimosa and Moet Chandon. Do zobaczenia za rok: I, do, enjoy buying presents in advance sometimes it happens that, without a reason, I get crazy on a day before Christmas and try to find something additional for my family. Untill I was about 12, there were only three things important about it:

No, I just have problems getting interested and, moreover, ads makes me feel irritated, nervous and compeletly unfocused.


The place is also important. I do not mean basic TV ads but things like great fashion campaigns.

Thanks Pani Justyna for attracting so many childs and amateurs to cross-country skiing! I enjoy watching all of these dresses, hats and purses kowalzcyk fragile Audrey Hepburn and more feminine Anita Ekberg women shapes. Top Hashtags on Instagram love instagood me tbt cute follow followme photooftheday happy tagforlikes beautiful self girl picoftheday like4like smile friends fun like fashion summer instadaily igers instalike food swag amazing igers follow4follow bestoftheday likeforlike.


Well, when comparing to reality, I can easily go into depression. Do zobaczenia za rok: For now, my options are either cold underground station or old interurban railway. Nevetheless, I miss here this completely unreal luxury that is always present in frangnance campaigns.

As I’ve heared, Justyna speaks Russian a bit, so it was funny check of Justyna’s Russian language and mine Polish language skills: What is so insipiring in my observation?

Generally, I hate talking about my love for coffee because the whole internet sinks in all of these kinds of posts and photos, I love coffee. Pierwsza profesor na Sorbonie, pierwsza kobieta z Noblem. Sound boring and cliche. I have no idea why I am looking depressed. Very good round by our Daniel Idolja To nie koniec sportowych emocji.

Despite obsessively looking model everything here is miraculous.

This one is extraordinary for me with its minimalism looks like one of COS campaignsThom Yorke dancing like Prima Ballerina with red beard and those perceftly matched brown suits. Nostalgically scrolling the newsfeed, feeding bloggers with Instagram hearts, and even productively learning French with Duolingo. Sometimes, I see also this absent-minded guy who is fighting with overambitous and overintellectual lecture.

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Not only black, perfectly fitting dresses. It has to be perfect.


Everything is unique, high quality and personally tailored. Nevetheless I cannot resist to write a few sentences about the whole idea of wasting time in a cafe. I mean, she has this extremely expensive fragnance which makes her to be admired by numerous rich clear-cut males.

Generally, this movie is one big inspiration especially for fans of ancient art and black and white films. Consequently you are done looking at your wardrobe waiting for inspiration to come.

Jest skupiona na formie i bryle, geometrii.

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I have always felt excited but I had no idea how to define it. Nevertheless, the best part is the beginning with its mirror prism and lights. What I like about it?

Other way, I rush through villages in small cabriolet wearing big sunglasses and Hermes scarf. My Christmas set for Ok, there was a time when I ieolka watching this ad uninterruptedly 5 times in a row.


Is there any possibility that I could change my sad everyday life? Everybody wants to be her. Just like every Keira Knightley costume drama. Dobrze, to jest Wham!.