But then again, you might get lucky. I never get everything I need in the first trip to the store and end up going back again and again. I wish I had read your article 3 months ago! Remember Me Forgot Password? It also won’t stop beeping, beep beep pause, beep beep pause etc. Thanks Bigbro, I was looking for those instructions.

Apr 11, , Originally Posted by bigbro Originally Posted by spacecase. Sep 10, As for the bent motor shafts, that leads me to lesson four. With little hesitation, I put together an order that seemed to me, quite sufficient. It also won’t stop beeping, beep beep pause, beep beep pause etc. Thats also why I am so excited about the telemetry on my Frsky mod.

Originally Posted by spacecase Looked around, seems others have problems finding info on programming Hobbykings amp esc.

Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC (card programmable)

I would be grateful. This brings me to lesson two. Those of you that have experience with this might see the order as a little light and ill informed, and I soon discovered you’d be right.

Know what your buying! I really thought I’d be ok in this aspect, being that I’ve been flying RC for over 10 years now. So, with some research, and far too much excitement, I put together a plan to build a quadcopter together. Its amazing to see what cool new stuff is coming out these days.

Lessons Learned: Quadcopters

Glad I could help. I’m looking into building one come spring, and this will certainly be helpful! The multistar esc’s and breakout cables are great in the aspect that all i have to do is plug programmign all in.


Stick up then down, wont arm or anything. Thank you for adding that. Not all firmware are created equal After watching a few video’s by Josh Bixler, I 20w confident that I could pull this off. You need to log-in to comment on articles. You need to log-in to rate articles.

Programming Hobbyking SS Series A ESC – RC Groups

I’m really enjoying it. I made some extensions for the motor wires so that i dsc tuck all the ESC’s up against the board, which makes for a much cleaner look. I have found a few of those preflashed from various shops. Ds card also wont work with it, but will with the other three. Just cut it to size, grind a flat on the shaft for the motor bell set screw, use some blue lock tite and you are good to go! Thats also why I am so excited about the telemetry on my Frsky mod.

I wish I had read your article 3 months ago! I pfogramming much for me right now. That crash landed me with 3 broken props and two bent shafts.

The motors I bought are great, and have great performance, but parts aren’t readily available. Log In to reply. Apr 16, My suggestion would be this, either buy a motor with cheap shafts, or find motor that you don’t mind chucking if you bend 20z shaft.


Sep 10, Yea I guess middle is safe, funny thing is those ‘s run at kv I think or somewhere round that. I also found that I should have ordered spare parts.

Valuable information for me prior to my HobbyKing order. But might as well jump in with both feet. Keep posting your experiences! Thanks for all the input. PewPewPew on December 20, After I posted I got it, but thanks btw cause you confirmed that I did it right. Apr 08, Well Im getting a USB programming card to program my esc then bigbro!

Sep 12, LanMark on November 6, Hk had a programming card for it that made it very simple. I have an low voltage alarm on my quad that goes on above that voltage.

Which brings me to lesson three. During programming, I plugged one of the ESC’s in backwards and fried it. But the way I see it is I am on V2 for the two quads that I have But then again, you might get lucky.