On 18 May , he was appointed Governor of Bengal. Everyone in Darbar-a-Akbari was obligated to bow his head and shake his beard to pay obeisance to Akbar as entered the court. Kai-kam-bakash was the Greek Cambysis or O. He was the Chief justice of Delhi during the rule of Aurangzeb. This Kai was one of the well-known titles among the ancient royal dynasties of Persia. Due to bad health, Nawab Waqarul Mulk gave up the Secretaryship of Aligarh in and after a prolonged illness, he died on January 27,

Coedes …Translated as Indianized States of South-East which has been transliterated as Kambodge or Cambodge into French by the French writers from which the modern name Kambodia or Cambodia in English has originated. He was minister in the court of Shah Jahan. His earlier name was Muhammad Massih. He was the Chief justice of Delhi during the rule of Aurangzeb. Harkaran is best known for his bookInsa-yi-Harkaran written in Persian language during the last days of Jahangir and early days of Shah Jehan. Silsila Alya, by Anayat Hussain Mahravi.

He was afterwards was known as Qaimbn, which gradually got changed into Kamboh. The Kambojas Dr P. Was one of the famous nobles of Meerut. Were also honorary Magistrates of Kanpur See: This would indicate that Panini is referring to a Monarchy.

In the religious affairs in India, Khorasan, Irans, and the Central Asian countries beyond the Oxus river, for many years he continued to be considered the chief among the Pirs and great religious leaders of these countries. They are chiefly engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, business and services for their living. Arab origin The tradition of an Arab origin is more common among the Kamboh of Etah and Bareilly districts. Very able person indeed.

He was the grandson of Kheir Andesh Khan. It now lies on the Indo-Pak border in District Amritsar but has lost all its former prestige and glory.

Abu Fazal states that Shahbaaz Khan was an excellent general, faithful officer but he also accuses him of fanaticism. Also ref to These Kamboj People by K. He held a mansab of men. The ruler of Bundhel Khand was also reduced by this general. Sc also with distinction from Allahabad University in The tradition of a Hindu origin seems more prevalent among the Kamboh of Saharanpur District.



This shows that this story of Divine Sword is extremely old and goes back to remote antiquity. Kamboja became a trading centre for horses imported from Central Asia….

He continued to hold this position till 20th year of his service. It is stated in the Ain-a-Akbari that he helped and gave so much to the Kambohs that not even a single Kamboj was in a bad economic condition in those days. In the beginning, these two groups were opposed to each other but in the course of time they got mixed up with each other. He was the religious tutor of Emperor Sikandhar Lodhi. He had participated in the British war against the Gurkhas and was honored by the British Government.

Kambohs are said to be the modern representatives of ancient Kambojas. The Assakenois Kambojaswho had fought valiantly along with their women, could not this time, frustrate the well trained and numerous army of Alexandra and thus met with a glorious death which they preferred to lives of disgrace…. The aSi si also known as Nistrimsa, Visamana, Khadga, Tiksnadhara, Durasada, Srigarbha, Vijaya and Dharmamula, meaning respectively cruel, fearful, powerful, fiery, unassailable, affording wealth, giving victory, and the source of maintaining dharma.

He founded important town called Khemkaran near Kasur which was a very important town before the partition. By this way of inheritance, the Divine Sword finally passed on to king of the Kambojas. This is one glaring problem of the history of the ancient Kamboja people of the post-epic era.

Later he was promoted and became manasabdar General in the reign of Shah Jahan after 13 years of meritorious service. His brother Chaudhry Muhammad Yamin Khan was also a highly educated person and a prominent Judge of pre-independence period.

By his valiant achievements in the field of military, Akbar was so much pleased with him that he awarded him jagir after jagir. He was the grandson of Kai Kausand son of Siyavush. Ikram, Ed Ainslie T. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He was the son of Shahbaz Khan.


Harkaran Kamboh was a noted scholar of Arabic and Persian languages. Perhaps during times of Panini, Kambojas were in the transition from Monarchy to pure Republican constitution.

Ancient India by Dr. When the Muslim rule was established hsitory India, the Kamboj people, like rest of the Indians, were also influenced by the new faith. Was a famous historian.

Had been a great Moslem leader of modern times. He used to deliver Khutabas and never paid visits to the emperor or the nobles. Kamboja for example changed from Monarchy to Republican form of Governments Ref: He remained the Governor hitsory Peshawar.

It is also notable that it were these Kamboj converts to Islam who had, for the convenience of the tongue, transformed the usual cqst Sanskrit and Persian word Kamboj into its current form Kamboh.

Their tradition refers to their migration from Multan to Saharanpur under during the rule of the Lodhi dynasty. There were several of them all over Northern India. Tags cast cast in pakistan history of kamboh kamboh kamboh cast hostory kamboh historty pakistani casts.

kamboh in Pakistan a Complete Overview of cast

They have left their indelible traces and footprints in the Kamaon hills of the Himalyan foothill spurs, where they once held their own and undoubtedly gave their own historh to it. Rana Partap escaped in the disguise of an ascetic to avoid the further wrath of Shabaz Khan.

He was then on a military expedition against the Rajputs of Rajasthan. By virtue of his intelligence and abilities, he was promoted as Mir Munshi General and later a minister in the court of Shah Jahan.