April 14, at 9: What, Axl is working there too? May 12, at 7: April 17, at 7: April 13, at Even funnier joke, guy at work told us the punch line and we all laughed for days. You peanut butter down her throat, but you have to jam it up her ass.

Ted is an idiot to re-hire pj after he fired him, when he already knows the Barney secret. April 25, at 4: Ryan Sypek as PJ. August 5, at 4: Hearing of Robin’s relationship with PJ, Barney becomes jealous; as Lily isn’t around, he confides in Marshall that he is in love with Robin. Yeah, I thought the joke was funny too. April 17, at 7:

HIMYM – What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam?

April 14, buttfr 1: April 14, at 6: Ted re-hires PJ, causing Robin to renew her interest in him. In the episode, Ted starts his own architecture firm while Marshall is worried about his own employment situation. Barney denies it but its pretty apparent that Ted knows. In Gutter Smulders and her boyfriend Taran Killam announced that they are expecting their first child.

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The joke has an unrevealed punch linewith Ted telling his kids that the joke was the dirtiest he had ever heard and that panut wasn’t going to tell his kids the joke. Jam can be the fruit spread you put on a sandwich with peanut butter, and it can also mean to force.

April 25, at 4: In the beginning, BarneyTed and Marshall are peisode laughing at a joke that Barney had just told them. June 15, at So asides from the friends with benefits Ted does know bout Barney liking Robin: I actually found the joke extremely hilarious.


I laughed hysterically for half an hour, almost choking to death.

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August 5, at 4: Club rated the episode with a grade A. April 15, at Meanwhile, epksode GNB, Marshall fears he lacks job securityand Barney suggests he ingratiate himself to the office with a gimmick. S some1 please explain? PJ manages the apartment like an office; and although Robin hiimym annoyed at him at first, she becomes attracted to his authority and they begin having sex together, including during business hours, which leads Ted to fire PJ.

April 15, at 2: May 14, at It aired on April 13, The episode also marks the beginning of Alyson Hannigan ‘s maternity leave ; Lily appears only in the cold open. April 14, at 9: The final draft of the episode did not reference the dirty joke from the cold opening, but was later added by Carter Bays as a device explaining the disappearance of Lily, as Alyson Hannigan was entering the final weeks of her pregnancy.

Retrieved from ” https: Hearing of Robin’s relationship with PJ, Barney becomes jealous; as Lily isn’t around, he confides in Marshall that he is in love with Robin. Explanation to save time: Maybe someone else can explain it better. As for the rest of the episode, I related to the fantasy sports thing a bit. Lily then gets up from the booth and walks away, with Ted saying that Lily avoided the group for four weeks.


When I started watching it I just had to pause it and find out the punchline of that joke. You can clearly see that Cobie Smulders is pregnant. Donna Bowman of The A. And yes Ted does know about Barney being in love with Robin.

Some posts that may be related to this: Alyson Hannigan makes a short appearance in the cold opening and is not again as it was filmed during her last weeks of pregnancy. Can someone explain the punchline in details? The punch line to the “What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam” joke is in fact a very crude one.

April 15, at 3: The episode was this season for crying out loud.

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Marshall decides to run himymm fantasy baseball league, but quickly becomes overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities and his coworkers ‘ demands. How I Met Your Mother episodes. What secret is Ted not aware of? Ted actually knows that Barney is in love with Robin….

Just uam it with my girlfriend and the PB is quite messy. Well first of all I have to say I loved that episode cos of the joke.