Some of the students were happily discussing about their cheerleading dance and music, while Nakatsu was in his little own bubble, tilting his head left and right as he tried to figure out the latest turn of events. She ran to the other side of the stands, before shouting the cheers that was supposed to be done by everyone. Dorm 2 muttered their sentiments. He hurriedly brought Mizuki to Umeda who told him that it’s just a minor concussion. Sekime remembered that he had heard of the rumour too and Nakao turned to ask Mizuki, who denied hearing this rumour. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Remake Episode 10 Recap thoughtsramble September 16th, Apologies for the late recap!

Later, when Nakatsu walked past Sano in the corridor, Sano asked, “You’ve also realised it, right? I truly appreciated this!!! Likewise, the dorm 1 people laughed happily and so did the dorm 3 people. I love the physical placement of characters around Mizuki in this episode, where Nakatsu and Sano are constantly around her, like her guardians. The four sitting at a side looked worriedly at what’s happening. I’m a guy and she’s a girl? Juri waited for Nakatsu and implied that she knew the rumour was true, “There’s such a person around Sano right?

Nakatsu, Kayashima and Nakao joined her as they did the actions and she continued shouting at the top of her lungs.

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I’m also touched on the last few scenes As always, Maeda and the others did the great job. Today Remwke found your page, I love your recaps about HanaKimi because I don’t know where to watched with eng subs anyway thank you so much, I hope your recap for episode She looked at him, and answered, “Yes.


The four sitting at a side looked worriedly at what’s happening. Was really really really busy last week, but it should be better this week. That was because I probably interpreted the preview wrongly.

episoed Nakatsu commented on him being so calm, and Kayashima revealed that that’s because he knew about it long ago. Nanba patted one of the dorm mate’s shoulder. One of the guys from another school told hannazakari mean director something. The three dorm leaders were informed by the directors that they had heard a rumour — that a girl had sneaked into the boys’ school.

Always looking forward to your comment! P but Sano told her that it’s all right. Mizuki looked at the stack of photos that she had taken a long time ago and she smiled. It was Sano’s turn. Nakatsu even motioned for the others to clap their hands.

His mother suddenly smiled and said that that was what she kimitacui to hear. The three dorm leaders looked at each other. Wait hold on a second, Sano knows already??

Nakatsu heard this and he pondered upon that sentence, probably thinking about how Mizuki was always making snacks for Sano. Nanba and the dorm 2 people were so happy they jumped up with their heads above the fence. He sat up and said, “Don’t give up what you think it’s the most important, not until it’s at the very last.


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The pole shook a litte, but managed to stay. Nakatsu told her that even though it seemed like there was no chance, but he still wanted to protect and guard till the end. I’m a guy and she’s a girl? Juri waited for Nakatsu and implied that she knew the rumour was true, “There’s such a person around Sano right? I thought I saw the words ‘last’ and Epiaode just assume that it was the last episode. Seriously, I hate this woman.

Even though they weren’t furious like the other two dorms, ni perhaps they were the ones who felt the most betrayed. The chef appeared with food that were in the shape of things like, lizards. At the finals, Kagurazak was shown jumping over the pole and the mean director stood up, “Bravo! Sano listened quietly outside.

Everyone left, leaving only Kayashima behind. Sano went running on the jimitachi and Kagurazaka appeared, saying that he had changed. After they left, Mizuki asked why Sano kept it a secret, and Sano said, “Because I want you to stay till the end. Actually, all the school members were there, standing in their own dorms.