Television Drama Academy Awards. But, it fit you well. He’s one of the best among all the athletes in the nation. You better recognize today’s result. Now we’re really suffered!! You still gonna dress as a girl? However, now alone, he weeps silently to himself. Don’t talk about my dad no more.

What are you doing here? Aru Wake Nedaro, Nanmon! Just then, the principal, Tsubaki, finally returns to the school and seeing the glum faces, advises them to spend their youth on enjoying the present instead of fretting too much about the future. The pair of Himejima and Hanayashiki. He could be a boy. With the class now silent, Ashiya apologizes to her classmates for lying to them, and explains that it was not intentional, and that she still treats everyone as her good friends and classmates. I don’t want to dance with him! In return he thanks Ashiya for meeting him, and expresses his gratitude to her with a handshake.

Why Noe is the one who dances with Erika-chan but not me? Then I watch another Taiwanese drama with Jiro Wang as the main lead: Akiha is supposed to be a guy, however the character is portrayed as a woman in the drama.

For the sake of winning a marathon competition between the dorms, some students injure Mizuki’s foot, but she is determined to keep running. However, Mizuki ikmitachi more concerned that Sano appears kimitchi be avoiding her. If you don’t mind Sano cannot muster the courage to let his feelings be known to Ashiya and hides in the shower.


Coach Sano is the promoter of this training camp. By using this partif, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In this case, it sounded like your friend is quite pitiful.

Later in the day, Ashiya heads to her usual spot for changing into gym wear. After watching a high jump competition on TV, Lu Rui Xi was so inspired by a jumper named Zuo Yi Quan that she decides to transfer to his school, which happened to be an all-boys school; therefore, she disguises herself as a boy to get accepted. Dance is also particular about skinship. Everyone of us was send to the hospital.

Are you in charge of clothing?

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Outside the same building where they had witnessed the girl changing a week ago, Nanba and Tennouji lie in wait, hoping to recognize the student this time, while Oscar, still possessed, arrives dancing.

You have no idea how many times she called out your name. Hamazakari, Nakatsu hears from Sano about Ashiya retrieving her wallet. Views Read Edit View history. Another suggestion is a maid cafe. Nor I expect you to. You epispde have a good talk with your dad. Don’t talk about my dad no more. They made it look easy.

Hanazkaari is a wo You are commenting using your WordPress. How about three students from Osaka High dress as female? On her way back to the field, Ashiya drops her wallet, which had her passport inside, and Hibari happened to pick it up.


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ni I’m crazy about you. Yeah, we keep practice, practice, practice Both Sano and Mizuki make appearances in the contest, with Mizuki in a dress. I want to ask you. But that way nothing will ever change. What I said it’s true. What should I do? December 19, at 1: Something terribe has happened! Such a forbidden mood.

Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean. Mizuki is introduced to the school’s three dormitories that compete in school-wide events: How did the practice go?

What if the prize for the best couple is this? Even just one bar He could be a boy. What did you do? I don’t want to be touch on? Umeda arrives just in time to stop the students from checking any further and carries Ashiya off to his infirmary, but the students of Class 2-C already have their doubts.

A TV Special has already aired with the regular cast reprising their roles. So you’re actually worried about this? For example, Sano got injured from saving his friend, while in the drama he got injured from saving Mizuki. What are you saying?