Skyham helps some hens on Mr. The brave knight Hamtaro arrives, but is immediately arrested on suspiscions of him being the magician. They go to the village guru Elder-Ham to find out where the umbrella is. Can the Ham-Hams help Hillary master gym again? Can they be returned? Koushi no Junjou ” Japanese: At the same time, Boss accuses Hamtaro of forgetting about helping Bijou and that she got hurt when she really didn’t in the process. Can he show the power of love?

Auntie Viv and Boss bicker about who will win the race and Boss eventually takes the lead. Boss wants to ask Bijou on a date. The Ham-Hams find a pair of glasses and attempt to bring them to Laura’s father, but after the glasses are destroyed beyond repair, they turn out to be the wrong pair. Can Hamtaro get back to Laura? Hamtaro has been aired throughout the world on many stations. Boss wants to see Bijou at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. Will Bijou make it on time to have the date with Hamtaro?

Atsuatsu Batoru ” Japanese: The hamsters decide to convert Boss’ house to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. The Ham-Hams dream and meet Harmony and Spat. Laura and her class are studying the star constellations at school, and have a field trip planned to study the Milky Way under the real night sky!

Keroro Gunsou AFGS: Keroro Gunsou Dasonu Maso episode is out!

Yoshi and Charlotte’s farm, and the Ham-Hams try to take care of it, but the Chicky-Chickies hassle them. After hide and seek, Hamtaro is at Maggie’s place, and Boss takes his place so Laura won’t know he’s missing. One of Lazuli’s magic seeds brings the drawing to life, and Boss names it Shiron. When Mimi Panda’s owner is unable to go to the amusement park, the Ham-Hams decide to create an amusement park of their own to cheer her up, but a powerful storm halts construction and it proves difficult for them to finish.


Meanwhile, Laura’s family goes to the amusement park, but the car machinery breaks down. This causes Maxwell to blush from embarrassment because he likes her. Laura and her father buy a pendant to cheer her mother up.

It turns out to be Prince Bo, and he needs the Ham-Hams’ help to get his umbrella back from a shark that has the umbrella stuck in its teeth. But Oxnard is missing, and the Ham-Hams search for him in the tunnels. Meanwhile, Laura and her father are hamtato around the city, where Laura meets Kana and buys a journal. After Boss tells him about the hardships he must face hamtado a field hamster, he decides to return to his owners who are looking for him. Once he saw him Hamtaro convinced him to go back to the clubhouse and Laura’s mom came back home.

Lapis gets upset with Lazuli after Lazuli messes up their room. And Stan is trapped in the clubhouse. The Ham-Hams think they’re turning into ogres when they start growing horns. Mimi’s school participates in the traditional Setsubun festivaland Laura and Kana’s fathers are the ogres.

The Ham-Hams meet Barrette, a hamster who can knit. Hamtaro runs away from Laura while she paints with her grandmother and wanders around the field with Boss. Maigo No Roko-chan ” Japanese: The Hams seem influenced and awe-inspired by this seemongly clever hamster that they decide to pass off as his students and follow his rigorous training methods.

Sandy and Stan get into a big argument and storm off. The Ham-Hams take care of a caterpillar they saved from the Chicky-Chickies. O Hamu to Chourou ” Japanese: Dai Panikku ” Japanese: O Hamu Baasan ” Japanese: Yoshi all get separated in the woods. Laura and Kana have a huge fight, so Hamtaro and Oxnard try to end their quarrel.

Humans are going to dig up the tree above the Ham-Ham Clubhouse! Hamtaro Lists of anime episodes. Cappy runs away from home and decides to live with Boss forever, worrying the other Ham-Hams. Unfortunately, their attempts don’t go too smoothly. The rabbit turns out to be someone’s lost pet. Without Boss, is this the end of the Clubhouse?


Hamtaro, Laura, and her parents have decided to move away. It’s up to the Spisode to fix epusode

Hamtaro episode 190 (Japanese with English sub)

Lion is really like, so he and the Ham-Hams decide to investigate. Later, there is a typhoon and Laura’s parents can’t make it home, so Hamtaro decides to be like a knight and protect Laura from the storm. Even so, Hamtaro decides to see her every day to cheer her up. They are taken to a place in the woods where they find Oxnard, and they meet gardeners named Eggy-P and Tomy-T. When this episode was aired in America, the entire adventure was edited out, showing only the beginning where the Ham-Hams were telling everyone to keep Hamtaro’s birthday a secret and the ending where all the Ham-Hams are singing for Hamtaro’s birthday.

Yuki Daruma ” Japanese: While playing, Lazuli finds a place with a lot of fun things to play with. He shows them what he got on his trip around the world. Harapeko no Tabi ” Japanese: To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be two Cappies calling “I’m ready! However, Nin-Ham is later exposed as a fraud, who actually failed in Ninja School and traveled in order to impress other hamsters. Hamuchanzu Gou ” Japanese: Penelope is wandering around by herself, when all of a sudden she falls into a deep ditch!