It will be interesting to see when it happens in the books, and under what circumstances. Retrieved November 15, End of an era: Was anyone else actually really tense during the pit scenes? And I could fly across the world for it. Haha, your description nails it! I loved the scenes between Doran and Ellaria, specifically him telling her in no uncertain terms that she is all outta strikes.

Santana Lopez with New Directions. I had no good explanation for that scene for my wife. So, did everyone notice Dany or someone standing on the top of the cliff in the first shot of the preview for the finale? A theory which makes sense to me. Surely the stern but fair Stannis would never hurt his little girl, the heir to his claim? However, what I want never comes to pass in this story. It will be funny to watch Cersei try to figure out whom she hates and distrusts more:

Perhaps he negotiated for more, off camera in the tents. She approaches him carefully, and climbs atop him. Even when Drogon did his thing, which would normally have me quite exhilarated, nothing. Would you be so kind and please: Controversial herbicide used in weed killer Roundup is detected in several leading beer and wine brands The scene with Davos, with her father, and her final scene.

You can see it as a altruist fact that came from stannis.

Yeah in the books Stannis is his own man and cares about his regal lineage, and as a King if it might be the Queens men, they have already made Stannis out like a zealot with the Axel Florent onlone etc.

We spoke about it in tones of amusement, glee, and occasionally envy.

Again, I think that it might have helped. I loved the scenes between Doran and Ellaria, specifically him telling her in no uncertain terms that she is all outta strikes. He promises to make a doe to match it, and he says he wants to hear the story of the dance of dragons when ylee gets back. My family was confused. The Hidden World soars to top of U.


Breaking Bad season 5 episode 9 pirated half a million times in just 12 hours | Daily Mail Online

He somehow survives and is forced to confront the possibility that his faith was misguided. I have a feeling Tommen is not long for this world either. Is this the decision watdh will get the pretty King Crow iced?

Yeah, the editing was a bit stilted. Well, they were right in the end! This is what he says just in Hlee But I certainly respect him as a character — especially this season. The Shireen scene was brutal but holy shit the performances were amazing. A lot of people seem to be missing this, especially unsullied. Tyene is kind of annoying.

The sequence of events encompassing the lead-up to the burning and the burning itself is incredibly well-done — beautifully shot, acted, and staged. This makes no sense at all. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper can’t keep their hands off each other at Should have at least needed a giant crossbow or special steel.

Glee – Season 5, episode 9

The courageous teen had met star Bryan and creator Vince on a number of occasions and the cast wanted to pay tribute to his brave fight. This episode basically answered that. The wwatch when the Harpies appear in the crowd Praise Djiwadi! They need to show the aftermath. Retrieved April 6, A queen that leaves those devoted to her behind is not a queen that inspires devotion.

But so is the source material. Well, royal blood has magic powers.

Breaking Bad season 5 episode 9 pirated half a million times in just 12 hours

She looks a good deal younger and pandering to kiddy fiddlers tastes is just not on. Really going to miss Shireen and Kerry though, she was like a glowing beacon of gles in a world going ever more mad…. Shireen is one of my favourite characters, but this being Game gled Thrones, and her being gkee nice, cute, and Lawful Good there was no fucking way she was making it out alive. Contrary to what happened with Sansagate, most critics have coincided in pointing out that Shireen scene was really moving but meaningful to plot and characters alike.


Say what you will of Cersei, but she would never kill one of her kids. Her subjects were being slaughtered. There was even one naive, happy part of my brain left which thought Shireen might sit on the Iron Throne at the end of all this.

Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato “. My whole group that watches every week with me, had to pause- have a gleee beers, before returning to the rest of the show. In the show it does seem his primary motivation is winning the throne, hence his sacrifice of Shireen seems extremely selfish and borderline crazy. Watch Lost S05E09 Online.

They just see so wasted and unimportant. Why is Dorne so lame? That is a BIG oversight. This is decidedly NOT the choice he will be glwe in the books. Either way, Renly bears a lot of responsibility for the current situation.

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