As a work of art history, placing Blake in the contexts of religious art in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, this book is intensely rewarding. I sprang forward and pushed the Man in the silly hat so hard that he fell onto the snow, completely taken by surprise. Stephan Figueiredo in California part1. These included Alice Provensen — who lived to the glorious age of Cali Crew shreds the warm waters in San Diego. Part of our ‘The Golden State Series.

A delightful artistic detail was the launch of a collection of plates designed by Richard Ginori and Ippolita Rostagno the latter more famous for jewellery design. One of the most impressive examples of Blakean inspiration to start off was his use by Refik Anadol, whose astonishing immersive installation, the Infinity Room, was showcased during the Winter Gallery Crawl in Pittsburgh. Hula ” The Prayer “. Want to see what is French touch action? Nuno Figueiredo and Pedro Henrique in heavy barrels in Portugal. Here’s the gallery with 24 covers, let go for a poll, tell us wich one and why is the best shot!

Ian Glaza Owczarzak shredding Riozinho,Floripa. Jesse richman and Alden Simmer’s style at Lanai. Tauris and Company,pp. Back on the Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfing Pro through the…. Jamil Farah and friends in search of better conditions in the Nordeste, Brazil. Ines Correia shot by biostyles prod.

ArtscultureLong Beach. The month ended with a performance by Patti Smith at the Camden Roundhouse that attracted rave reviews. Angel searching news spots in Mozambique. This is the one of the Teasers from our oxbow surfwear production in the south pacific with Ian alldredge.

That anger arises from the fact that her town is filled with hunters who make it their business to commit murder against the living creatures of the wilderness that surrounds them. Zoo is a prime location for the Tinseltown collaborations.


Randy Leavitt in such good days in Mexico. Surfsols, strapless progession tool. I imagine I like Blake for the same reason that a lot of artists do.

Ibelli showing his skills on Brazilian spots. Cynthia “Cynbad” in strapless session in La Ventana. Ewan Hill riding strapless in El Medano, Canarias.

His filk was strange, anachronistic, and singular. Spocky explores new gopro pov in Brittanny. This is not to detract, however, from her virtuosity on all tracks. James Ropner killin’ it on the Left Coast. Assumed title after Baraquio won Miss America pageant. Airton Cozzolino – Matchu Almeida, how it all began. Luke McGillewie rides hard for Liquid Force.

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I can barely begin to explain just how electrifying these and the following lines are when sung by Glaza, maintaining a beautiful, angelic modulation for lines that could easily become atonal. Pedro Henrique shot in Portugal and Mauritius. Iconography and iconoclasm segue into the final chapter on crucifixion as self-annihilation. Stan Bresson the Takoon product manager, testing the Burning Gamma series. We heard the voice of slumberous Albion, and thus he spake, Idolatrous to his own Shadow words of eternity uttering: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Ninja Bichler on her homespot at One Eye, Mauritius. The grom Emmet Sproul have fun at Kitebeach, Maui. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Matty Collins shredding it up in Jupiter, Florida. The year ended with a series of Blake-inspired music: Herve Boure in high level strapless style. HealthLong BeachschoolsYouth. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Patri McLaughlin pulling off a double frontroll.


Rob Kidnie, the Core kite rider inside an amazing barrel.

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Other poets have beautiful ways of describing unique insights, but all without rhyme. Pedro Henrique ripping with a solid basckside surfstyle some waves in South Morocco. The big event in August was the unveiling of a new grave stone to mark the actual resting place of William Blake in the cemetery at Bunhill Fields, and which was covered on Zoamorphosis at the time.

It flooded me from inside in a burning hot wave. Felix Pivec about the new Method wave kite. Ian alldredge and Patrick rebstock testing out altimeters.

Episode 1 and 2. Patri McLaughlin in a wave to wave double front rolls festival. Grant Twig Baker known best for his monster wave endevors picked up some new Drifters while in Hawaii this winter and is taking a liking to the sport.

Patri McLaughlin kidding and killin’ it. Double back roll festival at Leonardo Loro’s office. Bullying can cause children to miss school due to fear of being harassed and can even lead to suicides Baja sessions with Cynbad on the magic carpet by Firewire.

Teddy Lyons’s wildcard entry for the Triple-S. Click on the images below to listen to each episode. It is simply stunning, a full embodiment of the human voice divine that sounds utterly unfamiliar, even alien at the same time.