Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. And there was nothing in the USB! A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Reena July 28, at 9: The Ghost Detective Episode 30 0. Then — chaos erupts! The Ghost Detective Episode 26 0. She tries to control Gyeol’s feeling of guilt in order to get rid of her.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Right now there are still 2 people that we can get the truth from: I mean, if they could have done it, they would have long time ago. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: The doors to the back of the truck open, and the hackers find themselves looking straight into the gun barrel of Hyuk Joo. He leaves in his car, advising one of the officers to keep an eye out for Woo-Young.

The Ghost Detective Episode 29 0. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. The Ghost Detective Episode 9 9.

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Director Jun agrees, and as he epdramw off to the elevator, he tells his secretary to cancel all appointments and schedule a meeting with Chief Shin instead. The Ghost Detective Episode 5 0. Do Hyun is still worried over the fact that he was detected and he radios Dam Sa Myung to keep moving, afraid that they might get caught.

While working on the case, Sang Seob gets attacked. Hyun Min came by with the express purpose of giving him a tip for a new case. He checks out the meal she packed him, and it has rice with seaweed in the shape of a Mad Cow. The Ghost Detective Episode 26 0. At least then we would have some dramas! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Lee Won Gun as Do Hyun?


And yes, he sort ghosg has a plan. That means it was manipulated by someone on the inside after Sang Woo had checked it.

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Not only did he draw his weapon on ki young, he also set the hammer? They must find him before it’s too late. They have a contact form. Ghosy I tell ya. In order to stop people from getting hurt more, Yeo Wool decides to let Sunwoo Hye possess her body.

They all leave the room, with Director Jun increasing security around the room because Woo-Young would sure visit his father. Really enjoy “Ghost” and can not wait for the ending. He stands accused of murdering Nam Sang Won, and the prosecutor makes his closing statements with the request that Jae Min receive 15 years in jail.

Woo-Young puts his gun down, and remarks that there is a better suited ending for the chief in the future. With a body that can move, her scope of action has broadened. However, Da Il thinks it’s not over yet.

Kang Mi grabs his wrist: I don’t think my heart can handle a disappointment this huge!!!!! I remember feeling so frustrated and hopeless for Ki Young, and for the justice they pursue.


Hyun Min wants Woo Hyun to arrest all the people involved, since he knows that Woo Hyun is an upright policeman. And there was nothing in the USB! Da Il learns how to touch objects and stabs Hye with a knife before Yeo Wool does. Eung Jin orders Do Hyun to download the report, and then has the other hacker Myung Joon locate epdraka IP address of where the email was sent.

Kang, because I really wanted to catch you myself.

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Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun! Woo-Young recognizes him too late, and so he tries to catch up to them by running down the stairs to the first floor. He only asks that Director Jun keep a close eye on Suk Joon.

The woman in red’s next target is the… read more. Suk Joon has already been transported to the hospital, and his doctor informs Director Jun and Chief Shin that his potassium levels shot up dangerously. To me being suspicious of Mad Cow is too predictable. Chae Won… read more.