In his office, Shunji fumes as he contemplates the letter he found and remembers the moment she turned the gun on him. Dear Gaksital Writer s , Keep it coming. How could he not tell her Kang To loved Dan? Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. The lights go up in the banquet hall and everyone starts to stir. Mok Dan thanks Gaksital for his help, and then notices his bloody arm. Shunji tells his officers that their job is to stop Damsari and Gaksital from succeeding in their terrorist attack, and is about to announce that Kang-to will lead the charge… only he notices that Kang-to is nowhere to be found. Shunji should take vocal lessons from Kang To.

That does not seem the smartest choice, but that aside, this is pretty badass. Person July 9, at It was like whoa. An employee salutes Shunji upon arrival, which Kang-to hears. In the last episode, when the Governor proposed a toast, he listed education among three things that Japan had done for Korea, with which I must agree. Oh also, I forgot to say something!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the conversation above and to the person who also mentioned the article about the Comfort Women’s monument in NJ.

Shunji crumples it in his hands in ferocious rage. And look his reaction after seeing his father gaksitall because of Kenji’s death broke his heart. Dan ignores him and his attempts to talk to her. Please writers, no taksital again!!! He gets a glimpse and pure, selfless loyalty and makes decisions, shaping his own ideals and morals.

Episodes by LollyPip. And how he witnessed Gaksital murdering his brother.

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Shunji demands to know who Gaksital is, which seems to me like a waste of medical resources. He thanks her summart saving his life with her warning. Shunji must have had several screws loose before all this and was able to hide it.


That’s what I’ve been saying!! Shunji takes him to the hospital but Doctor Oh shakes his head-the man is a goner.

Maybe Mok Dan is the first reason why he become a good person, but she hates him now. Ah, now I see why the torture was deemed unnecessary. Officers run down the hall and Gaksital hides long enough to get past them… only to meet Katsuyama down the hall.

Also, word of advice to Kang-to, Rie is not someone you want to fuck with, so watch it, lol. Yeah, everyone in earshot is starting to actually know what’s going on just from not being able to shut me out screaming at various characters. Asking for his help, Damsari puts forward his hand.

I died a few times throughout this episode! I saw a handful of black tuxedoed men fall to the ground during that shooting frenzy.

He was also closest to his nanny, whom Mok Dan took care gzksital.

Okay, writers, we’re on a roll now, so please do not use Mok Dan As Bait next episode, ‘kay? Now Shunji recognizes Damsari with certainty and begins a cruel beatdown. Damsari’s speech practically had me cheering.

KK July 13, at 2: Kang To is so badass and cute and badass and cute. I want any of the boys to suspect Rie as soon as possible. I love how eve through the ask we can see his eyes so clearly and read his emotions there. Granted maybe the guy deserved his retribution, but the cold-bloodedness of the trap is a little chilling. Leave a comment Comments 2. No matter how much a person may change- but her words are cut short when Shunji hits her with his stick, sending her reeling in pain and everyone scrambling to help her.


Oh my goood, this is one great episode. It would be cool if Mok Dan fell for Kang To before she finds out he’s Gaksital and fell for who he is. Why is everybody out there to kill Kang To, you guys want to regret dont you. KRush July 16, at 1: With that, he leaves.

Some things, although not intentional, make me laugh and that helps to calm my heartrate from all the action.

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Right from the very first episode when she stood up to Kang-to, the girl really got my respect. Why is Gaksital getting caught in the end in like every second episode and Mok Dan too, she is captured and escapes and is captured to be released again. Summarg raids the colonization anniversary gala, cutting down the banner like the badass that he is.

Shunji suddenly has an idea-go to the marketplace. Kimura bolts up to attack Gaksital, but stops short when his sword is leveled gksital his neck.

Just as Kang To fell to the dark side because of his family, the parallelism with Shunji because of Mok Dan is happening.