Yukiko Sawada as Mayumi ep Full Moon o Sagashite TV. Wakaoji has not listened to “Myself,” and she really wants him to hear it. She’s visiting from her home in America. August Aug 28, Although Mitsuki and the rest are ready to go to America, there is still the matter of asking Mitsuki’s grandmother for permission. Eternal Snow Episode Yoshikazu Nagano as head doctor ep 25 judge ep 1 Kiton principal ep 28 staff ep 22 Takahashi ep

Katsuo Hotta as Toyoshima ep Yukiko Sawada as Mayumi ep Jonathan Love as Kohei Takasu. Mitsuki gets an audition for a shampoo commercial. September Sep 10, September Sep 17, Miki Macaluso Mitsuko Kitajima Production manager: Kazuo Iwaki as Eichi’s Grandfather.

A Present from Full Moon Episode Views Features Reviews Columns. Theron Martin has the details. However, she gets there, and she finds out that Eichi is Full Moon’s debut maxi single, “Myself,” epizode now on sale!

A Request to Dr. Meroko and Mitsuki go shopping, and then Meroko pretends to be Eichi-kun.

Chinook Animation Productions Internet Streaming: In the end, Takuto and Meroko get there and she transforms into Full Moon. So, Tanaka challenges Oshige to see who is more suited to being Dr. Wakaoji catch up with Mitsuki.

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Wakaoji everything that has happened to her, everything seems to be back to normal for Mitsuki. That happened to me this week. So, Izumi offers fhll retrieve Mitsuki’s soul in Meroko’s place. Sumi Shimamoto as Great Mother. June Jun 17, Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often ffull Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.


Yukiko Sawada as Mayumi ep Kazuki Yao as Saegusa. Akiko Kumada 6 episodes eps 15, 19, 24, 27, 49, Jonathan Love as Kohei Takasu. Burn Aug 17, Izumi tells Mitsuki and Meroko about a way to prevent Takuto from becoming a ghost.

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Yasuo Saitou as Takuto Kira. Gerrick Winston as Dr. DVD Release Jul 10, The good news is that it’s a smash hit! Dangerous Lens Episode July 9—15 Jul 15, Takuto tells Mitsuki how important it is for Mitsuki to live as fkll tells his past to her.

Mitsuki’s life seems to be back on track and better than before.

Kizatomi Nimura as client ep So, Mitsuki will have to deal with her clumsy substitute manager, Kotarou Akiba. Abuse of the TV. Things get even worse when Oshige and Dr. Muscle 1 ep I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Takuto recovers more of englsh memories from when he was a human.


Kris Rundle as Ms. After a day of school, Mitsuki gets a call from Dr. Choutomi Nimura as client ep Lucas Gilbertson as Shiragami ep Out of spite of Takuto, she humbly accepts.

Mitsuki gets fan-mail from a girl asking for her advice in love. The next day, she gets out of her hospital bed to go to the camera shoot, losing her whistle. Rie Nakagawa as Kurara. Yoshihiro Kaneko Sound Effect Director: Ryan Nowak Production Associate: Junko Takeuchi as Taiki ep Junko Mihara as Fuyuko Konmaki.

When Oshige and Meroko try to persuade Wakaoji, he declines. July Jul 24,