Sign in to vote. Gritty, ultra-real story telling not least because it reflects time and events from Meadows own childhood. There’s nothing wrong with Stephen Graham’s performance and will hopefully join Turgoose and Gilgun on the road to stardom but as a three dimensional character from he’s sadly lacking. Its not-long 91 minutes seemed merciless as the plot thickened with sub plots of chance happenings, accidents, stolen credit cards, and a very contested last will and testament The film takes us back to the Thatcher years in a clearly accentuated north of England ridden by jobless youth and financially stretch families, encapsulating a small landscape of issues that stirred the nation under the “Iron Lady’s rule”. I didn’t develop any attachment to the characters and thought the entire thing was a shambles. I felt nearly every single moment of this movie was embarrassing and silly.

I was gripped throughout the film and it also gave me plenty to think about afterwards. I couldn’t even look during the snogging scene. The band however started as a non-politically aligned punk group in signed to Chiswick, and this incarnation of the group still has many fans internationally including J Mascis and Pink Eyes from Fucked Up. By a bitter irony The Falklands Conflict is one of he very few wars where the extreme right and extreme left in Britain disagreed. Cameltoe is not particularly pleased when the friends arrive. For myself I barely fell into this group mainly because I grew up in Northern Ireland and it goes without saying that we had our own “issues” to deal with while England had theirs. Chill Out TV Movie.

The film was great no need to increase the scope or make sure we knew it’s intentions. The film takes us back to the Thatcher years in a clearly accentuated north of England ridden by jobless youth and financially stretch families, encapsulating a small landscape of issues that stirred the nation under the “Iron Lady’s rule”. Book ending the film is real news footage of the political climate surrounding the events depicted, prominent among which is Maggie Thatcher’s invasion of the Falklands a conflict that’s consequences prove key to the central narrative When asked “Will we ever talk to the Argentines again?


As well as dilm, during the movie a girl who must have been about 10 years older than him comes on to him!

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From what I remember everyone in Britain bemoaned the Flim campaign of terror, including this subject would of made a much better movie. In addition to the film’s look, Meadow’s has raided the vaults for a whole host of archive footage leading thirty-something viewers on a trip down memory lane. The entire production looks so authentic that at times it’s as though you’re watching a documentary filmed in Chill Out TV Movie.

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Firstly I’m not quite sure what the archive clips from the Falklands were trying to achieve – Adding resonance to the story just told??

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Such a move didn’t just preclude Turgoose from seeing naziskim own film, but further prevented Meadows from screening it to year-old maziskin, to “show the dangers of bullying, peer pressure and racism to young people”. Working on a characteristically modest budget, Meadows and crew have fashioned a fantastically authentic drama: Summary- A brilliant slice of life from the 80’s reconstructed with loveaffection, humour and a dash of “Venom”- eat your heart out “Spideyman”!

Many 80s-set films have been betrayed by garish lighting and ultimately end up looking like contemporary people parading around in year-old clothing. But darkness arrives with the skin veteran who comes back from jail.

It makes no sense! Most of the sold-out audience sat through out as a sign of respect to the director, and expecting the heavily-hyped electronic sound track, which, sadly, was about as unimpressive as the nazismin.

Its one, single, unique factor is that it portrays skinheads in their original identity – a bunch of fun loving, ganja smoking, reggae listening kids who dressed in those funny Erkle pants and red suspenders – then things get ugly. Mind you, this may be all a misreading. This is Vay crosses the boundary of the purely British audience oriented motion picture to a larger scale scenario where its intricacies are presented in manners which well enable the international audience to get a small picture of a bigger problem.


The center of this slowly evolving drama is a love triangle. I hope it will make its way the movies and not end up as a direct-to-video-flick Overall the movie is a dud, not recommended. Mind you, Shane should be working for a while at least.

Just so we could open the floodgates and say ‘come in’? However, not knowing this takes nothing away from the film’s power. La mia vecchia passione per Brian Warner scorre ancora forte in me.

As assured as Meadows’ writing and direction is, the film benefits greatly from its ensemble cast. They lose that spark. Releasd from prison and seeped in nationalist rhetoric. He then becomes approached by an urban tribe of Ska-mod skin-heads. Ma forse sono un perverso tradizionalista, io.

Instead the nazskin remains focused and convincing, not once do you doubt the likelihood of events.

It helps to be of a certain age to flim everything this film has to offer. The relationship between ‘Shaun’ and ‘Smell’ was toe-curling. Make no mistake this is a truly heart warming film for the first half hour.

And there are conflicts between the racist fraction and the others. Sign in to vote.

This packs a lot into naziski minutes, but never feels hectoring. There is much in the film that will trigger moments of recognition in the viewer, especially but not exclusively those who were young in the 80s. When we first meet him we quickly learn that his father was a victim of the war raging at Maggie’s command.