Desire and difference in Indonesia. Her performance style consistently plays on this knowledge and expectation. Representations of class in New Order cinema have been discussed at length by Krishna Sen As the poor siblings sit in their wooden hut, determined not to submit to the lot they have been dealt in life, the other twins roller skate around their lavishly decorated, almost palatial living room. A similar subversion happens when an Indonesian expert tries to teach Kodir about Western cuisine. What is more, this is clearly a temporary—as well as part-time—change, meeting many of the characteristics of what Marjorie Garber, in her study of cross-dressing in Western cultural traditions, describes as a progressive narrative Garber

Lifestyle and identities , pp. Cross-dressing and cultural anxiety. Representations of class in New Order cinema have been discussed at length by Krishna Sen She did not return to the silver screen until her appearance in Mas suka, masukin aja: One of the challenges in writing this article relates to language, since there is a lack of specificity in many of the terms used in Indonesia today to categorize and describe alternative sexualities and genders. In establishing the differences, the poor father is shown to be humble yet also playful in argument, while the wealthy father comes off rather poorly against the linguistic dexterity of his poorer counterpart.

By this time she was already developing a name for dorcee on the entertainment and cabaret circuit, primarily as a singer and comedian, but it was after her transition that Dorce rose to become such a star. Adurthi Subba Rao, It is this self-definition in terms of gender binaries, and this distancing of herself from the more marginalized waria and LGBT communities, that perhaps explains why she has been so enduringly successful.

Dorce is one of them. Her performance style consistently plays on this knowledge and expectation. Indeed, Mardali Syarief, the director of Dorce ketemu jodohhad already written and directed Mereka memang ada They indeed exist ina film focusing on the lives of waria. Laki-laki jadi perempuan dir.

The song, Geef mij maar nasi goreng Just give me nasi gorengsung in Dutch but containing a large number of Indonesian words, is a recollection of the large number of delicious foods she had eaten in Indonesia as a child, and a comparison of them with the less exciting Dutch cuisine. It is her positive revisiting of those traditions, her position of constant inbetweenness as someone whose success repeatedly constructs and reaffirms her humble origins, that continues to mark her particular style of Indonesian celebrity.

The group’s goal was to develop fitness, both physically and mentally, with a motto mens sana in corpore sano “a fit spirit in a fit body”.


The most obvious example akrrab this is contained in the words of one of the songs she performs as a pub entertainer:. Anthropology, queer studies, Indonesia.

Dorce Sok Akrab (1989; reverse)

In the general confusion in the clinic the twins are mixed up and given to the wrong parents. Nonetheless, some individuals who have previously identified as waria or another local term with a similar meaning do see themselves as women, and undergo sex-reassignment surgery as part of their transition. The English language teacher despairs at their inability to repeat the phrases without mixing up the word order, eventually retorting that they must never have been to school.

A zany scene ensues where, helped by her maid, Dorce tries to meet the gender expectations of both devotees, swapping between male and female attire before being chased on foot through central Jakarta by her two love interests accompanied by a growing entourage of friends, neighbours, and a group of waria who just happen to be passing. Furthermore, having been a public figure for almost thirty years, the language used to describe Dorce also reflects the fluid and changing identities with which Dorce has been, and is still, associated.

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If these words are used in popular discourse, the meaning tends to be rather imprecise, and there is little obvious agreement on how these terms accord with, or differentiate from, the popularly used term of waria. In she underwent sex reassignment surgery in Surabaya. The winding path of Dorce Gamalamaco-written with Rudy Gunawan. She states that she prefers to be known for what she does, as an entertainer who does not specifically show off and sexualize her body and who is known for her charitable works.

First, we see the stark difference in the means of the parents as they make their way to the clinic. This was a period that saw increasing media discussion of proliferating sexual and gender identities, particularly from the early s onwards Murtagh ; Boellstorff Sexuality and nation in Indonesia. We might ask how it is possible that a transsexual woman was able to become such a big star under the New Order and into the post-New Order period. The Australian Journal of Media and Culture 4—2.

Following on from the increased publicity she received as a result of the legal recognition of her change in gender and name, dorrce films were presumably seen as beneficial to both the production companies, which could play on her growing celebrity status, and to Dorce, as an important way of boosting her profile.

Those films were certainly written and produced as vehicles for the actor. Dorce also repeats this scene in her performance, though in her version she plays both male and female roles, and in switching between male and female voices, reminds us of the gender play that her performance has long been built on. Thus we have already discovered that the teacher ffilm not quite living by the etiquette he is about to teach.



Tante Lien was expelled from the place she considered home to a place where it was judged that she should feel a sense of belonging, but which was instead a place completely unknown and alien to her.

For as well as her male and female lovers, her maid, the security guard, and a collection of other acquaintances, the chase attracts the attention first of a number of policemen, and then of a group of waria. Given the duration of the regime it is not surprising that approaches to social class in New Order film were far from consistent.

Falling into the lesbi world: Mas suka, masukin aja: Davies, Sharyn Graham And the vulnerability of the binary between rich and poor is encapsulated when the nurse comes out to give news of the birth to the waiting fathers. Gamalama is currently the host of the popular mid-morning Dorce Show on the Trans TV network in Indonesia, and has written an autobiography entitled Aku Perempuan. Dorce first signed the contracts for the two films with production companies inthough delays meant they were eventually released in and Dorce sok akrab dir.

References Anderson, Benedict They have no respect for their father, and have been spoilt by their wealth and privilege to which they have become far too accustomed. It is often an ongoing process in which gender subjectivity may shift and continue to develop.

Examples of such pejorative terms are banci and bencongwhich are popularly used for wariathough these can also be used for gay men as well as men deemed effeminate in some way. While doce was presumably happy to participate in a show that specifically drew attention to her transition, she points out that she does not know many other transgender individuals in Indonesia, besides Ibu Myrna, the former chair of the Jakarta-based Himpunan Fklm Hiwaria, Waria Association22 and seems to wish to distance herself from other transgender individuals, including the other guest on the segment, a younger, male-to-female transsexual, called Solena Chaniago.