Issue Briefs Get it delivered right to your inbox! Ralph Smith has several decades of experience working with federal human resources issues. The older I get the faster the days go by and at an alarming rate. You would need to wait for Open Season. If someone is truly looking for a health care plan that allows him or her to see their own doctor or health care provider, then an indemnity plan is more appropriate than a POS plan. Active federal workers that are retiring soon can print out a copy of this article so they will have this information available when they leave. Some FEHB plans also provide coverage for dental and vision care.

Comments are moderated, so they may not appear immediately after submitting. You may use this enrollment change opportunity only once. Some companies are canceling a large percentage of the policies issued in some states. For , there are 10 dental plans and four vision plans available nationwide to employees. Individuals who are eligible but not enrolled or covered under an FEHB Plan should review the IRS information on individual shared responsibility and the requirement to maintain MEC, available online at: Yes, according to the Affordable Care Act, codified at 26 U. New and newly eligible employees can enroll within the 60 days after they become eligible.

Everyone should check out the new rates as one step in deciding which policy may be the best one for you in the coming year. Federal employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for health insurance premiums to the FEHB.

We will not post comments that we consider abusive or off-topic. Please post your comments here. Normally with a POS health care plan, an enrollee will be seqson to select a primary health care provider from a list of preferred providers within the POS network. Tuesday, February 26th, I have a password Forgot your password?

Open Season and Your Health Insurance :

It is not uncommon for providers to leave plans mid-year. Open Season Online allows you to chat with a customer service representative using Live Help, send a webmail message which will be answered by a customer service representative, and review and have hard copies of health plan brochures sent to you via regular mail. Each year, Open Season runs from the Monday of the second full workweek in November through the Monday of the second full workweek in December.


But, while federal employees are largely immune from the changes that are occurring, this does not mean that your insurance premiums will remain the same.

Ralph Smith has several decades of experience working with federal human resources issues.

Relationship between FEHB, Exchanges Described

You would need to wait for Open Season. Guidance to Agencies The following Federal employees may wish to review the coverage options in the Health Insurance Marketplace at www. Follow Ralph on Twitter: You can narrow your search by state, name of the plan in which you are most interested, or the type of plan such as a fee for service plan or a health maintenance organization HMO.

And, in good news for the the federal workforce, most of the significant changes now occurring in fehh health care process will not impact federal employees, in part because some of the changes now required by the new law are already included in the federal insurance plans.

Relationship between FEHB, Exchanges Described

Evaluating life insurance coverage and needs, Part II: Otherwise, the adult or married couple who can claim the child or other individuals as a dependent for Federal income tax purposes will owe a payment. About the Author Edward A.

Printable Format E-Mail this page. Accelerated death benefit Informed Investor: Generally, mid-year changes are effective on the first day of the pay period which begins after your enrollment is received by your Human Resources Office.

Dental and vision benefits are available to eligible federal and postal employees, retirees and their eligible family members on an enrollee-pay-all basis through the Gehb Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program FEDVIP. A number of readers have written in to ask if they will have to join the new health exchanges created by the new Obamacare system instead of the FEHB.


You may also change your enrollment during the annual Open Season, or because of another event that permits enrollment changes such as a change in family status. Do they or a member of the family expect to incur a significant dental or vision expenses during ?

Dependent children include legally adopted children and recognized natural children who meet certain dependency requirements. This is your chance to switch to a different policy if you decide that is in your best interest. It would not be surprising for insurance companies t0 discourage policyholders with a greater risk of requiring expensive coverage by charging more for the premium and seaskn encouraging them to enroll under the government healthcare exchanges instead.

This service is reserved for annuitants and you can either review the plan brochures online or have them send copies in the mail. Alternatively, information on the IRS website may help these individuals determine if they qualify for an exemption, or whether they will have to make a payment with their Federal income tax return.

This column also discusses the separate dental and vision insurance choices for employees. This site febb allows you to print out Annuity statements, set up allotments, and much more.

Posted on Monday, 18th November by Dennis Damp. Also, many FEHB plans will pay for some dental and vision expenses.