Doc Terror himself, you have been putting this one off due to your love of the first film, stop it. ExhumedFilms horrorthon rule I find it amazing that it screened, though, and that should really tell you what Exhumed 24 Hour Horror-Thon is all about. After seeing it, James and I have been trying to locate the rights owner, so that we can motivate someone into giving it some kind of disc release. I planned on staying the whole event so an aisle seat was key for my long legs. But Demon Knight also holds up surprisingly well in part because of everyone not named Billy Zane, as the cast is oddly strong for a horror feature, including a pre-Oscar nomination Thomas Haden Church as scumbag cook Roach and genre favorite Dick Miller as lovable Uncle Willy. Meeting new people, or meeting people you only know from Facebook at the Horror-Thon was easy. Divorced of the context of its release in , the film also offered a fun easter egg at the end as a post-credit scene involving the Crypt Keeper advertised what was meant to be the next Tales feature:

I’ll just add that this was a joy to see in 35mm for the first time. I took in as much as I could at the marathon, but when I saw a group of people heading down the stairs during the film, I quickly followed, and used this movie as an excuse to hang out outside, take a smoke break, and cool down from the degree section where we were sitting. This actually was fun, but also ran out of steam pretty fast since they kept running around in circles trying to find the Melting Man. But all this really did was cement my negative feelings towards the film. I was wishing all night that this feature would turn out being “The Prowler”, “Wait Until Dark” or something of the sorts. Retrieved from ” https: And like any time you do such a thing, it backfires in the worst way. Well, thanks to the crew behind Exhumed Films, that very thing has happened.

I will also list the movies that were screened in chronological order, so you get an idea of how the night flowed. Weird, fun, underrated horror film from the s horrrorthon from the Crypt: Monsters Crash the Pajama Party Views Read Edit View history. Movie 8 If you loved last year’s “Night of a Thousand Cats”, you’ll probably love this -Tintorea The title means “female shark”. Articles with topics of unclear notability from May All articles with topics of unclear notability Company articles with topics of unclear notability Articles with a promotional tone from July All articles with a promotional tone Articles with multiple maintenance issues.


I hope that trend continues. A block away from that was a hour Pizza place called Axis Pizzathat serves pizza, cheese steaks and more, the entire 24 hours of the marathon.

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A ton of people must have had the same idea as me, because there were lots of people out front with me. Attendees are given a booklet with clues as to what films will be shown, but otherwise only the members of Exhumed Films know the lineup in advance.

But we have never shown this one before. Beyond providing Philadelphia with monthly exploitation film screenings at PhilaMOCAon top of providing Philadelphia with almost-monthly screenings of horror films at the International HouseAND in addition to the annual hour eX-Fest exploitation movie marathon the group provides the city, Exhumed has become notorious for its yearly Hour Horror-thon.

The Horrorthon took place over the weekend switchover for Daylight Saving time, making that year’s program 25 hours instead of I got back down to my seat just as the New Line Logo popped up.

The crowd was still awake and sane enough by the time the film screened to horrorthob its awkward charms, of which there are many. One note is, if you are serious about attending, follow these guys on Facebook. I love this movie. In years past, this has meant everything from straight horror classics like the original Halloween to nonsense slasher opuses like Pieces. I just caught this filmw weekends ago at The Colonial but I still stayed in my seat bcause I love the movie that much!

The plot and I use that word loosely was as follows: Robert is a contributing writer at Cinedelphia who is finishing up his undergrad at Temple University in Strategic Communication.

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They spend almost the entire duration of the film on either old people sex, or trying to identify the creature. Unfortunately, I think it was the one misfire. This Short featured some stunning visuals and was a nice head trip that I highly enjoyed!

Exhumed Films’ 24-Hour Horror-thon VII (’13)

Whether or not that sounds fun to you will depend entirely on your tolerance for Mr. In reality the fire alarm was tripped by actual smoke caused by some careless cooking from a resident, whom inhabit the building on the floors above the public space. We are now well past midnight at this point, and this exhumes where shit start’s to get weird, both on the screen and in your mind, as your brain starts to beg for sleep.


Inferno Exhumed Description: Some dude broke an arm, and somebody kicked a cat, but that’s about it. It has been awhile since I last viewed the movie. Hell I horrorfhon nicknamed my cat Dexter “C. Remember the snow from last year?

Shit Movie Fest: Exhumed Films: Hour Horror-thon Part

Mansion of the Doomed Exhumed Description: The crowd dug it, and laughed and cheered as it moved along. Because Stiglitz knows pathos. Andy Milligan is a filmmaker who has led a life far more 213 than his body hoerorthon work.

Movie 9 Over the past sixteen years, Exhumed Films has shown a lot of slasher films. I sat through about half of it, then went outside to smoke and hofrorthon down. Exhumed seemed like they wanted to unite those two points with exhumsd inclusion of Welcome to My Nightmarean Alice Cooper concert film. SinceExhumed Films’s primary venue has been the International House Philadelphiaalthough they sometimes make use of other venues as well.

At this point in the night, or was it day already? Having a child now, the scenes involving Gage are much more disturbing, even though they have always had a similar impact on me.

I was afraid it wouldn’t hold up to the memories I had watching it on cable so many times as a kid. Unfortunately, that film never materialized; fortunately, Bordello of Blood did another weird, fun and underrated s horror film. Or just someone in a guerrilla suit. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Gervasi, Harry Guerro, Jesse Nelson.

With the earnings from the first show, the group planned another event the following February and officially took on the name “Exhumed Horrorghon. In his free time, he also enjoys strange music, offbeat art, and weird people. Part of the appeal of going to Exhumed marathons like ex-Fest and the Horror-thon is that you do not know what you are going into ahead of time. Dan Fraga, Joseph A.