Sure he’s grown and that means he’s changed but there is no semblance of what he used to be at all. I had a pretty miserable week but this. From beginning to end it managed to keep me glued to the computer screen without so much as a blink of the eye. Why bother making a whole new design for the nirvash when the eureka seven team had a part in making spec v Too often we have grown up versions of characters still having little boy voices. Idk why but the end was a little too fuzzy for me. I had a feeling bones would troll us withshwoing renton then taking a month off fuck. Also I totally agree, knowing that episode 23 won’t be arriving until November, we all should have guessed this would be a big cliffhanger Renton arrives ep lol just to make the wait even more hard to endure!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Top this off with some bullshit cameo with the E7 movie and you pretty much have a recipe for disaster. Is it only connected to Dewey’s vitals? It was supposed to be the boy vs. Definitely worth a watch, Check it out, lemme know what you think I can’t wait for Astral Ocean! His hair style is questionable. If I had the time, I could easily binge this whole series non-stop.

Yeah, it’s Eureka 7 and crazy shit happens cause mechs, but they spent time in episodes earlier in the show with researchers and mechanics remodeling? If you make limits, stick to them.

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Oh, and it’s pretty funny that Holland’s voice actor does adult Renton’s voice. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. It was my first experience, Death Note aside, with really heavy topics in anime, from the war, and the character’s backstories and a animrcrazy of things I don’t want to spoil because I’ve seen this like 4 times and I can’t even remember what the spoilers are, but it’s just anmiecrazy good.


Until the end when half of it isn’t explained, but even then, it’s still damn fun to try and wrap the mind around. I loved Dominic and Anemone at the end. Seriously my day could not go any better!

Talho is boss though. Epic episode is epic.

Fill animeceazy your details below or eueka an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Movie was completely different didn’t like it that much. I absolutely hate the anime, that it makes me want to watch Eureka Seven and pretend Ao didn’t ever exist. I would definetly watch it again. Different plot, different name for coralians, different everything. Renton is back but his design is sort of lacking.

I love this series.

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And F you Bones for making us wait two months. Also, the movie al manga are both good but they have different storylines. Either that, or acknowledge that everything done in the original Eureka 7 was epicly shat on in AO. I’m thinking of rewatching it.

Here is how Spec 3 looks: I watched the first episode on toonami two weeks ago and i fell aeven love! Also check the topics, we had one about it made.


Eureka Seven AO Episode 22 Discussion

I don’t know why the heart is missing from the moon, but that was there in the movie too. I have never seen an anime series use a more al selection of music for the openers, endings, and throughout the series in general. But all in all, I love the series. One of the top 5! Such gentle character building is something the show could have done with a great deal more of, especially much earlier in the run than this.

First time I watched it I was so emotionally invested in Renton and Eureka and their angst and stuff – I knew the ending sucked and I really didn’t give a shit because I had a blast watching it.

I don’t know why so many people feel the movie is relevant to the eureka seven world at all Well they had to use someone other than the original voice actor for an adult Renton voice Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Oh well, it should be worth the wait especially since you-know-who returned this episode.