How big is the TV tower? Hey, will you drink milkshake? But now will go alone to Paris. Hey, if you have any plans of coming home then you better forget them. We will know within five minutes who has withdrawn it. You have to follow the protocol. He died after saving you.

Don’t you know that it is against the law to undergo scanning? Are you playing with me? Let there be any problem, l will face it. Will l not go to Hyderabad if l don’t crush 25, kilograms of grapes? Want to come home? Ram, l think you command lot of respect in this house. What happened to her, doctor? Henceforth l am the owner.

Swamy, our house has changed after he left the house. Being so rich you have eaten 25 kilograms of grapes Ram, it is very risky. So we didn’t talk to your father.

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After giving the pre,anta dose there was a delay in giving the next dose. At least give respect to the people who are dead. Then how will you take me. What is it with you? What did l do to your friends and Sukanya’s friends What is the advice that you want to give to the industrialists of the state.


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Everyone would call me Romeo Raja in Vizag. Yes, l was totally impressed.

They told us to send one person from When we went to Annavaram in my childhood They will turn and see me. What a silly boy? His boss over there is not an ordinary person.

Now you may go. Let my money purse be filled with happiness. Send the video footage immediately to the embassy’s email. Now we made him say by himself that Otherwise l would have drowned you in that Some religions believe that the soul comes out She must be somewhere around.

At least meet him and tell his lies But for going to lndia Which place you said that you belong to? Hey, don’t you wish to live? Let this continue even in coming births. How did you enjoy He has hidden his face from camera. She doesn’t know it is a real tiger.


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Hey, take him with you. Now l too will get caught for sending you out. Maybe the person who appeared in your dream Sir, l don’t have money to eat.

Don’t feel bad anymore. But there is a risk involved in it. Did you see his subtitlss at least today? Don’t you have respect for elders?

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What are you talking, sir? This gathering is held for disclosing the same.

Though you are watching me with satellite eyes But l couldn’t reach his number. Will you teach me what life is? She is not born yet and there is already a party. They should be thrown into the dustbin.