Radha Desai Mukta Barve who works in an ad agency fires a person for faulty printing. The Times of India. Ulka laughs when Ghana states that he will have a registered marriage. Ulka interrupts saying that he should talk about something he doesn’t know. And what is his habit? Devki expresses her displeasure to Shripad about Ghana’s decision to have a registered marriage. Mahesh Desai 1 episode, Mohan Joshi

Devki informs him that Ghana has agreed for the engagement, and he has gone to meet Radha. She tells Mahesh that her husband will be very disappointed. Ghana announces his and Radha’s decision of having a registered marriage. Ghana tells Ulka that he had called her ex-husband Vinod to inform him about his alliance. Radha says that they must do something about it. Devki also adds that she has a feeling that Radha will become her daughter-in-law. Mahesh feels happy when Radha agrees to go with Devki.

He tries to convince her to compromise, but in vain. Digambar dozes off instead of listening to her. Digambar tells him that only time will teach him a few things. Mayi and Devki feel glad that the ceremony took place very nice. Avinash tells the staff members that he is giving them a holiday as it is Radha’s engagement. Ghana and Radha mutually decide to reject each other.

Avinash assures him that they will find a suitable match for Radha. She also confronts him for criticizing her all the time. Radha suggests that she will come by an auto rickshaw while he comes on his scooter.


All the women folks of the Kale family gather to go for shopping. Ghana announces his and Radha’s decision of having a registered marriage. Supriya lies to Devki that Sumukhi has prepared the snacks. Ghana sees that Mayi is talking to her friend Madhura on the phone. Vallabh asks Vallari the reason why she is venting her frustration.

Seeing Radha busy with something, Mahesh enquires.

She tells them about her friend who goes for a movie with her ex-boyfriend because her present boyfriend doesn’t like to watch movies. Mahesh firmly tells her that he will bear the expenditure, and that he won’t bear her tantrums. Retrieved 19 January — via Goehta. When Radha returns home, Prachi tells her that she is going back home.

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Full Cast and Crew. Devki selects clothes for Ghana. ,agnachi replies that it is the reason why she didn’t want to have the engagement. Yamuna and Ganga inform Kuhu that Ghana is going to meet the girl.

Radha admits that she felt very nice knowing that she was so important to Devki.

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Vallari is disturbed by Vallabh’s snoring habit. Mahesh keeps wondering what he said. Eeka tells her that she will understand it after marriage. Ghanshyam and Radha are in the same restaurant to meet their prospective life partners. Was this review helpful to you? They discuss about how the family members are emotionally blackmailing them. Even after the conclusion of the series its popularity was huge. Radha is surprised to know from Mahesh that Ghana’s uncles have come to help them.


Ulka 1 episode, Mahesh calls Radha at her office and informs her that Prachi is leaving as there is no engagement ceremony. Devki is busy pressing the clothes for the engagement. Ska realizes that Kuhu is making preparations for her own marriage. Mahesh Desai 1 episode, Mahesh asks Prachi to persuade Radha. Digambar tells Supriya that he liked Mahesh as a person.

He advises Vallari to allow Ghana to have registered marriage or else bear the consequences.

Radha gets irritated and decides to talk to Ghana. Audible Download Audio Books. Radha’s father is a single parent. Mayi gets a little emotional seeing Vinod. Movi using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mahesh gets tensed about how to explain to Radha. Avinash tells him that he still hasn’t sent the envelope to the matrimonial agency.

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Ghana requests her to speak to the family. Avinash is stunned to hear that.

Just then Ghana comes there. Vallari agrees to buy a nice sari for Kuhu.

Radha and Ghana have their individual goals in their lives and don’t want to be married.