I stood there whole night and keep staring at you. Kamla sees Kalpana with Raghav and gets angry. Pakhi feels upset when she hears Raghav saying Kalpana’s name continuously even in his unconscious state. Make me meet my pihu soon. Kamla recalls Pakhi telling her that she loves Raghav and so does Kalpi. Kamla says why he said yes for Pakhi.

Kamla calls Vitthal and tells him that she is coming back and that the ‘yatra’ was a huge success. Raghav is about to hand him over to the police but Kalpana stops him. Raghav explains the situation to her. Now this is too much. At night, Vitthal hears Kalpana speaking about her love for Raghav with her mother. What will Kamla’s reaction be? She sees a card and says i think she is near.

Gunjan wonders whats going on. Will Pakhi ever manage to impress Raghav?

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But Kamla makes an excuse and lies to him. Raghav apologizes to Pakhi and asks her to stay at home and also calls her his good friend. Neetu ,utthi to discourage their idea of opening their own restaurant, but Vitthal gets angry with Neetu and supports her daughter. Kamla slaps her so hard. Raghav apologises to her. Is Kalpi getting married forcefully? Kalpana and Kamla pray for their new business.

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I will never marry Pakhi. Scene 6 Dayal says how good and responsible of a mom you are. Later, Raghav suddenly gets allergic to the room spray, seeing this, both Pakhi and Kalpana rush towards him with a glass of water.


Kamla stops Mutrhi and says what you did.

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Mon 8th May – 7: I stood there whole night and keep staring at you. Later Pakhi herself calls him. He risked his life for kalpi. Kalpana gets shocked when she sees Raghav’s name on her bank loan papers as a guarantee. The show takes a twist as it turns out that Pakhi and Gauri had actually planned to support each other from the earliest and Pakhi was all this time aware of Gauri being Raghav’s mother and she had gone against her parents as per her plan with Gauri.

She asks why no one comes out of this door. Raghav explains the situation to her.

I will never accept your aasmmaan for Kalpi. But Raghav asks her not to care for him and instead goes away for a meeting. You kept on doing mistakes and didn;t share aasmaann with anyone. On the other hand, Raghav’s love for Kalpana only seems to have reached a new level as he lays down on a bed that has Kalpana’s photos all over it.

He asks Kalpana to do her own work instead of working for others. She prays for Pakhi and Raghav to come close and qasmaan Kalpana to move forward in life. Kamla says how can you love Raghav Pakhi loves Raghav.

Today you proved that your real daughter is Kalpi. Just then a flower falls down from the statue of ‘Vitthoba’ and Kamla feels that her prayers are going to be answered. You said she is young.


She shows her concern for Kalpana. Neither he is in shimla nor pihu. Click here to login.

Later, Vitthal sees Kalpana’s dupatta with sindoor on it and enquires about it with Kamla. EK Mutthi Aasmaan – Episodes Raghav finds out from Kamla that Kalpana had come to mutthii house and is confused as to why his mother had lied to him.

Vitthal gets furious with Raghav when he sees her trying to talk with Kalpana. Truth is that I love your daughter Kalpi.

Kalpana tries to explain to Pakhi that she loves Raghav but Pakhi does not listen to her and instead continues her argument. Kalpana doesn’t lose hope in spite of not getting help with the loan for starting her business.

Meanwhile, Kalpana is trying to stay away from Raghav but destiny continues to bring the two of them together. Pakhi learns about what happened with Kalpana the previous night. Raghav says yes your daughter is Pakhi. You played with her life and called it help. Kamla tries to stop episodde. Watch the entire episode here. Meanwhile, Neetu is busy eating as much food as she can during the engagement.

She even throws the ‘sindoor’ that Kamla had 1883 given to her. EK Mutthi Aasmaan Season 1.