Anime More like this Simply lovely episode, it did not give me Chills as last time, but we were show a ‘behind the scenes’ of Chihiro. He eventually went after the girl only to find her collapsed beside the street. When she was pulling out her book at 3am, there was that quick flash back of her kiss confession. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Detroit Metal City ep1: Second tier upload sites like Veoh, Sevenload, Megavideo?

I agree, that would have been the final straw for Renji, and he prob. Crayon Shin Chan Dub ep1: Thu Jan 03, 5: Thank you for understanding in this time of crisis -Tekky Advertisements. It’s so sad for both of them, I was expecting Renji to hug and comfort Chihiro, but that’d be asking too much. Descendants of Darkness Dub ep1: Asura Cryin’ 2 ep1: Anyone noticed how she started hanging out with Kyosuke as soon as she had a fight with Hiro?

Renji then decides to write a novel together with her and their relationship starts to grow. I want more Miyako!!! Bokura Ga Ita ep1: Spoiler for every plot arc of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Chrome Shelled Regios ep1: I was so happy to see Hiro ride to their meeting spot when he was supposed yale be at the convenience store, and trying to call her and waiting for her to call him all in front of Kei!

Miyako finally gets in touch with Hirono Hurray!!! That’s why he said, “I tried to wake her up, but she’s been asleep for more than her limit now anyway, so just let her sleep” can’t remember exactly how he phrased it.


Thu Jan 01, 1: It is the one thing I hold against her. He is, after all, talw confused teenager that doesn’t even know what he wants to be in the future.

Every memiries that passes, I dislike Kei more and more. Angel’s Feather Ova ep1: Cartoon More like this Oh, Kei’s selfish attitude is getting on my nerves as well.

Please keep in mind when I say “Airs 22nd of december” I mean it gets aired in Japan on that day, meaning it’s a RAW without any subtitles. When does she learn? Arcade Gamer Fubuki ep1: Don’t ruin my catfight fantasies!!!

Blade of the Immortal ep1: Ef epieode the first tale and Ef – the second tale Both tales are told in the anime though.

Ef a Tale of Memories – EP 8 Eng Dub

I almost cried when Chihiro woke up, at the end and Kf wonder what will happen with Miyako. Ugly-Wan Ascended piggy Joined: Ai Yori Aoshi ep1: Da Capo II ep1: Mon Mar 03, 9: I have some graphic things, nothing that the anime hasn’t shown but its still dark.

Check ANN for continued updates of this news. Thu Dec 27, talle I do not own Naruto or the audio, this amv was fan made. And the award for most stupid title goes to… yeah… there are three things that have me turned off from watching this show. Himura slapped Chihiro, that is just plain rude.

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So a relationship between Renji and Chihiro is possible xD the ending of that movie made me That screen stayed up for a good 10 memoriea before an icon of a folder appeared with a question mark on it. Thu May 22, 6: I hate to disappoint, but no.


Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka. Now this was a sad episode. I think the story’s spiraling now hehe: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Asura Cryin’ 2 ep1: I knew Miyako was just being depressed, epizode not really having a mental breakdown.

Black Jack 21 ep1: Makes me wonder when the prologue is going to enter in the story.

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There is a 55 sec promo on the official site. Start of second arc.

I’m interested in seeing what both Renji and Miyoko will do next. Make up your mind. You can tell that Chihiro is at the peek of her happiness, a maiden in love, and just before she can even reach for it, it shatters into pieces right before Renji’s eyes.

Support Chihiro right now and help carry the burden of the memories with her would be too much to ask. Veoh vrfwc4mxT Area 88 ep1: Just the way she said seemed like they where related so I asked te question. This site uses cookies.