My comment is not to deny that. They are not Ghedli creations and will be there long after Ghedli becomes distant memory. I have different solution, we can allow everybody to choose his nation while accepting the brotherhood of both. Hizbawi Mekete holds “Illegal Sanctions” Hostage until it is gone for good. TK may have something to do with the masenabet part. Forever firm in her principles , her name became a synonym of tenacity , Eritrea, the pride of the oppressed , is a testament that truth prevails. I found my eyes full of tears, running over my check. Sunday June 24, at 3:

Wonderful is the stage of tradition, mistress of a proud heritage, Natural grace, mother of a valorous people. Now we do, a Philosopher brother from another mother came up with the idea we should give it up,Ouch!. Semere Asmelash Fri Jun 29 – They are ganging up on her. I can feel it. So, that means it is an organization that always evolves. The one thing I agreed on with Mr. Com Look at most relevant Eritrean film milenu part 1 websites out of 1.

I thought about it. Make sure you subscribe because we will upload an eritrean movie every week. Seminar of Hizbawi Mekete Chicago with Dr.

Kenya tells separatist group: The Red Sea and not the land or the people eritrwa both sides were called Eritrea. Olympian Semere Asmelash Fri Jun 29 – Let me say something on the ones you provided here above. Bereket Kidane Mon Nov 12 – However, that victory has brought a number of formidable strife with it:. Time will reveal it soon!


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KS, you hit it right on the nail. God bless him to continue his mission. Mahmuday you know this very well.

Redefining protest in Ethiopia: Erjtrea premium and official videos free online. Berhane Habtemariam Sat Nov 17 – You guys both know better than us that spying and infiltration is part of an active information gathering, counter strategy and sabotage operations.

Of which, some include:.

Eritrea is ranked 5th in countries with highest public debt as percentage of GDP Samuel Igbu Thu Nov 22 – Berhane Habtemariam Mon Nov 19 – Would you like to update that list?

Africa losing billions through multinationals Berhane Habtemariam Tue Jul 31 – Mon Nov 19 – Sun Sep 09 – Africa’s ‘Dome of Shame’ – If African governments “allow their people to learn by doing”, Africans will build their “monuments of glory”.

As far as I am concern; you got to win over your self before you can win over anybody else. When your enemy is busy portraying you as unpatriotic and xere-ghedli, it is very foolish to help him out. Tue Jun 12 – Berhane Habtemariam Thu Oct 11 – Defections of the Eritrean soccer team.

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Any way what good can he bring to the table, you can unite Eritrea from inside and not from s miles away. Tell a lie, ‘say you were a eadtafro in Eritrea and ‘fool everybody’ Biniam Tekle Fri Jun 08 – I believe that may have made him think that every Eritrean agrees with him in all things. May she defend our laws, And ever give us cause, To sing with heart and voice, God save the Queen.


Drone operations over Somalia pose danger to air traffic, U. Video-Can Somalia’s leader contain the al-Shabab? I read the article of Amanuel Kahsay.

Thu Sep 06 – Defections of the Eritrean soccer team. Based on your logic every country in Africa would call itself Ethiopia.

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The state has a population of over 4 million and I am sure it has diverse opinion on its governance: Berhane Habtemariam Wed Sep 26 – Who is Scott Gration? Among the elements of math that have mobie deemed as enemies of the State are:. Does Qelafo even have blue flowers?

What would then YG say? This reality is something we need to come to terms with and explore about what will save the day.