In King sukjong named Regent to his older son the son of Jang hui bin and retire from politics. Or something actually small? And that Yi guy is really annoying the heck out of me. In history Soron backed up Jang hui bin, Actually she probably enter to palace thru her family connections with soron, jang hui bin came from chuning class middle class they were not nobles but they were professionals, her family came from a long line of translators. First of all, Dong Yi and Jang Ok Jung Live in Love were merely historical fiction dramas, meaning that much of the details were created by their scriptwriters rather than being actually recorded in history. I haven’t read epi 14 so I could be way off. I think the main love line is going pretty normal. Choi suk bin was from Cheoning class, the lowest class in society, in the same level as slaves, and that was her status in palace, very low, she was not nearly close to the king or any royal in palace.

In this dramatized retelling of the life and times of King Jeongjo, who would go on to become the 22nd ruler of Joseon, Yi San tries to save his father, Crown Prince Sado, after he is locked in a rice storage chest by his grandfather, King Yeongjo Lee Soon Jae. Hyuk can tell her he likes her all day long, but what Yoon-hee needs to see is action. Hyuk’s styles in trying to convey his serious feelings for his noona are all flops Yi San Episode 13 Korean Drama: Lyca December 1, at 5: Her children stood and blessed her, and the king sukjong praised her. Please answer to me.

And fifth of they did yo all the infomation in the palace on people who work in the palace if u watch tv show dong yi they had all the info includin the lower classes so. Also I have to add I hope there is less of the sandeuk and miyong couple because they are my least favorite couple.

Episode 14

All that for them to just move on a pretend nothing happened. Indeed in a drama to watch from beginning to ending. I think the episod is upcoming OST for this show and some are buzzing that the singer is Jung Joonyoung.

Kids are adorable, but connections are forged very quickly and very deeply.

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One that I hope might adapted for the west to view. Jang smother was from the servant class but the were yo class as she was Jang s fathers second wife. They also showed what Dong yi and Sukjong did which im quite confused too The writer want us to: Yoon-hee calls a village meeting to discuss the solution she came up with to promote their apples — a national singing contest is coming to their town to audition singers.


I guess he really thinks that just because a smile helps him cover his pain it’ll help everyone else too? Why the King needed to report many things or get approvals from Tsing Dynasty? Before that he was just the son of a concubine and the king illegitimate son after Inwon adopted him, he became a son between Queen and KIng legitimate Son so could inherited the crown.

DY is a nice drama and I have watched as many of Korean historical drama which I love most, seeing them in their hanboks, tradtional houses etc made me feel as if am in that century or a korean. Playlist 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

The queen, who was young, refused to adopt the crown prince. Hey if u want to study korean history start watchin korean tv movies and read about korea in history books and in wikipedia. In the beginning I really thought Lee Ha Nui looked weird but now I love her dimples when she smiles hahah An applause episdoe the writer, I came to care for each character in this eoisode and that doesn’t happen a lot for me.

Yi San Episode 13

It meant that he had died too. But at least that makes me feel like i’m watching a real couple not a fake one. I see Minki as being fine alone since he keeps doing things to help people but still not trusting anyone and keeping his secrets to himself. In King sukjong named Regent to his older son the son of Jang hui bin and retire from politics.

First of all, Dong Yi and Jang Ok Jung Live in Love were merely historical fiction dramas, meaning that much of the 113 were created by their scriptwriters rather than being actually recorded in history. What we do online dating messages funny free dating app uk new zealand free online dating site n1 dating marriage not dating characters drramacrazy not dating characters.

The romance tangle is frustrating, but at the same time not I’m really happy HongKi it trying such an unique, unconventional hero. Sang-deuk is back to avoiding Mi-young, but she corners him to talk about his confession. An applause to the writer, I came to care for each character yj this show and that doesn’t happen a lot for me. Silahkan marriage without dating 15, heo jung-min,matchmaking services.


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Open Thread Open Thread by mary. I still don’t understand the Han-chul romance or that they’ve dropped his medical storyline for the moment. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Or something actually small?

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All was so quickly done. I wish they would still honor that history like England. When Sekyong was told of Sukbins failing health,he resided for the rest of her life with sramacrazy and then did die two years after her death.

But if the concubines came from the upper classes, the names and positions of their dramacrazzy members were more likely to be recorded. Padam reviews, sex and it not dating episode 15 — january 23, marriage not dating other human beings. The real couple also don’t need to have a sparking chemistry to be a good couple.

Dong Yi died around while King Sukjong died two years after her.

But I do dislike stupid people. Sorry about the typographical errors. She is a single mother. She needs a man, not a boy who suddenly finds value in her because her beauty is being shown off.

I wonder when Hyuk’s or Yoona will spill the bean already about what happen 7 years ago. We have little information about her, Most of the information about her was epizode purposely, because her origin low birth class, was considered shameful for Nobles, at difference of Jang hui bin who came from middle class and her family were professionals translators thats why we have more register of her and she had a given name.

You have already reported this video. However I absolutely hate someone who is wpisode fat AND stupid. So dong yi will die on the ending huh.