That’s what I’m confused about. Dear Sweety, Thanks u so much for ur great recap from asian drama coz I really love ur job. Every time there’s a “dangerous” situation, he kinda warns JH and bails her out. Meanwhile, Ji-hyun heads home and is startled by Dr. Maybe he will really fall in love with her in the end! Korean dramas in first half of

The driver tells Min Ho that he traced Yi Kyung to her last known address, which revealed she moved 3 years ago. Scheduler tells her that since her necklace is fine, it means that Kang already figured out her identity due to no fault of her own. L and R do sound similar sometimes. Unlike other antagonists who end up getting caught, he showed no signs of wanting revenge and seemed to truly regret his earlier actions. Korean dramas in first half of Yes, that makes sense, and the other would be from Yi-kyung I reckon and not Min-Ho, as I was thinking before.

And I still get the feeling that Injung cares abt JH deep down.

49 Days Episode 14 Recap

So, I was over at soompi and someone pointed out some behind-the-scenes pictures of Bae Soo Bin. O, she stands dramacrrazy, walks next to Kang ah and faints Kang ah is too busy remembering the past that he doesnt see Yi Kyung. He thinks back to when she quit and left, and takes out the resignation letter:. You are commenting using your WordPress. There will be no story for the drama if there’s no bad guy s.

Twitter message from JIW re: Dayan April 28, at Sort of like that weird time between being half awake and half asleep? Scheduler keeps looking back at her, and Yi Kyung keeps looking at him but seeing the dumpy stranger. Kang continues his investigation into the Haemi Island project. Someone is possesing me! I love that she now has the upper hand in knowing about his undying crush. But if he was the real Yi Soo, then Yi Kyung would see another face. I really, for the life of me, cannot fathom.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. When I pointed it out, he was seriously shocked how no one else ever told him. She goes to see Min-ho, armed with the letters, and pleads with him to check if her hunch is true. I’m really really really pleased with this drama cuz I can only predict the little things and I can’t forsee the last four eps.

Bae Su-bin as Kang Min Ho: A big hug from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I was watching this in my boss’s office at lunch, when that came on the screen, so of course, I yelled: Lee Yo Won in the drama will play, a woman fell daays a coma in a car accident Played by Nam Gyu Rishe will play the woman who’s body entered by the coma woman. I’m thinking his last wish is for her to be taken care of, which will be fulfilled by SH after she wakes up as per her promise.

Actress Lee Yo-won set to return to small screen in March. Kdramas have a very big following in Puerto Rico island in the Caribbean best known for Ricky Martin and we are so grateful to you.

The guy, I just realized, is one true unfeeling bastard! It was supposed to be a dream so she dzys not remember dramacdazy not take it as reality 2. He sees Yi Kyung walk out, episoxe they make eye contact but Yi Kyung continues to walk away.


Thanks for the Review. I guess Scheduler and Jihyun are not happening? I like how each character has the complexity just like the real human beings, and how as they change their minds it affects the dynamics amongst them.

49 Days Episode 14 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

I did NOT expect that twist!! She promises to have Yi Soo come find Yi Kyung. Alvina April 29, at 8: Press conference to be broadcast LIVE! Thanks for the really early recaps!

While Yi-Kyung framacrazy Ji-Hyun are like best buddies already! I love that this is where the drama is going. Cindy April 28, at 9: He didn’t hide himself the time she caught him because he didn’t think to.

I think so too that yikyung will be one of the tears. Immediately, her necklace flares red-hot, and then shatters. She probably would’ve been all O. I was thinking the exact same thing. Ah joo ma April 28, at 9: This is the first time a drama hasnt made me pull my hair out in frustration. And I have to wait for one more week to find out more!!!

JH is no longer a one-dimensional saccharine flower but has grown to become a discerning, purpose-driven good person.

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