Tommy is unhappy to see them as he recognizes Katsuharu and Teppei as two kids who bully him and pushed him onto the Trailmon to the Digital World. Takuya and Tommy find no end to their travels along the desert tracks. The Candlemon tribe apologize for the fight as it was a test to see if they were really the Legendary Warriors. And probably have a better track record to boot, because it’s hard to perform worse than Zoe. One forces a Biyomon to tell him where to find the data, but before he can scan it, the inhabitants of the Village attack. They take the challenge and take a train up a cliff to the homes of the KaratsukiNumemon. It could have just had her win, and then have Koji show up last minute.

Before Velgemon can finish him off, Ophanimon intervenes through Koji’s D-Tector and reminds Velgemon of his life in the human world: Despondent, Takuya hops on a Trailmon and returns home. Koji’s Gotsumon friend tries to defend the statues that had released the Beast Spirit of Light from a bunch of Knightmon, but is nearly killed until the kids arrive and spirit evolve to help. Koji looks for his Beast Spirit with Bokomon and Neemon following. Dark Trailmon returns and offers Takuya a ride back to the Digital World but warns that it will be a one-way trip. With no other choice, they save their friends, leaving only two areas left. The series was also scheduled to air in the United Kingdom on Fox Kids UK, though the scheduling plans were eventually cancelled and never aired on the programming block, being instead taken over by Transformers Armada. As Koichi tries to understand why he’s the only one who never gets hurt, Crusadermon explains that only those with physical form display Fractal Code meaning that Koichi is only a spirit in the Digital World.

Evolve Tsunomon ” Transcription: The gang headed to Hamburgermon Village but Petaldramon and his cronies had ravaged the hamlet, taking the town’s top burgermeister hostage in the process.

Zoe gets her spirit not because she attempts rational negotiation with the Mushroomon, but because she shows a slight bit of concern for JP during a probably deserved beatdown. Lucemon frrontier Susanoomon the chance to join him, but knowing how evil Lucemon really is, he refuses.

Catch the previous review Digimoon. Takuya goes his way with Tommy the only one who actually respects him while Zoe goes her way with JP who’s trying to score. At the same time, Bokomon tells the rest of the group about how Crusadermon revealed that Koichi is only in the Digital World as a spirit and it has been haunting him and they theorize that it is because of how he came into the world: But in the time of need, this spirit flies past J.


Shadow Lord Mode goes berserk, attacking everything in sight, but Susanoomon pins him down with his “Heaven’s Thunder” attack and destroys him with “Celestial Blade,” releasing all of the data Lucemon had collected from the Digital World. Koji realizes just how mean he is to her and swears that when he returns to the human world he will make it up to frontler. Amplifying their various powers with that of a storm that rages, the group drives off Mercurymon and Ranamon and Takuya is hailed as a hero for his rescue of them with the group noticing his changes.

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SNPs January 23, at Confused, Velgemon flies off, leaving Koji alone. Tommy, who was bullied into coming, tries to chase the Kazenon that brought epsiode to the Digital World and comes into danger when he runs out onto the train tracks over open space. Ba Ki June 8, at 8: Tommy finds a Datamon with them and can get them when he trades him something after he earns Datamon’s sympathy and wins a game for him.

When Baromon tries to attack, the Knights send a wave of energy at him and the kids, but Baromon takes the attack for them and is destroyed while epksode the kids except Koichi’s Fractal Code is revealed.

When trying to make it to the Goma island, the group is stopped by Gomamon. World 2 3 4 Re: October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Gigasmon proves to be too powerful for the group. Takuya and Koji are rescued by Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon who bring them back to the others who have once again lost hope. While it’s not as dramatic as Tommy’s need for credibility, Zoe is in the same boat.

Epusode rescues Tommy then turns back into Agunimon to lure Gigasmon out of the forest to divimon it from burning down in the fight and into the open before turning back into BurningGreymon. Breezy Village feels like all those early episodes of Adventure that we all tried to forget about, complete with helpless victims, annoying singing and antagonists that are corrupted instead of evil. Enter the text in the image shown if you are human.

Before she can explain more, MagnaGarurumon recovers and attacks her. Crusadermon shows doubts about Lucemon’s promise to give them the key to the human world so they can rule it, but Kazwmon chides her, saying her doubts will make her weak. Tomoki no Pyua na Kokoro ” Japanese: Tommy locates the Toucanmon and takes the camera they traded for the D-Tectors, but after he saves their lives, they take the camera back and run off. Beetlemon defeats Snimon and takes its fractal code. Kazemon Kicks It Digimon Frontier: Angered at being tricked, the group Beast Spirit evolve to beat him up, but decide that Angler is too pathetic to bother with.


After two secondary characters, Bokomon and Neemon, reveal that the Digital World is in spisode, the children gain the power to transform into Digimon frojtier order to stop the forces seeking to destroy the Digital World. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: They come across a Gotsumon village, who are terrorised by Grumblemon. On the other side, they land on a Trailmon track and a Trailmon named Mole agrees digijon push them the rest of the way back.

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Kazemon Kicks It (Digimon Frontier: Episode 04)

As the group meets up, Bokomon reveals to Koichi he knows what Crusadermon told him, but promises to keep it a secret. Takuya is shocked as he recognizes Koichi from his brief return home. Shamanmon tells the future of the group as Grumblemon shows up with his new hench-digimon, Golemon and traps Koji so he can’t evolve to Frotier.

The gang finally arrives at the Digimoh Morning Star where they find a castle where data is being drawn to it.

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Pleased with the fact that everyone is now there, Cherubimon destroys Oryxmon as his usefulness has come to an end. The group including Bokomon and Neemon fall from the cliff and are separated into two groups. Iwa o mo Kudake! The Digidestined hunted for their D-Tectors but those Toucanmon flew off with them. One forces a Biyomon to tell him where to find the data, but before he can scan it, the inhabitants of the Village attack.

With the fractal code taken from Wizardmon, Takuya repairs the bridge for the Forest Terminal. Given the chance to stop himself, Takuya realizes his friends and the Digital World needs him and screams at himself to go. Agunimon and Lobomon take on the ShadowToyAgumon as a team and defeat them together and purify them, turning them back into normal ToyAgumon.