A friend that Ran, Kogoro and Conan are visiting has asked Ran to model some clothing that she has designed. This time, the victim lives. He is faced with a huge dilemma when his superior orders him to abort the boy’s surgery and operate on the mayor instead, who was brought in much later. Conan and the Detective Boys are playing hide and seek in the park when Ayumi decides to hide in the trunk of a car. Will Conan be able to work out the puzzle before it’s too late? A photographer shoots his partner in their hotel room and makes it look like someone else did it, he even has photos of himself taken at the night festival at the time of the murder, how can his guilt be proved? Conan is dragged along by the Detective Boys to investigate Shin’ichi tries to come to terms with his new size and convinces Professor Agasa of who he is and assumes the identity of Conan Edogawa.

This site lets you watch episode 1 – 5 in English or Japanese dub. You should be able to hear audio just fine if you have one of the mentioned codec packs above. He is found pinned to the wall of his kendo practice hall with a kendo sword. It miss the season 6 after. Download Facebook Videos 5. It seems thieves have taken control and now they are after them. You can watch the five seasons with full episodes of Case Closed in this site.

Can Conan find out who has the bomb in time to save the train? Watch Detective Conan episode list online Part 2.


Conan, Genta, and Mitsuhiko chase after the car on his new solar-powered skateboard. Funimation Funimation is the professional site that provides you the anime. Case Closed episodes will now air Saturdays at 4: Till now, this Japanese detective episode is still ongoing.

He decides that “all life is equal” and goes against his superiors to save the boy’s life who arrived firstwhich ultimately results in the mayor’s death.

Download Embeded Video 8. But you should know that, torrents on these sites may not be in the correct order, and most of them have large sizes, so that it will take a longer time for Detective Conan episode list download. Yes Format settings, ReFrames: This site lets you watch episode 1 – 5 in English or Japanese dub.

But is she really dead? Pop idol Yoko Okino asks Kogoro to kickazs a man who is harrassing her. Can Conan help save his favorite childhood friend? He goes into hiding and vows to find the twins and prove his innocence. What will happen now? For downloading Case Closed on YouTube, visit this tutorial: With everyone in suspicion, can Conan find the killer before seazon liner reaches port?

Detective Conan gains the super high reputation throughout the world. Claim or contact us about this channel.

A man is murdered on the set of a movie. It provides seaeon the latest episode list of Case Closed. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Join their everyday adventures in the countryside. Download Online Cartoons 9.

Download Facebook Videos 5.

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They search all over but cannot find any trace. While the Detective Boys are fishing they are witnesses to someone practicing with a kickwss rifle from the top of a nearby building.


A friend that Ran, Kogoro and Conan are visiting has asked Ran to model some seasno that she has designed. YouTube is free site to enable you to watch Case Closed online. Professor Agasa gives Conan a new pair of glasses with tracking capabilities.

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To complete this task Sousuke will have to deal with enemies from his seeason as well as the occasional panty thief. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Embed this content in your HTML. The whole story follows an amateur young detective named Jimmy Kudo, who was ever attacked and turned into a pupil, while investigating the Black Organization.

They find the piano is still kept in the town hall and that it is said to be cursed after some mysterious deaths. They soon find out that the woman, Masami, may not be who she says she was.

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All credit goes to Underwater. Besides getting Detective Conan episode list from YouTube or anime websites, you are able to download Detective Conan episode list from some torrent sites. Funimation is the professional site that provides you the anime. It seems thieves have taken control seaskn now they are after them.