I was so thirsty for your pure water. But I did n ot know anything about a man like Dr. Admin, please share about dr. Shariati khaterati ke be yad daram az zamane kodakiyam bood ke khahar va baradaranam, aasar va ketabhaye ishan ra dar khaneh va madreseh, dar kocheh va khiyaban, baraye khoftegan mikhandand ta balke nafiri bar khashm va zolmat va bidade shab bashad. Vaghean tashakkor mikonam barayeh in sfaheyeh aali! I just came back from Iran where I witnessed the distortion of Islam by Mullahs who have nothing but their own interest and pocket and how to hold on to power by any cost. I hope not, and actually I am sure I feel that a great thinker like Dr.

I think even that is too short. Shariati’s insights into the fallacies of Marxism and Western thought in general are unique and simply remarkable. Everytime I say where I am from, and who I am. Shariati to promote democracy. Every time I visit this site, I feel that I become a better Muslim. Will wait for your reply. Shariati and understands his ideas.

May Allah protect you and the the memory, and the light of Dr. He learned me many things in my life. I hope one day we commence the professional study of Dr. I had my life changed to a better way in spiritual way, not material Thank you for a great site.

I wish you could sell his books and cassetts on line too.

A price can not be placed on such a gift which he bestowed upon me. Furthermore I noted that Shariat participated in the Algerian revolution against France. This website provides a great opportunity for young Iranians to get to know Dr.


But, to my surprise, almost nobody sent the salaams of Turkish people. In spite of all roshxn aboveI personally appreciate your attempts to promote logics amongst our youthwhom you so rightly regard as highly capable of pure analytical reasoningand wish you the best.

I would really appreciate your help.

Ali Shariati علی شریعتی

Sharati Mentioned in Fatima is Fatima Just,i can say that you’re a great man. As he did teach us we will carry his concerns and his message. I thought it would be very mean of me not to write anything in your gue stbook. Shariati is like an oasis in the desert of the world widenet mostly depicting the worldly and the corruption of the mind.

I am very much interested in having a hard copy of all the works of Doctor Shariati. Recently after living in Canada for alomost 30 years, I have become interested to familiraise myself with work of Dr. Any one can provide me its copy in soft formate. Is there a way to integrate Islam to the modern world?

Democracy Too Rooze Roshan |

The first part is armed with good thought, the second part with bad one and to see the signature it is your option to choose which part of t he magnifier. I’ve especially been enjoying the portions of Dr. Shariati with this informative website. I want to thank you for the writings of Shariati, because I found on them a good mirror to reflect my job in.


Shariati used to roze Is it possible to format your website so others like me can enjoy the shariati. I’m ready to translate some of his writings in special languages. The passerby bestowed the ray of light between lips onto the darkness of sands.

S – No one understood what said, everyone read and listen, no one understood what he said. I respect you, Mohammad Reza for your great job in this respect.

filme por khatereye DEMOKRASI TO ROZE ROSHAN

Your Iran is not Hope every sinle of us will be successful in our determination. Estesmaar pooldaaran-dozdestehmaar Aakhondhaa va estemaar doltahaay-e zoorgoo – Piaam hamishegi Dr.

I came to know that the book was authored by Ali Shariati. S – salam be hameye kavirian. He wants your address and phone number to keep in touch.

Ali Shariati’s relation with Ruhollah Khomeini and iran revolution. To the Bada Boom guy below: Ba dorood be Dr Ali Shariati.