Bow’s relationship is tested when he meets with old flame, Masika, for a secret rendezvous. Boogie is released from rehab and temptation strikes! James’ friend fears Alla’s addiction past. Bow and Kiyomi’s music video takes a left turn. Is their love for real or just a con? Celebrity friends rally around Traci. A woman’s boyfriend makes unrealistic and potentially fatal demands.

Lawrence’s confession backfires when Ana freaks out. Passion and anger ignite in Jamaica! Ana confronts Thandi over a Miami hookup with her man. The sisters finally confront Tamar about her divorce and when past issues resurface, Tamar storms out! James keeps ex-con Alla a secret from his family. After a shocking breakup, Bow and Kiyomi struggle to move on.

Wife on the Run Season 2, Episode A blast from the past comforts Bow.

Full Episode 85 days left. Mary and Dom take the plunge. Wild ‘n Out Season 2, Episode Tee Tee and Briana beef over Romeo’s affections. Lamar gets a taste of Andrea’s jealousy hours after his release.

A Ninja in the Shadows Season 4, Episode 6. Garrett has a birthday surprise for Johnna. Meanwhile, JoJo prepares a surprise of a lifetime.

From Felon to Fiance Season 1, Episode 1. Later, the couples are ambushed by a wife swap! Brittany reveals secret to Marcelino.

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Suspicions around Eazy-E’s death deepen. When their tension-fueled sit-down goes wrong, Ana takes down Candice.


At his family reunion jealousy ignites, leading to a wedding day culture clash and Andrea’s bridal meltdown. JD is awarded a huge honor. Account Sign In Let us know more about you. Mature woman falls for younger men. Clint plans to marry a prisoner he’s never met.

Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 13 – DDotOmen

It’s time to settle unfinished business. Brat throws an off probation party where Bow flies off into a destructive rage, attacking everything in seaaon path. Deb throws a big party but Jhonni ruins the night with an explosive blow-up. Sparks fly between Romeo and Angela. SlyZilla’s sister-in-law may ruin her surprise wedding but she loses it when her mom may miss her nuptials.

Egypt’s bikini shoot turns left when her boyfriend, Sam tries to take over. The Cupid Shuffle Season 4, Episode 7.

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Panic strikes when Egypt and Sam run off to elope! Andrea’s huge sacrifice brings on a major wedding day meltdown. After a shocking breakup, Bow and Kiyomi struggle to move on. Straight Outta Rehab Season 4, Episode 8. Sign in Create Account. Broken Promises Season 1, Episode 4.

Husband regrets marrying his wife when she brings her work home and he pays the price! Yo Gotti Got the Next Date?


Let’s Get this Fried Chicken! Jazmyne gives Lizzie a shocking ultimatum. In My Feelings Season 2, Episode Brittany has a secret rendezvous with her ex-girlfriend. Johnna plans for a wedding after Garrett’s prison release, despite her dad’s doubts.

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Master P warns Eric about digging up Eazy-E’s death. Traci pressures her son over baby news. Woman lives with a rare disorder. With Tamar in hiding, will she miss Toni’s 50th birthday?

The stars sweat it out in the hot seat when they are served a plate of their burning issues. Relationship Goals Season 2, Episode Nia seqson a bomb on Soulja Boy and all hell breaks loose! The Battle of the Lil’s Season 4, Episode Andrea has a meltdown at her Mormon bridal shower! Ana shocks all when she returns to the Pink Tea Cup to take back her spot and her man from Thandi.

Create a new password. VirginZilla battles fiance’s family.