Ray is there, and also old pictures of a medical doctor with a deformed child. Moments later, a similarly injured young woman jumps out in front of them, crying for help, only to be pulled back into the darkness. Those who don’t like horror films needn’t waste their time but afficiondos will appreciate as a fine example of the art. Was this review helpful to you? Even experienced homeless people, security guards or sewer-workers can’t rescue her from this ravenous monster! Audible Download Audio Books. Mistaking her for a beggar, a man waiting for the train leaves a coin next to her; Kate breaks into hysterical giggles and tears. It is scary in all the right places, fast paced, well edited and has a great, eerie soundtrack.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She falls asleep in the subway, misses the last train and she finds herself trapped in the underground subway network. It is mainly scary how bad the writing is. Paul Rattray as Jimmy. Watch it, but not alone. A train passes by and stops near them, and Kate fears he’s the maniac killer driving it, so Jimmy decides to face him to avenge Mandy’s probable death, but is slaughtered as well. Audible Download Audio Books. Time Out London

Preoccupata tenta di recarsi verso l’uscita, ma sfortunatamente la trova chiusa.

Sempre nell’edizione DVD italiana sono presenti gli storyboard di un inizio e di una fine mai girati. Log in with Facebook.

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Top films made in La fine originale vedeva Kate e il mostro lottare sui binari della metropolitana; era infatti previsto che Kate si sarebbe salvata appiattendosi tra i binari, mentre Craig sarebbe stato investito dal treno. Csst Julie Baines found this “highly amusing” and “a bit ludicrous”, noting that the film is “not based on real events – if it is, we are all in trouble.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Arthur starts exploring the tunnel alone, while newbie George stays behind.


There’s some severe butchering going on in this film and the make-up, as well as the sound effects, are very convincing. Jonathan Taylor as Dead Driver No.

Creep – Il chirurgo

Is the R-Rated Version completely uncut? Guy Sean De Vrind Was this review helpful to you? In a last, desperate effort, she sinks a hook and chain in Craig’s throat, then has a running train rip it apart and Craig eventually bleeds to death. This section needs expansion. As the train grinds to a stop in the pitch black tunnels of the London Underground, Kate realizes that she is not alone in the darkness and if she has any hope of surviving until dawn she’ll have to fight for her life against an unimaginable horror too terrifying for the light of day.

Bits and pieces are given to us and I suppose if I watched it again I might have gleaned more. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Unlike so many recent American Horror films this film let’s its characters be themselves and not a convenience to the script, and therefore they are intelligent and not just fodder for the killer.

Retrieved March 9, Sep 19, Rating: I actually know a guy called Christopher Smith, so if it’s the same guy I’m going to give him a call and smack him in the mouth.

All in all, I really liked the atmosphere, the music and overall claustrophobic feel of the modern caves of the underground in London.

Already have an account? While cchirurgo in panic, Kate falls into the sewer system below the station, where she finds Arthur’s body, and from there she ends up in a storage facility with hundreds of boxes, where she finally meets and is captured by the cats, the titular “creep”: Retrieved 12 August She awakens to find herself trapped in the London underground, with all the doors locked for the evening. La ragazza ha, dunque, un momento di ripensamento, ma l’aggressore non perde tempo e uccide George, sfruttando un suo momento di distrazione.

Non riuscendo a fare il biglietto presso un distributore automatico paga venti sterline ad una barbona per averne uno da lei. Having been weened on the likes of Hammer, Dr. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. Creep is exactly what you csat expect having seen the poster. It is scary in all the right places, fast paced, well edited and has a great, eerie soundtrack.


It is mainly scary how bad the writing is. Light on plot and almost entirely devoid of logic, the movie still manages to deliver a heaping handful of grisly goods You know exactly what you are getting with this film – an efficient modern horror movie with jumps and suspense in all the right places. As it was released as Christopher Smith’s directorial debut you can forgive most of the flaws but at the heart of it’s unremarkability is it’s lack of true vision and dissapointing execution despite it’s promising concept.

She heads to Charing Cross Underground stationbut soon falls asleep on the platform while waiting for the train. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Feb 15, Rating: The first two reels shy away from showing you who or what is behind the gruesome deaths in London’s famous Tubes.

In un primo momento il senzatetto si mostra ostile nei confronti della ragazza e accetta solo quando ella gli offre una banconota da cinquanta sterline. Apart from Sean Harris who is great as the unmemorable cannibal villian. An empty train arrives and she boards it, but it soon abruptly stops and the lights go dark. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia.

Feb 19, Rating: Dopo vari tentativi sente arrivare un treno e decide di ritornare sulla banchina nella speranza di riuscire a salirvi.