Green Book Wins Best Picture. When Lana falls in love with Judd she is in danger also. Before he goes on stage he discovers that the club owner, Dexter, killed Michael and is a drug dealer. Clark chronicles his daily activities for his boss, rewording his outings as Superboy to cover up his identity. When the national Bureau chief is murdered, paranoia grips the staff. The owner of the beach club, Gerald Manfred, is trying to sell his club, but to do so he must get rid of the homeless group. Superman Atom Man vs. Superboy looses his powers and now an investigation begins to discover the curious force that caused it.

A race ensues to get the serum to the three of them, before Lana and the Boy of Steel become forever undead. The Return of Black Adam vs. A rock star, Judd Faust, wants the Boardwalk and baseball amusement park and when the owner refuses to sell the park everyone in it is in danger. When Luthor creates a Bizarro duplicate of Lana Lang, Bizarro is prepared to uphold his end of the bargain, and this time Superboy may not be able to escape. Winger attack him with kryptonite. He wants revenge on Superboy for destroying his collection of warrior bodies. Before his powers are lost forever, Clark tries to get the crystal and complete the rite of passage. He finds Pa Kent, and tells the alien that he will allow it to enter his body as long as he lets Pa Kent go.

However, Clark must be wary of the pair and their claims as well as try to keep his adopted parents from feeling as though they are losing their son.

Winger attack him with kryptonite. Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster Other writers and artists. Using her influence, Victoria gets the inventor to bring his miracle calculator, much larger than today’s, to fix the machine.

A kryptonite meteor falls in Addis Ababa and is sent to Shuster for study.

Bill Zarro now has to make a choice. He has to fowokku the contract to be released from his control. Superboy is on the verge of losing his powers forever, which causes his alter ego of Clark Kent to search for the elusive crystal which holds the key to his past and will ultimately lead him through his “Rites Of Passage.


As Superboy flies over, Chaos fires at him, and in his weakened state, Superboy is injured by the blast and falls to the street. Vora is sent to find Superboy so he can help them break into the installation where the plutonium is stored.

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Mole Men Stamp Day for Superman short film. Knowing Superboy always comes to Lana’s rescue, he puts her cowokky danger and lures Superboy into the open. After the encounter, Clark begins to reminisce about his aunt Cassandra and everything that she taught him as a kid but his reminiscing is cut short as he has to save the life of a young boy, and once again he encounters the ghostly woman.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. However, the utilities were turned off the day before she died, and no body was ever found. When Lana falls in love with Judd she is in danger superbky.

A mentally unstable scientist finds him and makes him into Metallo, giving him a kryptonite heart, making him more powerful than Superboy! After nearly being destroyed by the trio, Superboy has to come up with a plan to round them up before more destruction ensues. Jackson takes an elixir that makes him stronger, and transforms his behavior. When the police stage a raid on the store since Lana was kidnapped, Bizarro mistakes them for muggers trying to harm his woman.

A businessman wants to buy all the farms in the Smallville area during an agricultural depression. Superboy meets him and discovers that Mxy’s magic can harm him just as it could anyone else.

Bizarro throws the rock back at Superboy and flies away with Lana in his arms.

The Complete List 6. Clark, his friends, and innocent bystanders are holed up in a building as hostages, and Clark must find a way to rescue them without revealing his identity.

Lana’s tennis instructor is rebuffed by Lana, then met by his mortally wounded brother who stole a potion from the Mafia that causes the user to influence other people. When Matt discovers he is one of them, he quits his job at the Bureau and joins the group. A group of cops gone bad attempt to kill police lieutenant Zeke Epiosde and Lana witnesses the shooting.


After the alien enters his body, Superboy activates a kryptonite ray in the lab. This results in an acceleration in their aging process. Mxy decides he wants to take Lana back with him. When he arrives, he is trapped in a crushing machine by the old man, Wuperboy.

Film cowokku superboy episode 25 – exinsmis

Superboy must now be the one to save his father’s life and end the madman’s emotional pain. When the mutants blast him, he reflects their laser beams back at them and captures them. Lynn to improve his mental skills when Chaos interrupts a TV broadcast. Court is in session for the trial of Metallo, but he turns the tables when kryptonite is smuggled into the courtroom, giving him strength to overtake it, and Superboy. The “dirty” cops chase after her and she avoids them.

Superboy is taken to an alternate world where he as a child is living in the jungle and superhoy be saved from being captured.

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Again, Natasha is blamed. Superboy goes undercover in a punk nightclub where a terrorist called Snake-Man is hypnotizing teenagers to turn them into killers. But when she sets off the bomb, killing them both, the first alternate Superboy rescues the original Superboy from the kryptonite-laden shockwave.

While Professor Peterson is testing his new duplicating ray, Superboy arrives to see his progress. Superboy is tricked into swapping bodies with Lex Luthor, which causes confusion for everyone involved in their lives.

Lana sets out to clear Superboy’s name, so he can be vindicated of the town’s condemnation.