I’d be willing to give it to you should you decide to purchase it. It was shipped c. The price is right also. The metal clips will attach to the box by removing the existing screws, inserting the metal clips and reusing the original screws. I am going to make a run to pick this up tomorrow. If Whites does not offer the kit ask them if another type of hipmount parts will fit the Di 3. Coinmaster Di series 3 63bkpkr. I’m new to the hobby myself and don’t know to much about detectors, so I just wanted to get a few opinions on it.

I live my life one target at a time since ‘ Used it for a good 20 years. Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: Rock solid old detector. There are newer machines,but I have found this machine can keep up with them. July 28, Newer Topic Older Topic.

This is handy but like I say I’m not sure if the instructions will work for the Di 3. I purchased it today and played with it a little and it seems to work seriess.

Not just from a collectors stance,very versatile and capable. Then I ran across this wonderful posting that a gentleman detectoe Oregon sedies together and shared on panning, it is really well done, and realized all the information there is on this forum that can be shared.

Yes I did consider writing a book but I doubt that it will happen. Log in Remember Me? I do not have the D info at home so it will take me some time to get to them but if you want them send me your mailing address and I will eventually get you a copy to you.

Coinmaster Di series 3. I live my life one target at a time since ‘ Now if I went seried hunting I’d probably use the disc setting because there is a lotta trash at the beach.


You sir have a deal. If the price is right,buy it.

The downside is, you’ll get lots of aluminum in the parks. We’re looking for dealer sponsor.

For me this old machine can still hold its own against modern machines when used in parks, gardens school grounds and it is also a pretty fair coinamster detector. You will have a lot of hassle free fun with this machine. Anyways, I will fool around with it and thanks for all the help I can’t wait to get out.

Down load it for free. Seems to be a well made rig. PM me if you have any questions. Your experience with 38 detectors should be put into book form so others might learn from your experiences, ever think of doing that? Contact me with information. Rock solid old detector. Coinmaster Di series 3 63bkpkr. Naturally, swimming beaches are more likely to have jewelry, or Log in Forgotten Your Metql

coinmaster 6000 di series 3

Is there anything I should look for? All times are GMT Should I get it? Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. They allow one to super deetctor the unit so that one KNOWS what type of target is in the ground before one digs it up. I have seen two other detectorists over the years that swear by them. They were once the best you could get, but that has been a lot of years ago.

CTX Reply Quote. It’s in great condition and seems to be well taken care of. Sounds like we both started on the same foot.

Results 1 to 7 of 7. Are these any good? Search tags for this page coinmaster d gold dedekt? Coinmaster Di series 3 I have used this detector for over 25 years and have had it in all kind of environments, from looking for gold in Colorado to hunting the beaches in Florida and have recovered coins as deep as 7 inches here in the rocky ground of Missouri.


You can up your odds at jewelry by going to swimming beaches, instead of turfed parks. June 19, June 23, I’d love to get out and learn some tips coinmawter somebody. What is everyones opinion on this detector. The price is right also. The manual for the Di 3 is available on the Whites site under manuals.

This machine was bought in March of from a place in Wisconsin. What is the best settings for finding relics and jewelry? Do you live near Pensacola GibH? Coinmaster Di series 3 bucketheadben, I own the D Coinmaster so the vi Di 3 is a few after mine.

If it locks on, it’s deadly accurate. Coinmaster Di series 3 63bkpkr bucketheadben, I still have my old DI Series 3 and I found it to be a quite good general purpose machine. I’d be willing to give it to you should you decide to purchase it.

Buy Whites White’s Coinmaster /di Series 3 Metal Detector in Case online | eBay

I can say that I found more small deep good targets with the D than with any other detector I have owned, aside from that I consider my SOV XS to be my best general purpose machine and best saltwater beach non waterproof machine. It’s noticably heavier than my Cibola, and my friend sries on making a harness for it. If you want a detector to hunt with, even the the White’s new Coinmaster would probably be a better choice.