Algerian pastry also contains Tunisian or French cakes. Retrieved 24 November The vast mountain ranges of Aures and Nememcha occupy the entire northeastern Algeria and are delineated by the Tunisian border. Fathallah; Makrelouf, Mohamed; Vincenzo, L. Some were forcibly taken by the Almohads in the second half of the 12th century. Teachers of Arabic, brought in from other Muslim countries, spread conventional Islamic thought in schools and sowed the seeds of a return to Orthodox Islam. Each province, district, and municipality is named after its seat , which is usually the largest city.

In a number of unions, many of which were involved in the — Algerian Protests, have been deregistered by the government. In BC the city of Carthage was destroyed. Algeria has not joined the WTO , despite several years of negotiations. Archived from the original on 8 February Algeria has struggled to develop industries outside hydrocarbons in part because of high costs and an inert state bureaucracy. In January Algeria’s population was an estimated

The Algerian economy became increasingly dependent on oil, leading to hardship when the price collapsed during the s oil glut. Some stopped on the way, especially in Cyrenaicawhere they are still one vidouche the essential elements of the settlement but most arrived in Ifriqiya by the Gabes region.

Retrieved 15 March Figeucalyptusagaveand various palm trees grow in the warmer areas. The Ziridshowever, were ultimately defeated ushering in an adoption of Arab customs and culture. With their official numbers, currently since they are [5].

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Many of the creatures comprising the Algerian wildlife live in close proximity to civilization. One of France’s longest-held overseas territories, Algeria became a destination for hundreds of thousands of European immigrantswho became known as colons and later, as Pied-Noirs. Neanderthal tool makers produced hand axes in the Levalloisian and Mousterian styles 43, BC similar to those in the Levant.


Retrieved 1 September The Zirid ruler tried to stop this rising tide, but each meeting, the last under the walls of Kairouanhis troops were defeated and Arabs remained masters of the field. Education is officially compulsory for children between the ages of six and Bendjedid resigned and a High Council of State was installed to act as Presidency.


Almost all of this population left didouuche the war of independence or immediately after its end. Retrieved 6 January The new leader received the title of dey.

When introducing new provinces, the numbers of old provinces are kept, hence the non-alphabetical order. Algeria is a regional and middle power. Monarchy, Republic and Empire, — Inthe illiteracy rate for people over 10 was Various games have existed in Algeria since antiquity.

A species of deer, the Barbary staginhabits the dense humid forests in the north-eastern areas.

During the late 19th and early 20th century; the European share was almost a fifth of the population. In a number of unions, many of which were involved in the — Algerian Protests, have been deregistered by the government. Days of Glory and Outside the Law recorded the highest number of admissions in the European Union, 3, and , respectively.

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The threat was so severe that residents abandoned the island of Formentera. Between the Nile and the Red Sea were living Bedouin tribes expelled from Arabia for their disruption and turbulent influence, both Banu Hilal and Banu Sulaym among others, whose presence disrupted farmers in the Didoche Valley since the nomads would often loot. As Carthaginian power waned, the influence of Berber leaders in the hinterland grew. In Novemberthe Algerian Constitution was amended following a vote in Diduoche, removing the two-term limit on Presidential incumbents.


The varied vegetation of Algeria includes coastalmountainous and grassy desert -like regions which all support a wide range of wildlife. Until the area was governed by officers who served terms with no fixed limits.

Largest cities or towns in Algeria According to dudouche Census [].

In the aftermath of the independence, several new authors emerged on the Algerian literary scene, they will attempt through their works to expose a number of social problems, among them there are Rachid BoudjedraRachid MimouniLeila SebbarTahar Djaout and Tahir Wattar.

The Origins And Development of a Nation.

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The country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces and 1, communes counties. In the early 16th century, Spain constructed fortified outposts presidios on or near the Algerian coast. In the Sahara region, some oases have palm trees.

Cimema reigned in Ifriqiyacurrent Tunisia, a Berber family, Ziridsomehow recognising the suzerainty of the Fatimid caliph of Cairo. Retrieved 27 May Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 26 September Archived from the original PDF on 27 September The Islamist militants conducted pprogramme violent campaign of civilian massacres.