Box Jacksonville, FL I overblown, not proven or just plain lies. VA is supplying educational, vocational and readjust- ment counseling for eligible veterans. During a recent visit, Garrity asked a fifth-grade student what the colors of the flag meant. The SBA says that while total new busi- nesses rose by 70 percent during the s, the number of business couples rose by 94 percent — to an estimated 2 million. With the Labor- ers’ International Union of North America, the pilot program trained recently discharged veterans in envi- ronmental cleanup and construction skills at the Laborers’ Greenfield Training Institute in Sterling, Va. The single factor which accounts for most of the delays in carrying out a sentence of death is rampant abuse of federal habeas corpus law. Post 32, working with other Posts in the Exeter, N.

A 25th Inf. This pro-gay “vote” did not jibe with the or so recorded mes- sages left on Vetvoice by readers. There may also come a day in the dis- tant future when the United States is declared officially metric, but by then no one may even notice. Heroes for Hire Although its traditional business is to entertain the troops, the United Service Organization USO has expanded its service to the nation’s fighting men and women by creating a video encouraging corporate America to hire veterans. Now, the American Legion is proud to introduce its own protection for something else you hold near to your heart — your hard-earned savings. After getting it home to my Uncle, it was worth every penny of it. Without the vigilance and courage of military personnel over the last 45 years, the Cold War would still be with us. One noted that it looked as if Keating “was forgetting old friends in an effort to court new ones.

Enclose a deposit slip from your existing supply. It can hap- pen here. They have just taken advantage of an opportunity.

PNC McKneally is sur- vived by three sisters. That forced the Joint Chiefs and Nunn to dig in their heels against any dramatic changes. Our public schools cheat children because of a lack of values such as honesty, compassion, tolerance, integrity and human dignity. Finch School choice does not guarantee a good education. It’s been 50 years now and most of us will never forget. Having spent 40 years as a teacher and a principal in chzska inner-city Philadelphia public school system, I can attest to the tremendous need for prayer and values in education.


Korea th CA Rgt. Now we’re treated like beggars, and good for nothing. Dual Comp Changes Two soldiers are wounded. To claim veterans preference when applying for episkde jobs, veterans will need proof that they were awarded the AFEM, either their DD discharge forms showing they were awarded the medal or other official documents. Yeltsin told Congress that U.

The blue in the flag means the love of country and the love of fellow man. For kids at Cooke’s school, part of the “homework” is learning how to survive, according to Principal Addie Johnson. I’ll never forget how moved I was as I watched them march down the street to our cheers. Sure, we updated to a modern quartz movement accurate to within five seconds a month, and for good measure we added a thick, mottled, genuine leather strap But the case, the military dial and even the original government order information and stampings have all been replicated in every detail.

Gulf 1st Ord. Wing Bentwaters England 86th Air Serv. Johnson says one of her students has vivid memories of bullets whizz- ing past her head — and she’s not yet out of the first grade. You tell us you represent more than 3 million veterans. Poff Administration Joan L. Epstein Associate Editor Raymond H.

Full text of “The American Legion [Volume , No. 3 (September )]”

Only the neighborhoods of the district, which have no relevance or relationship to the federal pres- ence, would become the state of New Columbia. Nearly 75 percent of chaskx VA- sponsored research is conducted by physician investigators, while most other federally funded research is done primarily by Ph.

Sales or use tax will be added where applicable. We are victims of environmental alarmists,” says Bailey who has been a writer for Forbes and a producer of PBS’s weekly TechnoPolitics program.

Enclosed please find a check or money order made payable to U. We were told the entire nation was going met- chasak, whether we want- ed to or not. It is time to bring that chal- lenge home and reject the indefensible denial of democracy at the very seat of government.


Is your marriage strong enough to survive the setbacks that come with any new venture, no matter how successful?

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That defeat, coupled with the grow- ing air power patrolling Port Moresby, forced the Japanese to try a daring and unprecedented tactic: He wrote home about how much he missed the summer storms of his boyhood.

During the Gulf War, China Post 1, which, like ci Posts, has no Post home, hosted troops in members’ homes and sup- plied ice and cookouts for them. And who are still looking after their families. It doesn’t seem to matter how large the crowd is — cis its people or 5, people — Thiesen makes the audi- ence feel as though they were in his living room.

Send coupon today for FREE details. William Farrand to brief him con- cerning the Legion’s activi- ties in Port Moresby and concerning the erection and dedication of American Legion memorials at Buna and Cjd. Cen- tral Daylight Time; from 1 1 a. C 8th Inf. For ages 9 months to 3 years. Even a mild hearing loss takes much of the pleasure out of your life. The SBA says that while total new busi- nesses rose by 70 percent during the s, the number of business couples rose by 94 percent — to an estimated 2 million.

This will eliminate costly mistakes that cause delays caska otherwise unnecessary appeals and hearings. George Madray Dentist, lecturer and consultant to: Huggins, above, in Julyepiode three years of combat. About a year ago, I went on a search for a special gift for my 76 year old Uncle.

Hart, the artist who sculpted the original.